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  1. As someone who lives in southwest Minnesota and had a dad who used to work for Schwans, I love this so much. My only suggestion would be to make the colors Brown and Gold because those are Schwans colors and the favorite colors of Schwans founder and SW Minnesota hero Marvin Schwan (that's why SMSU Is Brown and gold). Amazing job I love this thread
  2. Is there a main thread for this league?
  3. If you're going alphabetical you skipped Marshall Great job on this series. I love how many people from Minnesota use these forums
  4. Love these concepts! Please do one for Willmar or Marshall. Southwest Minnesota never gets any love
  5. Im talking 1880s-1910s long time ago
  6. Back in the day in good ole 'Sota we called geese gray ducks because why the hell not we had too many Norwegians. That's why it's duck duck gray duck here instead of duck duck goose
  7. Love those designs. Keep it up!
  8. Do one between The Wild and Blackhawks and have it in Lambeu field and call it the battle for Wisconsin
  9. How about Minnesota and Arizona State?
  10. Perfect shade of blue! Could you do Arizona states yellow helmet and Minnesota gophers helmet
  11. Could you do my high school? It's so easy you don't need a picture because we have no logos. It's just a blue shell with a white facemask on a black background. The highschool is Lakeview High school out of cottonwood Minnesota if you do want pictures or a logo
  12. As someone who lives in southern Minnesota, I can attest that these uniforms are 100% Iowa. Great job
  13. That color rush looks too close to black. And I hate bfbs uniforms
  14. I'd suggest a name like the Lakers, Nordics or Northstars and have their food alternate be Lutefisk