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  1. I don't know about that. All I know is that watching from the stands, the two clubs were virtually indistinguishable.
  2. The Chargers were given the right to buy a partnership stake in the stadium; it's not a lease, its permanent. I think we can be pretty sure that the Rams would happily buy him out of his share, since Kroenke only let him in as a condition of being allowed to move in the first place. Spanos is neither wanted nor needed in Inglewood. As for the league, that's a good point. And it may by why they won't let him move another time for a decade. But again, if he could make the case for a return to San Diego, I suspect the league would find a way to allow it.
  3. There's no indication on any of the coverage I read that he retained any connection to San Diego beyond a sentimental one.
  4. I went to the match today, and it was a mess. It was really hard to follow the action, even under a bright sunny sky.
  5. I think it's ten years, although I suspect that if he wanted to move back to SD he could convince the other owners to make an exception.
  6. The game-used ones are. After today's debacle I have a lot less interest in bidding, although gamers almost never become available, so I likely still will.
  7. This was a miserable game. Really hard to tell the teams apart. Ironically, it got a little easier as the match went on and the New York City jerseys were darkened with sweat. And then a sub would come on and they'd be virtually indistinguishable again.
  8. Yeah, it's there. Whimsy has been lost, replaced by an uninspired mess.
  9. No, the Lions helmet never had a blue outline. Never needed one. Until they decided to add black and had to look for places they could slap an extra color.
  10. A white outline would be great. That's what worked for so long. There was never before a need to add a blue outline outside of the white, don't see why they had to do it now.
  11. Go right ahead - you did it perfectly. That's exactly what I meant. The white outline is one thing, the extra blue "helmet only" outline quite another.
  12. If a blue lion isn't sufficiently distinct on a silver helmet, a blue lion with the same color blue outline won't be any better. And if anything, adding a second outline muddies the logo, obscuring the shape and making it less distinct. It's really bad design if the logo needs an extra element in order for it to be used for its main purpose. If it really needs the blue outline, give it a blue outline for all applications. That they didn't speaks volumes.
  13. But why would that be a problem?
  14. No, they've switched the silver outline to blue. Here's the official logo: The helmet itself, however, has a blue outline instead of the silver. Why?
  15. MLB rules specifically prohibit sponsor names on uniforms, which is why those clubs had sponsor-less versions of their stadium logos. Seems as though the NFL may have a similar rule.
  16. The club deleted a tweet containing a photo of the same keeper shirt this morning and then reposted with the same series of photos except the keeper; wonder why. Where'd you get that picture?
  17. Thanks! And sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you meant the stadium authority itself cannot take in revenues, not the bonds.
  18. Don't forget the Cardinals, who were almost forced out of St. Louis because the Browns owned the ballpark. If they hadn't tapped into the deep Busch pockets it would have been the other team moving to somewhere like LA or Baltimore.
  19. Nope. Horace Stoneham, the Giants' owner, did say in the mid-1950s that if the city was going to contribute to a new Dodgers stadium then it should contribute equally to a stadium for his club. But I'm not aware he ever did very much to explore that possibility.
  20. That's crazy. What kind of tax-exempt organization is prohibited from receiving revenues?
  21. There is absolutely no reason for the blue outline, other than to add clutter. The logo doesn't need to be separated from the background.
  22. For me, that's a pretty significant point in its favor.
  23. NYCFC has started auctioning off the Parley jerseys:
  24. That sounds like a an urban legend, like the debunked "domestic violence skyrockets on Super Bowl Sunday" rumor.
  25. Yeah, the original promo photos are misleading. The contrast is much greater than our early look indicated. But it's still not great.