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  1. It was a shame to replace the N*, because those were just about perfect, but I really liked those pre-location jerseys too. I still think that the best set the Dallas Stars have ever had were their first season's set.
  2. Yet another example of why Starter replicas are, for some reason, so incredibly overrated.
  3. Saw this on Reddit this morning. Puke. Lightning third leaked (again)
  4. I read a pretty cool story on Reddit last week about STX. A person had mentioned on Reddit that their equipment bag was stolen, and STX sent them all kinds of new gear to get back on the ice. I’ve been a goalie for 30 years, so their stuff isn’t really relevant to me, but reading that really made me like the company.
  5. I think they're alright, but it really wouldn't kill them to have a maroon and gold alternate with Sparky as the crest. Even if they made it gold with maroon trim, I don't care. As a Sun Devil, I don't buy nearly as much stuff anymore because I still don't like the pitchfork. But then, I got my degree 16 years ago, so I doubt that I'm their target demographic.
  6. I'm all for green and yellow. I know that those are Sonics colors, but look great and are something that's been missing in the NHL since the North Stars change.
  7. That's such a shame if this is what happens. Their away is fantastic, and it was even better before they started wearing the all-navy cap with it.
  8. Re: your note on #3, it did originally.
  9. If the "new home and road" for the Blackhawks isn't just a collar correction, I will lead the riot.
  10. I can get behind this mock-up, but I must be the only one on this board (and elsewhere) that actually really likes their current set, alarm clock numbers and all.
  11. Something looks off about that jersey, and I don’t mean the design. Can’t put my finger on it, though. As an aside, I was playing in a hockey tournament in the late 90’s, and the pro shop in the rink had so many of those Isles jerseys that they couldn’t sell. I mean full racks of them. They were having a promotion where if you bought the home for $60, you would get the away one for free. I hated those jerseys, but I kick myself for not getting in on that deal every time I look back on it.
  12. They look dull and ridiculous because they’re trying to take elements from 3 eras and make them work in concert. I was a die-hard fan of the St. Louis Rams, and I never really liked the 2000 change, so I agree on them being dull or drab. But the Rams are beautiful in blue and yellow...with blue being the primary. Yeah, there are a lot of blue teams in the NFL, but the traditional blue and yellow screams “Rams”. They own it. I can respect the opinions on the highlighter uniforms, but I disagree.
  13. I'm honestly shocked at the amount of love those highlighters are getting. Calling for them to be made the primary?! That to me is even worse than the geniuses who decided that the Edmonton Oilers looked better in orange than royal. Taste is subjective, I suppose...
  14. That's a shame. I have a love/hate relationship with New Era, because when you are lucky enough to find the perfect 5950, there's nothing better. But I have 5 or 6 of them that I really like and absolutely cannot wear. Almost all of them are sizing and shape issues, but it's mostly just inconsistency across the board. I stopped ordering them online long ago because of this, and local selection can be lacking unless you are in the team's region.
  15. The one thing that I can appreciate though, is that they have a single designated day for them. I did kinda like the fact that they resisted alternates at one time, but I don't think it cheapens the look at all. Both of the alternates are fantastic, in my opinion. I know that this is unpopular, but the only change that I would make is to get rid of the bird on the bat Sunday hat, as well as the navy road when playing in Cinci and Washington. I have never liked the bird on the bat hat, and as much as I like the navy road hat to wear personally, I much prefer the red in all game scenarios.