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  1. FightingGoldenDevil

    Braves to Show Off “Refreshed” Uniforms This Weekend

    Sorry. I wasn't trying to lawyer my way around or start anything I've just seen speculation like that before not taken down and wondered where exactly it lied on the spectrum. I'll stop posting and let this get back to Braves
  2. FightingGoldenDevil

    Braves to Show Off “Refreshed” Uniforms This Weekend

    What about "maybe they could be dropping the tomahawk because some might see the identity as offensive"?
  3. FightingGoldenDevil

    2019 MLB Changes

    I've seen that gif before. That's not the new uni
  4. Wow that's awesome. I really want a Minnesota team to embrace purple and light blue. We see it in advertising all over the state
  5. I know there's not much to go on but I think the Duluth Eskimos could look interesting
  6. FightingGoldenDevil

    Vintage Style Mascot Logos: Buck on 1/15

    I don't know how I missed that on the first page. Awesome work. Glad to know I'm not the only Jacks fan on the boards
  7. FightingGoldenDevil

    Vintage Style Mascot Logos: Buck on 1/15

    As someone who grew up in western Minnesota/eastern SD these are awesome. You should give the Jackrabbits some love to complete the Eastern part of the state
  8. Fantine dreamed a dream of time gone by and look where that got her
  9. Sadly the Texans will never wear luv ya blue. Their identity is based on the state flag so dropping navy just won't happen
  10. FightingGoldenDevil

    Death to the Block S

    Stanford and Syracuse really need to adopt these. Have team ever changed their logos or uniforms based on internet concepts before?
  11. FightingGoldenDevil

    NFL changes 2019

    Fortunately the orange helmet has become synonymous with the Browns. Changing to a different color would be like the Packers ditching the oval G
  12. FightingGoldenDevil

    NFL changes 2019

    Any info on what they might look like or just heard that it's happening?
  13. FightingGoldenDevil

    NFL changes 2019

    It's obviously harder when teams change their name like the Ravens and Titans did. But people accept that the Baltimore and Indianapolis Colts are the same team, the Cleveland, St. Louis, and LA Rams are the same team, The LA and San Diego Chargers are the same team, and most notably in everyone's mind, The Oakland, LA, and Las Vegas Raiders are the same team. Saying a team resets when they move means there's no charter members left because both the Cardinals and Bears have relocated
  14. FightingGoldenDevil

    NFL changes 2019

    It would be cool for the Vikings to get an alternate that's the Duluth Eskimos but purple instead of black, take the horns off the helmets and wear gold pants. I think something like that once could be cool
  15. FightingGoldenDevil

    Safeco Field is now T-Mobile Park

    No one called the Metrodome Mall of America field