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  1. I can't find my old thread anymore with my post (though it's on the right) but can I get: - New Jersey Devils (Atlantic Division Champions 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, Eastern Conference Champions, 1995, 2000 2003, 2012 and Stanley Cup Champion 1995, 2000, 2003) - Toronto Blue Jays (AL East 1985, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993 AL Pennants 1992, 1993 World Series 1992, 1993) - New York Jets AFC East Title (1998, 2002) (Super Bowl III)
  3. I tend to find the whole root for more than one team in the same sport a bit wacky. I make fun of one of my friends who consistently talks about the Phillies and the Red Sox, even though they're in different leagues because I'm like "you get one primary team. You don't get to be happy twice." Of course this year that doesn't matter. For me...I have some primary teams and then some secondary teams that I root for/care about. MLB: Toronto Blue Jays It doesn't make sense, really. I grew up in New Jersey. But I liked their players and I was young enough that it was okay to pick a team for whatever reason you wanted. Luckily, they haven't been good since I was about 13's not like anyone thinks "gee, what a bandwagon fan you are." I don't have a 2nd MLB team, but I've lived in St. Louis in the past and Colorado long enough to claim either of those teams (Specifically the latter since I live in Rockies country now) but I never felt comfortable having a second team. If they do well, it's fine...and I'd go to a playoff or regular season game out of proximity. Helps that Coors Field is nice, but...I just can't ever call myself a real fan. NHL: New Jersey Devils Home state team. First team besides the Jays I really rooted for. It helps when they're good and can cement that fandom, but even if they started to suck forever they've given me plenty of memories for a lifetime. NBA: No team. Never cared for the Nets even when they were good briefly. It was cool seeing "New Jersey" unis everywhere, but now that they're in Brooklyn couldn't care less (though I'm happy for Brooklyn, just wish it wasn't that team.) But yeah, I don't have an NBA team. Wish I did. But I don't. NFL: New York Jets Parcells made into a Jets fan. I never felt comfortable rooting for the Giants, though all of my family does. I don't mind seeing them do well so long as it doesn't hurt the Jets, but they're my team even if they can't ever get over the hump. MLS: Portland Timbers Mostly a casual fan, but...I lived in Portland for a brief bit and always found myself struck by their fans. Drew me in during the USL days and so, it was a no-brainer when they jumped up that I'd go with them. There are the only teams I truly care about. From there, it's just a matter of picking path of least harm in the postseason.
  4. Was thinking the same thing, that this is nicer than a host of FCS stadiums -- bigger too -- and would compete quite nicely in low-level FBS if it had a bigger capacity. Somewhere, the Kibbie Dome weeps.
  5. Yeah don't really get the overzealous love for stirrups.
  6. Golden Hurricanes are tornadoes. They were Golden Tornadoes, but they ended up playing someone who oddly had the same name, so they changed it to Golden Hurricanes.
  7. Yeah, I felt like once JoePa left this would be the easiest move to make, even before the scandal. Seems like a no-brainer and glad O'Brien decided to do it. Plus, it is a nice thing for the guys who are sticking with the program. Seems like other visual changes in future years will be likely to move them even further out of the shadows of the JoePa era.
  8. Most teams are set, but I imagine any blue chippers might take the opportunity to go elsewhere because it'll cost them money staying at PSU otherwise. The real programs that should benefit are those ACC and possibly Big East programs where kids want to get closer to home, away from the drama or want to stay on the east coast but want to still play big time college football. If a school can fill a need, seems like those are guys who'll benefit most.
  10. No doubt about it. He's just a rental anyway. He's not a rental. The Yankees didn't just pick up the biggest name in Japanese baseball with the intention of him just being a rental. Yes they did. He's a free agent after this year and they've got enough vets at that spot. This is Ichiro 2012 not Ichiro 2001. Dude bats 8th or 9th in the order. Best case, he reestablishes his value in New York and gets decent money to play elsewhere where he can bat higher in the order and worse case, he's finished and retires after this year. Mariners were happy to deal him because it didn't force them to bring him back for another few years at a higher than he deserves rate. He took the chance (he was a 10/5 guy and could veto) to go play for a contender after years of futility in Seattle.
