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  1. Preseason games are this weekend in San Antonio, I'll add some action shots to our Instagram: @joeboco
  2. We carefully selected, and deliberately applied color so that each team will only require one uniform. There will not be home/away jerseys or alternates.
  3. I never met Keith, but as someone who lives in this world, I certainly knew his work. There are many designers who dabble in sports, but very few who have built long standing creative businesses around the industry. It's a small group that just got smaller, I'll miss seeing new work from Keith and my heart goes out to his family and friends.
  4. The colors of the Arizona team are inspired by the actual uniforms worn by the Hotshots of the US Forest Service. Yellow shirts and dark green pants.
  5. I can appreciate your perspective C-Squared, but I would disagree with the premise. Less complex, uncluttered logos may one day feel like a trend of sports design in the twenty-teens, who knows, but simple, icon based, letter driven logos have endured at all levels of sport. I believe that visual brand identity, in any capacity, should not only reflect it's respective subject in the here and now, but also be aspirational for the future. Sports design of the 90's and early 2000's tried to tell the whole story, on the surface without anything left to the interpretation of the viewer. Because of that, designers should resist the temptation of trend, or design for a specific shelf life, and maintain a long view. As the famous logo designer Michael Beirut has said, "no logo is timeless the first time you see it", and time will tell at JU. What's more is that simple design is far more difficult to get right. There's a challenge in building with less and when the pieces fall into place and you find it, the results are magic. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and perspective, I can always respect a dissenting view when well though and well presented.
  6. I happend to be "the guy" that did the long lost Colgate logo. I didn't expect a friendly phone conversation to end up on the internets, but hey, I guess that's the world we live in. Sports logos are defined by fashion, what's great today (I guarantee you) will be perceived very differently in the future. It's the cycle of things. I have created hundreds of sports identities, at every level and I'd sign my name to every single one of them. However, I would do all of them differently today, time and context matter.
  7. I'm excited to share this one, I think it turned out really nice. It is indeed a departure from some of the work we have done in the past, but that's one of the things I really like about it...
  8. A very good time indeed. Great to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones.
  9. New basketball floor, note the racing silk pattern in the lanes, nice touch...
  10. A revised AP is part of this new identity. It's subtle, but in my opinion, a marketable improvement. I'll post some things on my dribble:
  11. It's a shame that emotional (and irrational) attachments to a sub-par logo can prevent an institution from making a positive step towards a better visual presence. Social media has makes it very easy to jump on a bandwagon without ever thinking about the leap - irrespective of what is good for us. In my opinion, the new SFA logo is infinitely better than the current mark (and no, I didn't do it).
  12. They will?!… I mean, they will… at any of the social events that open bar, of course...