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  1. id like to see lots of posts on this one, especially all you regulars. what teams do you think are the best dressed in sports. pick two from each of the four statistically most popular american professional sports, (one from each conference/league) and two from each of the two statistically most popular college sports. maybe add a couple adjectives to tell us why you like this teams dress. naturally, ill start it off. NFL afc - CLEVELAND BROWNS. classic. colorful. hometown pride. nfc - NEW ORLEANS SAINTS. simple. befitting. great logo. MLB al - BOSTON RED SOX. historic yet contemporary. elegant. simple. nl - CHICAGO CUBS. maybe i just like curses and simple unis? NHL east - OTTAWA SENATORS. awesome logo. intimidating color scheme. west - CALGARY FLAMES. great colors. great logo. NBA east - DETROIT PISTONS. beautiful. i dont even like red/white/blue. west - DALLAS MAVERICKS. almost perfect. i only wish they still had green accent. NCAA football FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES. intimidating. attractive. TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS. the REAL orange crush. NCAA Basketball NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS. great colors. classic design. GONZAGA BULLDOGS. it caries some unknown simplistic detail. have fun.
  2. i actually did look at all your stuff a few days ago. i think your moving in a goood direction with the elegant simplicity of both this work and your Conquistadors concept. but just for fun, i think you should change the name on that one to Conquistadores since it is a spanish word.
  3. i agree with the white helmet, but definitely a MIDNIGHT BLUE facemask, and maybe a MIDNIGHT BLUE centre stripe. check it out. i also agree about cleaning up the uniforms. i would remove all the flowing stripes and replace them with just a modern version of the colts current shoulder stripes. i would also nix the 7 outlines around the numbers and just go solid color, or MAYBE one outline, possibly SILVER or ROYAL BLUE. the colts are traditionally a simply dressed team, and i think the concept would bee that much more appealing if it were merely an UPDATE from the current logo and a darkening of the current dominant blue. something to think about. keep it up, sir. with your permission, id like to show you what i mean.
  4. great work with the logos. AAO: this is your best work. finally, its simple, legible, attractive, and gets the point communicated very well. I use paint myself for a lot of quick projects and even professional drafts, so i know how annoying it is, but as we can show, it is possible to create good stuff with it.
  5. its very good work, but i think the tree and beach scene adds too much clutter and whimsy. im a business up front/ function over fashion type.
  6. the number edit was much needed, and the dress looks very good. the "bite marks" out of the wordmark and the cute raptor arent really my style, but they are well done. props.
  7. It's a very good example. It's simpler than a lot of your others, which is good. The job of the designer is to communicate to the eye rather than be distracting to the eye. i agree with pollux that the 'San Diego' script must be a more integral part of the logo, and personally, the flare-out deflate shape of the logo doesn't fit my fancy, but hey, it's very good.
  8. Retromaniac, your post up there belongs to the old Houston Texans, which are now the Kansas City Chiefs franchise (hence the red and yellow), independent of the new Houston Texans AND the Houston Oilers
  9. It's a little trendy, but hey, I'm a simpleton. It just looks like one of those logos that 10 year old kids would love to buy up by the millions becasue it looks "cutting edge." but the work itself is very good, just not my style.