  11. Not yet. But it's (obviously) out of circulation.
  12. No doubt about it. He's just a rental anyway.
  13. That wipes Paterno off the top of the Division 1 Football wins list if true. No way. Just lots of internet musing. No way the NCAA does that. Not because it wouldn't be warranted...just can't see them making such a sweeping statement to other programs that they're not joking. I really do want to see them relegated to FCS though. I think that's the best way to do this. Send them to non-scholarship FCS or just relegate the whole athletic program to D3 (which wouldn't be fair to D3 really...Penn State has a ton of cash as a flagship) and turn them into the University of Chicago in the form of a school that was once big time that decided to bail out (though in the case of Chicago it was after they were terrible for a while.)
  14. Yeah, it was Normanesque that meltdown. But glad to see Ernie claim another one at 42. Adam will have time to get one off the board before it's all said and done...glad to see Ernie back at the top (arguably) one last time. Plus, it saves us from having to hear Steve Williams mouth so it was a dual purpose situation once Tiger decided to choke away. But no way he comes back on the final day to take a lead. Not his style, really.
  15. Boise State in the Pac-1? will never, ever happen. Except where they're an associate member in an Olympic sport. But the real deal? No. way. Ever. As for new football rivalries emerging, I could see a SMU-Rutgers rivalry developing a la Giants-Cowboys if the conference remained how they are for a long time and programs stayed respectable. But only grasping at straws really. Hard to say, I think it usually takes a bit of spark unless you're in the B1G where they invent rivalry trophies after a team joins to mix things up.
  16. Not dumb, but I don't agree. Hell aren't there teams in the past that used to do Division Championship rings? I'm all for celebrating if you win something.
  17. If only they hadn't bullied Metro State away from the Denver State name...anyway, big upgrade from what they had for sure.
  18. Yeah that's the only thing about it that I like.
  19. The real issue with a minor league football situation is 1) you can't create a ton of teams from the outset and 2) people have to care. And the bottom line is, history has essentially shown that the NCAA has filled the vacuum of minor league football and people don't care. Much less enough to sustain a second-tier of professional football. It's not impossible, it's just not a venture that's ever likely to be profitable. People would rather watch teams they care about. High school contains kids they know. College sports outside of the D1 level have 1) kids they know/2) some community connection and even those programs struggle to really connect. You'd need aggressive local ownership, a ton of vested interests coming together and again, a market and a will. There's just not those confluence of things viable enough to make such a venture really worthwhile in cities that don't really have a lot of people in them to begin with. And for every city with the perfect storm of those things, there are others that simply won't. MLS had the right idea where they had a few few rich owners subsidizing things for a while. In a situation like this, when money is less of an issue, then you'd at least have slightly less to worry about. And even then, it's almost extremely unlikely to work. Concocting a league with the idea of being the developmental league of a league that doesn't need one isn't a great starting approach either. It's akin to those startups who think "if I just had 1% of that market, we'd be rich." It's hard to capture that kind of the market. Public ownership of a sports team in an era where cities are cutting actual services wouldn't work. Maybe 50 years ago and perhaps if your team is the Coyotes and has an arena built for them already but otherwise? No dice.
  20. I think the best analogy is the use of "minor league" names like Orioles, Angels, Marlins, Brewers and Padres for MLB teams. In the cases of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, the old names are linked to the "failed" NASL, but they are also linked to a lengthy period of use with teams in lower divisions. Both the NASL and lower division uses of the names have created goodwill among enough of the fanbase to have value to the new teams. This is a good example of why it's worthwhile to bring the old names back. People remember them. Even in Denver, there are people who talk about going to old Denver Bears games. No reason to have named the Rockies that, but the Rockies themselves of course took the name of the old hockey club. Names do resonate in communities and if sport fans have a memory of a legacy franchise -- successful or not -- it's worthwhile to capitalize on it when you can.
  21. Very creative. Nice work McDaniel.
  22. I love it. I always appreciated their past use of the St. Petersburg Pelicans jersey, those pinstripes looked outstanding...but this is a fun idea and when you play in that mausoleum of a stadium you need any hook you can get.