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  1. Actually Detroit is the laziest one from all of them. They took 1926/27 (or 2009 Winter Classic) jersey, replaced "D" logo with Red Wings and called it a day. Very safe move. These stripes on Chicago are for purpose, they emulates colorful of Native Americans style. I wouldn't say it's bad. MTL can be easily replace by Habs logo (which appear on right shoulder) and even should be. Same with stripes thickness. Overall stripes design is a Canadiens design, so how this couldn't be ok?
  2. Habs and Blackhaws are ugly? Oh C'mon!
  3. Why not use Digital Six uniforms for Habs, Red Wings and Blackhawks? They fit very well to Fourth Jersey conception.
  4. What happened with mothership site? I can't reach the connection since yesterday.
  5. It's fake. Images comes from site which sells knock-offs.
  6. Same like BMW looks better on car than on paper. Although in old Nissan colors it doesn't look that bad: Also Nissan changed "Z" logo:
  7. With Ram head it looks much better, by the way they put LA logo with gradient, but I don't think they will be able to replicate that on real endzone. Ram Head logo is nice for me, it should be primary. Now let's hope they didn't screw up with uniforms.
  8. I love rewind series. Nike should comeback with that.
  9. Italy go back to their Euro 2008 kits after Confederations Cup. Brazil white was a one-off kit for Copa America opening, later they only used yellow kit, but I guess if they need to wear different kit they would wear blue one.
  10. Is not over, but suspended.
  11. I know we are in month March, but listen this conspiracy theory. What If this leak, all this confirmations, all this speculations are special prepared action to fool everyone? And when April 1st come out, they gonna release a real logo and say: "Haha suprise fools! We've got you!". They basically going to do a reverse April Fool day. Of course I'm still in guess "LA" logo is an alternate one and is not that bad as people rant over it.
  12. I guess it's alternate logo not primary.
  13. You can spot different ways of release a new logo (in most cases) between USA and Europe. In USA clubs produce tons of merchandise and then release new logo. In Europe clubs release new logo at first and after that they starts to produce new merchandise.
  14. Seattle BearBolts! (Thunderbears might sounds better, but I don't think if anyone in Seattle would wants to have a team with Thunder in name). BTW last kid wear something that look like 1979-1984 Blues away sweater.
  15. At this moment, Nike outclasses Adidas by miles
  16. People sometimes forget about it, but without this crap template from Euro 2016 we wouldn't have those beauties for Euro 2020.
  17. Poland kits are beautiful, they are a nod to 70's and 80's when we celebrated our greatest successes in football (and we had centered crest). I fall in love with them (although I'd add red pinstripes to home jersey):
  18. Believe me or not this isn't a Chinese knock-off, but an original Champion sh&t: IIRC those stuff were only for European market. Here you've got few other examples (look at LAL, it might be a great City jersey):
  19. Catalog photos: Blues: Jets: Excat same shade of blue.
  20. "The best is the enemy of the good"
  21. In Euroleague referees have two uniforms, black-orange and orange-black same in Eurocup light blue-black and black-light blue.
  22. It was stupid not only because it looked stupid, but also because he could not handle this plane, didn't jump over it correctly, caught it and broke it. Anyway let's remind it: I'd like to see Shooting Stars again and Skills Challenge in their first incarnation or if NBA want to stick with tournament mode for SC, put players on a opposing baskets.
  23. Nah, I've got them in a right place I've got beard on my chin Good for you!
  24. Why he's got testicles on his chin?