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  1. Nike Select League Cricket

    What is this game and how do you get it. ?
  2. The New XFL

    Gradient on football helmet logo to me is a HUGE NO.
  3. the World Hockey League: 1949-50 Season

    I would add (About the uniforms) Maybe upload them one at a time. so they can be larger to view. This is a design forum so seeing what you come up with is a big part of the league. But good start so far
  4. **TEMPLATES**

    Was hoping somebody had this template and could share it . I had it but my hardrive died.
  5. I mean the names that other suggested. The ones he settled on are good. I could see them as REAL teams. its just some of the other guys ideas. that have me scratching my head.
  6. Got to say. Some of these names are just Way 2 out there. This is a real football team you would be naming not some ESPN Sports fantasy team you and your drunk buddies have.
  7. Detroit could use some love. Its been a long time since they had a winning team (Strong playoffs)
  8. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I agree the new Football jersey cut is brutal looking
  9. Atlantic Schooners CFL Expansion

    I really like it . Would be a much better logo than what they had for the original team idea.
  10. Platypuses ? Really ? I thought this was a professional hockey league . thats a name you would have your u-10 team use. All the good names have been taken Storm , Thunder, Timber Portland has a big train history they could be the Rails or Steam
  11. I see the real world facts of Atlanta being a crap hockey town is not in the picture.
  12. I see Detroit's new look has been swept away quickly. i myself was looking for a bigger change in their dated look. Still my fave team tho.
  13. Come on Detroit. Hoping for an amazing update on a very dated look.
  14. I agree with you . been waiting for Detroit to relive some glory.
  15. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Im not seeing any uniforms. thanks to photobucket.