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  1. yeah it is also notice the crown for king james
  2. Ive been noticing some of these, and some are really good. examles Lebron James Chris Paul so what are your favorites?
  3. raysox

    NHL Redesign

    after the pens, only 1 left early call dibs on the flames
  4. aaahahah I once made a 12 team football league with free agents but are we gonna make concepts for the teams?
  5. some more Oregon State, and UCONN Like it?
  6. neat you got rid of the white box can i have tb rays logo bucs lightning USF NC State thanks
  7. these are pretty rad i might sport some, only beef is get rid of the white borders theres a way to do it, but im not sure
  8. If Chicago gets the bid would Millwaukee, Indianapolis, or possibly Detroit have an event or two? DC, Miami, and Orlando helped host the 96 olympic soccer games
  9. ahah sorry guys, didnt think that out well i guess we'll just do a helmet redesign project good or bad idea?
  10. Hey everyone, had an idea. If you think a teams helmets arn't any good, redesign them. Here are examples First is LSU, I don't like theyre helmet, because the Logo under LSU seems outdated. The other is South Carolina I don't really like the C with the Gamecok on it. But I DO like the SC logo. here it is. so post what you think the helmets should look like.
  11. nice sig, im part of the 8%

  12. the best player on your team, thinks hes a pirate... yeah that's what the black alts would look like if they wore them i have a black allstot jersey, pretty nice
  13. im watching it now, and thats genious and Miami just missed a field goal
  14. ahah that's pretty good gotta love the MAC!
  15. my high school has an original logo (best i could find) though were a rich acedemic school, lol
  16. wow these are awesomw if i din't know better, i'd say these were actual pictures
  17. Fixed that for you. ORLY? http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/players/profile?playerId=1008 Joke ------ Your Head ah crap now i get it i feel stupid
  18. THAT'S IT i couldn't put my finger on it, but this is much better I think it had to do with the gold around the key
  19. Fixed that for you. ORLY? http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/players/profile?playerId=1008
  20. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=390421 wow, this will hobble the devils new goalie is Kevin Weekes
  21. 1) a part of a stadium 2) a land mark in the city 3) a team logo 4) something that has to do with the sposorship
  22. well they're getting te MLB all star game
  23. bump i need more feed back so i can perfect it