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  1. I would say these are objectively decent uniform designs. My issue might be with the template, but these all seem outdated. You aren't seeing many modern jerseys with two matching side stripes any more, whether they're good or bad designs. I would challenge you to step out from your comfort zone and take some more risks, because you've clearly shown you can make good looking side stripes.
  2. Thought this would be fun, and it was! Enjoy I guess!
  3. sometimes I do logo designs to entertain myself even if they don’t make logistical sense (thanks for the last comment though, I do really like those colors together)
  4. Just had some fun after the Lake Tahoe game got postponed. You haven't seen ice melting until you saw it on the outskirts of the Everglades.
  5. The Baby Cakes moved to Wichita for the promise of a new AAA stadium, then got relegated to AA before they could play a game!
  6. Better geographical alignment like Ashveille and Bowling Green in the same division as Brooklyn and Hudson Valley
  7. That's just how I organized the post. The first paragraph and second paragraph are separate thoughts about the same subject. I was getting at seeing that they've relaxed on outside branding to fill the hole of locational awareness that the current logo system lacks (which yes, 43 and 44 also could have had - i'm not familiar with it off the top of my head). But the point I was trying to make was those logos are generic too, except now they feel like a bigger event now that they've been used for a decade. Somewhat related but seeing Super Bowl 37 have very similar colors used this year, despite not matching the logo. Maybe that's the key to a Bucs title.
  8. Funny you mention that since the LVI logo is Red and Orange because it's officially official now. https://www.therams.com/news/los-angeles-host-super-bowl-lvi-february-2022-sofi-stadium
  9. And that's totally a valid point! What's funny is that 45-50 had the stadium in it, which is correctly seen as the worst era of SB logos while technically giving off more context about where it's played than a lot of the golden era logos. I'm admittedly cherry picking in my argument, I just don't think the "can't tell where the game is" comment is necessarily tied down to the last decade. (Miami, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa)
  10. Maybe it's the fact my team actually won one of these things. Maybe it's that I took a trip downtown to check out the festivities going around. i'm not sure I mind these any more. The little color splashes have brought the branding forward from the 45-49 era. The logos themselves aren't anything crazy, but seen as a whole with the side wall wraps, stadium banners, and scoreboard graphics they seem to have won me over. Here's a cool behance project of what they did in Houston for SB51 with a collection of pics that further show what i'm talking about. Here's one for Minnesota the following year. Both XLIII and XLIV were in Tampa and Miami. I think as standalone logos they're fine, but they're kind of generic football. Definitely not the best super bowl logos in history by any means. But then you think about the NFL wanting to build in a cohesive brand total brand for all event logos, then I can kind of see the benefit of wanting to slightly modify the same template year after year. Is LV and LIV better than, say any logos between 2000-2009? Probably not. Do I think they're better representations of an event that is nicknamed The Big Game in 2021? Yeah. If the LVI leak is real, then i'm glad they're pushing it the logo more. I don't think the yearly posts comparing the first 44 super bowls to the last 11 are going to change anyone's minds in the league office, so I guess I'll crack open a beer and let it happen.
  11. First off..... Go Bucs. I was 8 for the first title, and rooting for the literal worst Big 4 team in terms of win percentage has been a slog for my entire adult life. Last night kicked tremendous ass. Jeez, the last 9 weeks or so did. That was a fun run. I saw a stat on twitter that Mahomes ran 498 yards total. I don't buy into the QB vs QB hype that we get every year, because football is such a team sport. But the second half felt like Mahomes playing the Bucs. The Chiefs had more drops in the first half (5) than Mahomes had completions (4). That's not even accounting for the lacrosse style diving throw off the helmet, or the one that hit the back pylon that probably could have been caught if he wasn't held slightly (though that may be generous because I believe that got tipped by a defender too). Eric Fisher being out wasn't talked enough leading into the game in my opinion, and turns out that ended up being the deciding factor. It was like a turnstile to the backfield, and credit to Pat who only got sacked like 2 or 3 times. Kid is a stud, just wasn't his night. I've become such a big fan of Devin White over the last few weeks, and I'm glad that everyone got to see how tough these guys were. Oh and the Winfield deuce to Hill absolutely rules.
  12. I got such a kick out of this, naming the Twins the Triplets is so funny to me. I think the only gripe I really have is the negative space between the letters in Triplets that is much bigger than the ones on the Twins. I think this comes down to the not-exactly-vertical lines on the i p and l, and the wavy line on the lowercase t. I'd tighten those up and think it'd look a little better. Also I wonder what an NC lockup would look like!
