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  1. I understand that I'm in the minority on this, but I actually prefer their current uniforms to their Super Bowl set, by far. Everyone loved that look for some reason, but all I saw was a drab, ugly mess on the same level as the Eagles. I'm typically all for traditional looks, but I really like everything (especially the number and letter font) about their current uniforms. Short of a return to creamsickle, which I doubt will happen, I'd prefer they keep the current set. Again, I know that I'm in the minority on that take.
  2. Bauer is doing crazy things with printing intricate designs on pads. Personally, I hate the look of these pad designs (it’s way too much for me) and prefer the more traditional pads, but check out some of Bauer’s “DigiPrint” Technology if that’s your thing.
  3. And a great example of that is the beautiful chain stitching on the Blackhawks jersey logos, which can't really translate to the print logo.
  4. No way, they’ve had those stripes forever! You can spot a Sags jersey from a mile away.
  5. I know that it isn’t the same logo, but the only thing that I can think of when seeing this are the Sarnia Sting.
  6. So many great concepts here that would really improve the look. My biggest wish for the Bengals is for them to run away from the stupid “B” logo and go back to emphasizing the leaping tiger.
  7. I really loved that Stars jersey as an alternate, but I would prefer their original black jersey. So underrated.
  8. I hear ya, but I have maybe 15-20 New Era MLB caps, seemingly divided equally between USA and overseas NE factories. All are standard regular season (no BP or special day caps). They’re all plagued with sizing issues, some more serious than others.
  9. Saw this while watching Intentional Talk today, and we can all relate. Hopefully someone in the New Era office noticed!
  10. It's not even that they all look bad, it's just that they scream "beer league Tuesday night softball" more than "MLB". To me, anyway.
  11. ECHL jerseys will be produced by Athletic Knit beginning next season.
  12. I understand that Michigan essentially "owns" that M, but Mizzou has also been using the M since 1971.
  13. Oh, I'm not disagreeing with you there. My point was mostly about how I preferred the older baseball jersey material, which seemed much more substantial.
  14. Let me apologize if this is the wrong thread to ask, and I'm sure it's been discussed here (somewhere). I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Cardinals authentic for the first time in years. My last Cardinals/MLB authentic predates the "cool base" fabric, when you actually at least felt like you were getting $300 worth of material. Anyway, as everyone knows, there's been a crazy shift over the last decade or so in "authentics" not even really being close to the on field/on ice product. Are the baseball authentics at least a little closer than the NHL/NFL crap they're marketing as authentic now?
  15. Thanks. I’m mildly disappointed, because I thought the patch was quite nice in its simplicity and size. I don’t buy a new jersey every year, but I definitely would’ve picked up a new Cardinals hat to commemorate the 2019/150 season.