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  1. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Oh yeah.
  2. North Carolina's owner seems to be a good fit. He's consolidated a lot of the local youth teams into one organization, and he operates the women's team as well. I don't see him getting into MLS in this round, so he seems worth bringing into the USL. I'm also inclined to save the Armada as well, now that they have a new owner.
  3. We've touched on this in the domestic soccer thread, but I think this is now big enough that it deserves its own thread. Last year, the US Soccer Federation sanctioned two leagues as Division 2 - the NASL, which had been the only D2 league, and the USL, which had previously been D3. The NASL almost folded at this point, and was only spared when Rocco Commisso saved the Cosmos from going under at quite literally the last minute. That gave the NASL a stay of execution, but only a temporary one. Last month, the owner of the NASL's Miami FC partnered with the owner of the semi-pro Kingston Stockade FC, filing a claim with the Court of Arbitration for Sports in an attempt to force the USSF to institute promotion and relegation in US Soccer. Two days later, it came out that the USSF had rejected the NASL's application to retain D2 beyond this year. Now the NASL, led by the Cosmos, has filed an antitrust lawsuit against the USSF in a desperate attempt to keep its D2 status. At its heart, the lawsuit is intended to challenge the USSF's minimum requirements for a second-division league, including the number of teams in the league, the geographic distribution of teams (how many time zones are covered), market size of the cities represented, each stadium capacity, and the minimum financial requirements for team owners. Now, the irony is that the NASL helped USSF write those guidelines back in 2010 in a deliberate attempt to shut out the USL, but has never been able to meet them. The biggest problem is that they've fallen short on the number of clubs; according to the standards. By year six they were supposed to have twelve clubs. This is their seventh season but only have eight, and one of them is threatening to fold if more people don't start showing up. This is a huge mess, and threatens to derail a growing sport. There's some pretty good summaries of the issues from people in the know here and here. Thoughts?
  4. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Perfection. Add a royal blue jersey for fans who don't want to buy the gold, and you're set.
  5. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Still inferior to the true throwbacks, but miles beyond their primaries.
  6. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Or ugly. Better than "Los Galacticos" across the front, but I'm glad NYCFC has avoided those this year.
  7. MLB changes 2018?

    I think it would look better than the hunter green at night. At night, the colors darken under the floodlights. Hunter becomes too dark, and Kelly starts to look more like hunter. That would be a fabulous upgrade for the A's.
  8. MLB changes 2018?

    No, they didn't. The Barrelman was retired after '77. From 1978 through 1993, the Brewers only had theee logos. Primary: Secomdary/cap logo: and this one, which was only ever used on their jacket sleeves. that last one was tweaked for 1991-93. The Barrelman was entirely absent for thirty years before first making a re-appearance on a couple SGA caps and then disappearing again. It wasn't until a few years ago that he was brought back as a costumed character for the stadium and a Cooperstown Collection logo for merchandise.
  9. Well, the Sounders lift the MLS Cup, and its time to look to the next season. So what to expect? Will the NASL survive? Will the USL take over D2? Will Seattle fans be incredibly insufferable? Will the Cosmos ever pay all those players and staffers their back wages?
  10. And now we're learning that not all clubs had a chance to vote on the lawsuit - FC Edmonton was told about it afterwards in a phone call.
  11. Well, every owner has over-estimated the value of the brand. I'm not sure it was ever that beloved, given what we've seen since 2013. But still, moving to Brooklyn should have been a triumph. Sure, it's a baseball diamond. But it's on the subway, and tickets are cheap. But watch the videos of any of their matches - they're getting around 2,000 people per, no matter how inflated the official counts are. And now Rocco is leading this quixotic quest against the USSF. Not good.
  12. He drove away the Borough Boys and their podcast This Is Cosmos Country when they started asking some questions about how the club is run. Keep in mind, this was the Cosmos' oldest and biggest supporters group. A group founded in 2007, to advocate for an MLS club in NYC. A group that stuck with the Cosmos through thick and thin, who spurned the MLS club they once wanted in order to keep supporting a lower-division club. A group that raised money for Cosmos employees when their paychecks from the former owner bounced. They bled green as much as anyone, and Rocco treated them so poorly they decided to just walk away. And now the supporters section of MCU Park gets a couple dozen people every match. I mean, this is just embarrassing: Granted, it's rarely that bad. But even at its best it's not great.
  13. Yeah. This is their flagship franchise, after all. On a lovely Sunday evening in New York City. They're claiming an attendance of 4,229 for this match. But considering Steeplechase Park holds 7,000, I think we can pretty easily see how inflated that is.
  14. Very good chance. Last year, when the NASL almost folded, we heard that the USL was willing to take everyone except the Cosmos and Puerto Rico FC. PRFC because of travel issues, and the Cosmos because their owner was a scumbag. Well, the Cosmos have a new owner, but he turned out to be a scumbag as well. I'd also add the San Francisco Deltas to that list, since they seem viable. But we'll see.
  15. I will add that I personally have been supportive of the Cosmos. Even though they aren't my club they almost were. I wanted them to survive, not just out of sentiment but also because they could push NYCFC to work harder, fight for every block in the city. But after this? I'm pretty much done with them. This is the last throw of the dice from a deservedly-dying league, and one that could do real damage to the sport in our country.
  16. Football and CTE

    Remember what I said about people who keep talking about concussions? How they're trying to distract from the real issue? Yeah, that guy.
  17. MLB changes 2018?

    Ugh. That could be the worst of all possible worlds. Come on, Milwaukee. This ain't hard.
  18. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    It's eBay, there may not actually be any story. And even if the jersey is genuine, it's doubtful that the story accompanied it.
  19. MLB Changes 2017

    Agreed on the "e". That always bothered me back in the day. I actually think the script looks more generic with the tail added on. It's perfectly distinctive without it. I'd shudder to mess it up with a shadow or other needless clutter.
  20. MLB Changes 2017

    Yeah, but there's that awkward tail again. I don't know why the Brewers thought they needed to do that for the button-ups: looks so much better without.
  21. MLB Changes 2017

    That does look good. A button-up version would instantly be the best road uniform they've ever worn. And a good compliment to their regular retro alts, which are great uniforms.
  22. MLB Changes 2017

    Not sure why it doesn't to you. Details make all the difference in design, and obviously not all details are discernible at a distance. Good design looks good from far away and close up. Bad design can often look good under one of those conditions, but falls short under the other.
  23. MLB Changes 2017

    Oh, I've always hated that script wordmark. Talk about generic. At least the block letters are distinctively theirs. If the Brewers want a script, they should just bring this one back. From the distinctive B to the unique pointed tail, it's as singular as it is beautiful.
  24. Portland Trail Blazers new logo

    I presume this is already being discussed in a mega thread, but it's worth a conversation on its own: the Trail Blazers unveiled new logos yesterday. The article on includes this delightful animation of their logo history: I like the update a lot: farewell ugly rhombus; good riddance pointless spiky things. But this doesn't actually fix the main problem I have with the logo, which is that it isn't a P yet could so easily be. I know, it's a B for Blazers, but city initials are always better than nickname initials. Besides, the NBA is even using the pinwheel as a P in an ad running across the top of the page: What is that supposed to be? "bresented by Moda"? "qresented by Moda"? Flip the pinwheel around, and it would be so much better.
  25. MLB Changes 2017

    Yeah, but any excuse to put the Brewers in their real uniforms is a good one.