  13. Lightning Reddit lit up today with the Authentic black gradient jersey being sold around the area for cheap. Someone tips off that there's a bunch at the TJ Maxx in Largo. I pop down there and grab one. For a laugh, I went next door to the Ross. Guess I was lucky.
  14. I made the road cap just the M, so you can get a little taste.
  15. Admittedly the Condors isn't my best, since it's in an awkward period between 80s and 90s. But it's a mirrored C with a condor head in the middle. I had some different ideas for them, but likely looking to facelift sooner rather than later.
  16. Well yeah, that's the 90s! I can think of some teams that will circle back to facelifted their original logo. I want to update Minnesota for the 90s but know I have gold with the Loon-state-shape logo, for example. I have the 2010s Denver Coyotes logo done because what I did felt too modern, funny enough
  17. Oh man, I am way behind on these huh. So i decided to post this league onto the ootp forums, and doing so I expanded to a cool 24 teams for 1990, then begin uploading to those forums. The California Condors(of Anaheim) and New Orleans Swing are the expansion teams. But from there, I decided to really roll out the rebrands of the 1990s. Enjoy this logo dump! I have two expansion teams done too, but you'll get those later.
  18. So that's how it's gonna be, huh. Wonder if the grey shape was intentionally made to look like Harvard Stadium. EDIT:
  19. A lot of these recent ones have been fonts from Adobe Fonts!
  20. So as I mentioned, mid-80s, I decided that I should lay out the expansion plan moving forward. 24 teams by 1990 seemed like a reasonable goal, since I needed to only grow by 4 teams. I went with two big traditional cities, Montreal and Pittsburgh. I did a MV logo for the Montreal Voyageurs, and actually exported them for the game. But sat on it for a night, and realized I misjudged the timing of the era. I looked for logos of the late 80s, wanting something more illustrative. A Voyageur is a French-Canadian transporter during the fur trade. So I made an outdoorsman with a animal skin hat and beard. This is a placeholder logo until the 90s rebrand makes an appearance. The other one is the Pittsburgh Stallions. Pretty simple overall. A black P logo in the traditional colors of the city. Not breaking any barriers here, but it's a baseball team and it didn't need to be. Pittsburgh made the playoffs their first season somehow, so the expansion draft was kind to them.
  21. Surprise expansion! Doing the timelines, I realized I had the same amount of time gap between my first expansion in 1969, to the second set in 1976. Originally, I had hoped for an expansion team to make the playoffs before I considered that the league was well rounded enough to expand. It didn't happen until 1977, but I expanded anyway. But in 1984, the wayward Denver Coyotes signed a 40 year old future hall of famer, and somehow were well rounded enough to tie LA for the best record. On top of that, the entire league finished above .400. In the background, I worked on my goals for expansion teams because we were heading towards the expansion crazy 90s. I didn't expect to do it so soon, but I think I created some great logos. First, I thought the league needed another California team. There's a gap in the market in San Diego, so they got a team. The name Surf came to mind, but thought having both the Suns and Surf seemed kind of lame, but settled on the Tridents, the weapon of Poseidon. I color dropped the color of waves & sky from a picture in San Diego. We'll call it "Pacific Green". Made a simple trident logo that interlocks with an SD. With this expansion, I plan on going from 3 divisions to 4, including a Southern Division. This means I'm finally expanding to my home state! Little thing about me is I think the Miami Vice color scheme is a little hacky, since it feels like most of the people perpetrating it are from out of state. I think the most Miami brand to have ever existed is the orange/black Marlins set. For me, I used a Coral and Navy color scheme. Someone suggested Herons to me before, and I think that was a winner. Plus, picking Herons and Pink would link them to Inter Miami immediately. I love making old looking logos, and feel like I can do some cool stuff with the name when I am at a point where I can make it more realistic. Oh and just for the heck of it, I updated the Suns scripts to fit the times a little better. See you in a few years when we get up to 22 teams!
  22. Hah, Dallas is one of a few teams that had a generated owner who had a tendency to spend on building a roster. That was about 2 months ago real time, and I think they got a big FA pitcher and a former top 5 pick from Minnesota (?). But Cincinnati has a spending owner and haven’t done anything. thjnk my favorite one year wonder is the Baltimore team that made the playoffs the third season in the stacked East, only to fall back down. Still not sure how that happened. BUT to make this not entirely a sim post - thanks for the suggestion! I have colors picked for New Orleans, but was playing around with swatches and thought a team colored like Borussia Dortmund would be cool, but I’d likely have to do Pittsburgh in that case
  23. As someone who grew up 5 minutes from their ballpark... I love this! Simple, fun. Outside of a real rebrand, there’s not much more yuh can ask for.