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  1. Uniform Template

    Sweet looking template
  2. Minor League Football

    Cool thanks for the heads up. BUT the link is dead according to MediaFire
  3. Minor League Football

    I love this template. Let me know if its available for download.
  4. Yea the whole mouth is kinda strange looking. I agree with HRC4 it does look kinda Duck lipped.
  5. Guess I better start paying more attention . GO DETROIT
  6. OH HELL YEA.. Finally back on top. Great job Detroit
  7. Xtreme Football Alliance

    So are you just taking other peoples logos and making this league ?
  8. Detroit all the way. Its great seeing the Gladiators back in the Championship game
  9. Still hoping Detroit can get back to being a Championship team.
  10. I knew I had done some of Detroit.
  11. I thought I made one with the Detroit Mustangs . But I can't seem to find it .