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  1. Ok, I understand. Thanks for site. :)
  2. That cyan Zenni is a mistake or what?
  3. ^ Like I said before, this is funny, because these jerseys not only use v1 Aeroswift technology, but also Nike Hyperelite font on numbers. BTW, here is how USA uniforms looks for the last part of qualifers, very Pistonish, but IMO better than the new one:
  4. There is a lot of similar fonts, but they need to be redone in few places. Of course you don't have that font and you can't share it with other people, right?
  5. Pilipinas might have red stripes on sides, because full template look like this: Russia:
  6. Italy only change collar compare to their Eurobasket 2017 unis. Australia are using NBA Aeroswift v1 tempalte, which is weird, because peak is their supplier not nike. What about Nike. I don't understand them. Teams recieved new uniforms in previous year for last part of Qualifers (Canada wore jerseys from them v Nigeria) and now they changing them again and will change again in next year for Olympics. Before you say "Money", I'd say that they sell this jerseys mostly locally not wordwide (except USA). BTW this is only official release note, because teams are using that style since last week of July or even earlier like Canada (U19 WC in June) or Japan (3x3 WC in June). Poland: Czech Republic: Germany:
  7. IMO they should fix it in that way: Because their fix looks even worse than first version
  8. "The Town" is gonna be their Statement or City? Weird, they moved out from Oakland, but kept uniform which is a nod to Oakland. For me they should kept that untouched with serif numbers and nob or get rid at all. I like "The Bay", finally a good yellow jersey for Dubs. Looking at numbers position I assume NOB will be under them. Icon looks nice and clean without two tone numbers, but I guess I might miss that feature very soon. New font makes a big difference on plus. Classic has no waves under the bridge. Nike need to fix that.
  9. Very underatted uniform. I hope one day Pistons bring back it.
  10. Thanks for answer @Conrad.. Greatest Mustache Of All Time, no doubt. Although Larry Bird mustache may want to say something about that, but we all know which ones are the best. I can actually imagine a jersey with Morrison motive.
  11. @Conrad., few questions if you don't mind. 1. Would Rockets City will be somehow related to 50th anniversary of moon landing or it gonna be another Chinese homage? 2. Nuggets City stays or they recolorize it? 3. Gold-Black and White-Red North unis for Raptors City and Earned? 4. Which Lakers player will be honored this time?
  12. I was affraid of this changes, but they look ok, but even that I think it's completly unnecessary. Home and Away uniforms looks like old one except now you've got half of stripes. I like that they replaced light blue with orange on Icon wordmark and numbers.
  13. It's weird how slim are side stripes when in real life they're thick. 2k needs to fix this.
  14. Weird situation. Now the question is how this happened? Nike took that fan concept or this wasn't a fan concept or something different? Pogoń Szczecin:
  15. Korona Kielce: Legia Warszawa:
  16. So why Herro was presented with Black Vice jersey? I don't understand that. Anyway if not Heat that I guess Pelicans might be a team which won't have any new uniforms in next season.
  17. I read that article: and I'm confused.