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  1. nice.
  2. NICE that would make an awesome color rush!
  3. I think Bucco Bruce Updated Would Be AWESOME! Thats Why The NFL Needs Alternate Helmets. Or if they cause concussions keep them the same color.
  4. Thank You Tornado. I think the vikings pants are just ok and the bears make no sense
  5. Not My Picture! Found it on google!
  6. Two Pants I found in madden that are not in any official uniform sets. The Bears one was brought up earlier but the Vikings one is unkown. My theory is they are supposed to be used in create a uniform
  7. In NHL 18 There Should Be A 100 Years Of The Cup Mode. Maybe Have Like 10 Or 15 Stanley Cup Finals Featured. You Play The 1,2 Or 3 Pivotal Games In The Series. When You Complete The Series You Unlock The Team
  8. OH YEAH Madden 17 the lions color rush was unused because the only Thursday game was Thanksgiving.
  9. in FIFA theres probably a few unused uniforms because the game has so many teams. Same with NBA 2k. NHL and MLB might not have any unused uniforms. Also try NCAA football because that game has ALOT of uniforms. Bonus points if its in a uniform add on.
  10. I Have Madden So I Can Check. Madden Should Have NFL2k5 Style Jerseys OR have a true jersey editor where you can change uni colors. For MB i will post a pic of the black bucs jersey
  11. The Packers Have Yellow Alts In Madden. I Heard NFL 2k5 Had TONS Of Unused Uniforms
  12. Any Body Got Superbowl Shuffle parodies
  13. devan dubnyk