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  1. MSO94

    2018 NBA Concepts

    These are really good. I like Miami's Only complaint is the number and the MI would be not seen if they wore this jersey its to far to the outside. Also Is the template available for download ?
  2. MSO94

    O's logo Concept

    Not a fan of the gradient grey . Plus you have to really look at it to figure out what your looking at and what it is.
  3. MSO94

    Hypebeast Football Concepts

    I like the template .
  4. MSO94

    Denver Nuggets Redesign

    I like it
  5. MSO94

    NHL 2017-18

    I think Vancouver needs to get rid of the word Vancouver on the logo. If we don't know they are Vancouver then you suck at advertising.
  6. MSO94

    NFL to NBA (#14 Falcons updated on 8/11)

    Not a real fan of the cross over stuff. But the Dolphin one looks pretty cool
  7. MSO94

    Minor League Football

    SWEET !!
  8. MSO94

    Uniform Template

    Sweet looking template
  9. MSO94

    Minor League Football

    Cool thanks for the heads up. BUT the link is dead according to MediaFire
  10. MSO94

    Minor League Football

    I love this template. Let me know if its available for download.
  11. Yea the whole mouth is kinda strange looking. I agree with HRC4 it does look kinda Duck lipped.