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  1. I can't recall ever seeing TV numbers placed so far towards the front of the jersey.
  2. Red, yellow, and black would look good, but I kind of like it with the metallic gold.
  3. Oh absolutely! As it should be. It'd be a shame for it to be anything else.
  4. Well... ... since an owl is a raptor, an owl would have been a relatively natural evolution for their branding if they had ever decided to completely move away from the dinosaur theme. In fact, the current ripped ball logo (sans dinosaur) could even leave that open to interpretation. However, Drake’s presence, along with his OVO branding, would indeed make that otherwise natural progression feel forced. So... you've got a point.
  5. That's awesome. Love the subtle details. For what it's worth, I see it as waves, but actually think it is kind of cool that there are two interpretations that could both fit.
  6. The Bay logo has a vague ball design at the bottom, but I'm not sure if that would be enough to meet the requirement.
  7. Apollos would have been a unique brand name in sports, and it fits in well with the Rockets and Astros team names. There are so many creative directions they could have gone with a name like that. If they wanted to go over-the-top with some additional marketing speak, (outside of the obvious Houston/NASA connection), it could have even described it as a nod to the beloved Warren Moon. Texans would have been my 2nd choice from that list.
  8. This is really bothering me. The ball looks like it is in front of the rings, as if the ball is revolving around the rings. I know the possibilities in deep space are seemingly endless, but I don't think that's how gravity works. If you remove the text, it looks more like a piece of jewelry than a planet.
  9. A purple uniform would be nice, but I think it needs more black.
  10. Almost looks like they just repurposed the Texans' pants.
  11. I like this! The diagonal stripes work well with the design. It would make for a unique identity and endless possibilities on merchandising. A navy alternate with some red and/or columbia accents would look sharp as well.
  12. Awesome bowl cut there, bud. He looks like Pistol Pete's slack-jawed cousin. This one is pretty good too.
  13. I'm not sure why '97 was chosen for the Mitchell & Ness jerseys -- I'm just hoping Nike wouldn't follow suit. Like @WSU151 said, I don't necessarily think it's an indication of what's to come. '95 was the inaugural season, and it'd make a lot of sense to go with that look with this being the team's 25th anniversary season. The '99 team was the greatest team we've ever had, and it happened to have the quintessential Jaguars uniform. That would easily be my preference of being the inspiration for any potential throwbacks. '97 certainly feels like an arbitrary choice for a throwback.
  14. You're absolutely right -- this just got me excited about the possibilities!
  15. There seems to be a lot of smoke for the Jaguars to potentially see a throwback alternate this season. Mitchell & Ness is now dropping this -- Hell yes. Hopefully Nike would not include that side panel though. Oof.
  16. Thanks for sharing! Love seeing this kind of progress. I agree with jaha in that I'd make the ears a bit smaller, otherwise you've pretty much nailed it. Have you come up with a wordmark to go along with it? Their current primary is hilarious. What is going on with that mouth? My goodness.
  17. It looks like he's about to break out into his dance routine.
  18. Just wanted to say I have a lot of respect for the amount of work you put in to your templates. I always like to check out your work here because your presentation is always amazing. I also recognize the image you used for OBJ as being from the 2015 Pro Bowl photoshoot! It's really 'next-level' that you've basically got 9 templates you're running here, although I'm assuming you've set it up in a way that allows you to swap the jerseys/pants colors of multiple players at once. In todays NFL with many teams having 3 jerseys and 3 pants, it would be pretty cool to see each possible combination here if you're feeling a little wild. Since you've taken it this far, I'm guessing that may have been your original intent here with having 9 players. I know that could initially be extra tedious to make it work but I think it'd be an interesting and unique presentation for your future concepts. I'd set it up as something like this -- - O/B/B - O/B/O - O/B/W - O/W/B - O/W/O - O/W/W - O/O/B - O/O/O - O/O/W Color 1 jersey - 24, 23, 85 Color 1 pants - 24, 80, 29 Color 2 jersey - 80, 13, 58 Color 2 pants - 23, 13, 21 Color 3 jersey - 29, 21, 95 Color 3 pants - 85, 58, 95 If you've got it set this way, then you'd only need to change the 3 base colors you're using to be quickly adjusting the colors of all 9 jersey/pant combinations for different teams. If you want to do a Texans concept, then you can quickly swap color 1 for navy, keep color 2 as white, and make color 3 red, and suddenly you have the base colors set to show all 9 combinations for a completely different team. You could use your same logic to mix in the socks with these color combinations. This template is so well done, but I'd still work on 'grounding' the players a bit more. 58's stance doesn't quite line up with the perspective of the field. Only way I can think of doing that is to "stretch" his leg just a bit to see if you can fix that perspective, although that may end up looking even more off. 29's and 95's cleats being completely visible on the bottom make it seem like they aren't fully grounded to me. I'd also add some shading towards the bottom of their shoes to help blend them in a bit and make the transition less noticeable. You can get an idea of what that might look like here -- For the concept itself, I like the direction of this. I'd continue to play around with the striping and color patterns on the helmet, jersey, pants, and socks a bit more. I feel the helmet definitely needs that white stripe between the two brown stripes. Everything else is negotiable for me, although I'd opt to use those same stripes on the orange pants, while bringing in different colors for the brown pants (orange/white/orange) and white pants (brown/orange/brown). You might try something like this for the sleeves and socks.
  19. While I like the new numbers -- the last number font fits the team's overall identity better. Like you said, it is odd that they only went away from that font on the numbers of the jersey, while it is still being used for basically every other application. Those numbers, with a splash of gold somewhere on the uniform, could have gone a long way to complete the look. It could have provided that extra bit of flair needed to give the uniforms some personality. I'm hoping the positive reaction the Chargers got for making a similar switch will help make that a reality. Plus, now the Jets' have an alternate black jersey that looks strikingly similar to our black jersey. We are a small-market team with a unique brand that hasn't figured out such an obvious and effective way to differentiate ourselves from everyone else, (aside from gimmicky helmets). This problem is almost exacerbated by ownership, because as fans, we actually want the teal to return full-time. We are instead met with this type of marketing-speak that is supposed to somehow quench our thirst for teal.