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  1. Being here for more than a year now (I threw myself a party, it was a blast...and by blast, i mean i [peed my pants, and fell asleep in the tub,) and ive noticed people get excited when a milestone post comes about, whether its your 100th, 500th, 800th, or 2143rd. So since this is general discussion, and well, ive see worse threads, i figured why not have a thread where you can forever document the milestone posts for yourself, in the self-loving, but hopefully tounge-in-cheek, self-depricating way! So here it is world, Sean's 800th post. As delicious as the rest, but with a side of my favorite quote from an athlete ever... "I love me, some ME!" If this ends up being widely regarded as a terrible idea, at least it will still be remembered as my sweet 800. take that?
  2. This is the uni-equivalent to Stan Kroenke's hair piece
  3. exactly what I wanted. This team needs a fresh identity.
  4. Good call!
  5. Juve taking the L on this one. Funny. (it's actually kind of minimalist and clever, but i'd have probably chickened out and added a key line to reinforce the shield shape like above.
  6. Black and MORE. White and MORE.
  7. Moving to a city where you were a rival team is dumb. I hope this fails miserably and they go back to San Diego in a decade with their tail between their legs like the Raiders did.
  8. This is Flames perfection. Nice job, Cole.
  9. People are always unnecessarily harsh on anything new, but it really is a nice looking mark. The Twitter replies are awful, but im sure many are upset (and justifiably so) SD fans.
  10. You may be right. Just something that bugged me looking at it magnified. See folks. Packer and Vikings fans can have civil conversations! (as long as booze isn't involved.)
  11. The LA is centered, and you're not wrong. I recreated it and a true center looks just as bad the other way. I guess this is one of the nuances of design where i'd split the difference. It just looks wonky to me, but everyone has their their own spacial things. The bolt is part of the design. Its an unbalanced mark, so there are many ways to skin this cat. I'd just do it differently. To each their own, Goth :D.
  12. They really need to center that logo on the box. Its mildly infuriating.
  13. The logos yes. The names...not really.
  14. I was mistaken, it was White Bears. This is a kinda fun "what if" they did a few years back. I think all are better than Wild. http://wild.ice.nhl.com/club/gallerylanding.htm?id=20535
  15. I'm a fan, wearing a hoodie right now and couldn't agree more. Still wish 17 odd years later we would have picked Polars, or even Voyaguers. Oh well. At least they made up for it with the logo.
  16. Assume it's something like their Winter Classics...only ya know, better.
  17. The licenses aren't cheap. At all.
  18. This is very, very cool. MN and a standing Gopher would be a slam dunk.
  19. G:13 S:17 B:19
  20. I remember when you posted these. Cool to see your progress. Nice work! Gorgeous render on the big cat.
  21. This is their best look (sans the corny nameplate)
  22. An article from the local paper
  23. I disagree, I think its a pretty nice logo. It's just not right for North Dakota. Besides, this is a fool's errand. The fanbase will absolutely crap on anything that isn't sioux.
  24. If you ask me, the Jags wouldn't be wrong to drop teal. Its a dated color and its too close to the Dolphins. They have minimal history and its far too close to Miami's aqua, which they own. Its a different market, but its worth making your own mark. They'd be best served in a total rebrand, but short of that or a move, they should maximize the gold and black. Yes, New Orleans kind of has that market cornered, but only recently, and their cap numbers point to another decade of futility coming up after Brees. If you don't totally rebrand, minimize the teal and be the AFC gold and black team. Its a crummy substitute, but thats kinda what the NFL does. Most of the people here would hate it, but it'd sell a lot better.
  25. Well half and the entire west end, which also has the largest doors in the world that open up. It's amazingly bright. Not sure if it was a structural thing to support those doors or what.