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NABL - fictional hoops league


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Ok, so it's been forever since I've really posted anything here, but I've been doing this league lately and figured I'd share. It's an multiplayer fictional league that Ive done all the logos (except one) and uniforms for. Was never a big hoops concept guy here, but I thought they came out fairly well and wouldnt mind feedback. Oh yeah, and if any of you guys might be interested in taking over a team we might have an opening or two. We use FBPB3. http://nabl.simuleague.com/

Anyway lets get started, I'll use the next posts for the teams...

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Some of these look awfully familiar!  

Excellent work all around.  Only suggestion I have is to change the providence away.  Black writing on a blue jersey is tough to read; I would go with yellow instead. 


Will we get a better look at those purdy logos you have there?


edit:  now that I look at it closer, the Calgary scripts don't have enough space between the A and the L.  It almost reads like Cdgary and Stdlions.  Clean that up a touch and you'll be golden!

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these are the logos, only have them handy in 150x150 right now for in game use. And yes some are familiar. The Pilots logo was recreated based on the old Spirits of St Louis. The Storm logo/wordmark was lifted off an existing logo, I didnt have time to go through and make a 100% original one at the time, so I just modified one l thought would work for now. The pilgrims logo is a frankenstein. I took elements from like 3 different logos, and modified them to fit together. The Ottawa "O" logo isnt mine i just cleaned it up and modified it a bit. It was already chosen for the team so not sure if it was a real teams logo or not. Tuscon is the old Pontiac Firebird basically. And the Gator head logo was taken off an existing logo and modified a bit to stand on its own. The rest I pretty much did from scratch.

















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27 minutes ago, TheHealthiestScratch said:

Half of these logos are from a hockey thread I really enjoyed when I first joined this site. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Anaheim, Las Vegas, Montreal, Virginia, Witchita, and Vancouver were all from it. Was that your Series? If so I loved it.


It was! Kevin did the design half of that series while I did a lot of the brainstorming.

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