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  1. So is the Todd Bertuzzi sucker punch, but i'm not sure which is uglier.
  2. I will never understand why Vancouver needs their name arched over their logo.
  3. The Capitals jerseys are stunningly strange. I LOVE the mock ups for the Wild jersey. As much as I like C, its almost like a laserbeam eye. But its better. Sadly they went with the worst of the 3, but they are all very nice. I will be buying the crud out of that jersey when its released.
  4. I shudder to think what they'll do for an alt. A beige away alt? Red just seems to be minimized. My bet is a stripe heavy super throwback or some sort of barberpole mess. (Best? case is maybe something like the 1994 Gophers hockey jerseys?) They'll go full fauxback. and we know, you never go full fauxback.
  5. As a Wild fan and a designer, I wanted to take the night to sleep on it. First takes can often be too reactionary. Whist I have my complaints (the stripe not going around the whole sweater, no hemline, etc.) This is their best dark jersey yet, and to that matter, they had perfection with the (now current) whites, so why change? (Minnesota sports have long had teams with different home and away templates) The Wild have always had a problem with their logo being so green, on a green background. I think it calls for a bigger keyline then you'd functionally want to use. Thats why they've trapped it in roundels or used a script. A center stripe is a damn clever way to solve this issue. I know a lot of you love the inaugural uniforms, but my unpopular opinion is that they were our second worst. (the reds they just retired with no hem stripe were awful.) The gold was too prominent, the logo got lost on the greens. The whites were okay, but the numbers were silly and hard to read. This is a new franchise, in a state that really likes to pat itself on its back for their hockey tradition. The vintage stuff sells very well here. Expect it moving forward.
  6. I REALLY like how the Wolves logo looks almost stainglass when embroidered. So much so, I had to buy one.
  7. Oooh. I like this a lot.
  8. Being here for more than a year now (I threw myself a party, it was a blast...and by blast, i mean i [peed my pants, and fell asleep in the tub,) and ive noticed people get excited when a milestone post comes about, whether its your 100th, 500th, 800th, or 2143rd. So since this is general discussion, and well, ive see worse threads, i figured why not have a thread where you can forever document the milestone posts for yourself, in the self-loving, but hopefully tounge-in-cheek, self-depricating way! So here it is world, Sean's 800th post. As delicious as the rest, but with a side of my favorite quote from an athlete ever... "I love me, some ME!" If this ends up being widely regarded as a terrible idea, at least it will still be remembered as my sweet 800. take that?
  9. You are good. Thanks!
  10. I freaking LOVE the Oil in Orange. But I have an unhealthy obsession with Orange, so take that with a grain of salt. Interested to see the Wild's new Green jerseys. The respected beat reporter here in MPLS said they are kind of like the Stadium Series jerseys, with the "bear" logo in front. Wish I had the actual quote to attribute. But I definitely remember that being said.
  11. Gophers have been wearing the glossy helmets in practice for years. The one prediction I'll make is that the Gold is worn more, and the brick pattern will be replaced with a wooden pattern.
  12. This has some design flaws, but is definitely an upgrade and moves the Lions closer to what they should look like. This is a B+ redesign.
  13. It's growing on me the more I look at it. And as far as releases go, this is pretty tame in terms of vitriol.
  14. This is where I'm at. Its an improvement. Not great, but good. Good enough.
  15. Oops, our local paper leaked it.
  16. that are small variations2 1/2 years of Cleveland Browns concepts that are small variations of their old set! I'm honestly excited.
  17. This is the uni-equivalent to Stan Kroenke's hair piece
  18. exactly what I wanted. This team needs a fresh identity.
  19. Good call!
  20. Juve taking the L on this one. Funny. (it's actually kind of minimalist and clever, but i'd have probably chickened out and added a key line to reinforce the shield shape like above.
  21. Black and MORE. White and MORE.
  22. Moving to a city where you were a rival team is dumb. I hope this fails miserably and they go back to San Diego in a decade with their tail between their legs like the Raiders did.
  23. This is Flames perfection. Nice job, Cole.
  24. People are always unnecessarily harsh on anything new, but it really is a nice looking mark. The Twitter replies are awful, but im sure many are upset (and justifiably so) SD fans.
  25. You may be right. Just something that bugged me looking at it magnified. See folks. Packer and Vikings fans can have civil conversations! (as long as booze isn't involved.)