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  1. ECHL jerseys will be produced by Athletic Knit beginning next season.
  2. I understand that Michigan essentially "owns" that M, but Mizzou has also been using the M since 1971.
  3. Oh, I'm not disagreeing with you there. My point was mostly about how I preferred the older baseball jersey material, which seemed much more substantial.
  4. Let me apologize if this is the wrong thread to ask, and I'm sure it's been discussed here (somewhere). I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Cardinals authentic for the first time in years. My last Cardinals/MLB authentic predates the "cool base" fabric, when you actually at least felt like you were getting $300 worth of material. Anyway, as everyone knows, there's been a crazy shift over the last decade or so in "authentics" not even really being close to the on field/on ice product. Are the baseball authentics at least a little closer than the NHL/NFL crap they're marketing as authentic now?
  5. Thanks. I’m mildly disappointed, because I thought the patch was quite nice in its simplicity and size. I don’t buy a new jersey every year, but I definitely would’ve picked up a new Cardinals hat to commemorate the 2019/150 season.
  6. You guys may have answered this earlier, but a quick check at the thread didn’t bring an answer. I just turned on the Houston/TB game, and the Rays hats don’t have the MLB 150 patch on them today. Watched the Cardinals yesterday, so I’m not sure if the Rays had it yesterday, but I can only imagine that they did. Surely that wasn’t just an opening day thing...?
  7. I'm not sure how unpopular that is, because it seems like people love that set for some reason. I never really liked it at all, but I do think that the white/home that you posted is far and away the best of that set. Here's a my unpopular opinion: I actually prefer the diagonal stripes mid-90's Flames jersey over this one. Their "original" is still my favorite of theirs, though.
  8. Hadn't really thought about that with the AFC East. I like Buffalo's current set, and I thought their white helmet was an upgrade when they made the switch, but I find myself missing their red helmet anytime I actually see them play.
  9. It was a shame to replace the N*, because those were just about perfect, but I really liked those pre-location jerseys too. I still think that the best set the Dallas Stars have ever had were their first season's set.
  10. Yet another example of why Starter replicas are, for some reason, so incredibly overrated.
  11. Saw this on Reddit this morning. Puke. Lightning third leaked (again)
  12. I read a pretty cool story on Reddit last week about STX. A person had mentioned on Reddit that their equipment bag was stolen, and STX sent them all kinds of new gear to get back on the ice. I’ve been a goalie for 30 years, so their stuff isn’t really relevant to me, but reading that really made me like the company.
  13. I think they're alright, but it really wouldn't kill them to have a maroon and gold alternate with Sparky as the crest. Even if they made it gold with maroon trim, I don't care. As a Sun Devil, I don't buy nearly as much stuff anymore because I still don't like the pitchfork. But then, I got my degree 16 years ago, so I doubt that I'm their target demographic.
  14. I'm all for green and yellow. I know that those are Sonics colors, but look great and are something that's been missing in the NHL since the North Stars change.
  15. That's such a shame if this is what happens. Their away is fantastic, and it was even better before they started wearing the all-navy cap with it.