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  1. Platypuses ? Really ? I thought this was a professional hockey league . thats a name you would have your u-10 team use. All the good names have been taken Storm , Thunder, Timber Portland has a big train history they could be the Rails or Steam
  2. I see the real world facts of Atlanta being a crap hockey town is not in the picture.
  3. I see Detroit's new look has been swept away quickly. i myself was looking for a bigger change in their dated look. Still my fave team tho.
  4. Come on Detroit. Hoping for an amazing update on a very dated look.
  5. I agree with you . been waiting for Detroit to relive some glory.
  6. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Im not seeing any uniforms. thanks to photobucket.
  7. Come on Detroit. It's way past your time !
  8. NFL Retro Helmet Poster

    Pretty neat ! BUT I think the old style facemask would be better
  9. 2018 Toyota Camry MENCS (Updated 1 car added)

    I have been making cars for about 9 years. . I m with the mind set of do your own design.
  10. 2018 Toyota Camry MENCS (Updated 1 car added)

    yes that is what is used
  11. Typical All Star jersey. nothing to be worried about.
  12. I have to say LA is a great update. Never been a fan of Edmonton.
  13. Horrendous is not even a harsh enough word.
  14. this just screams 90's.. can't wait till the 90's are over and we get back to normal jersyes.