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  1. The Chargers have done a great job of hyping this reveal. I am excited to see what they've come up with. Sounds like the uniforms will be dropped bright and early tomorrow.
  2. It is so embarrassing. Check how big the swoosh is next to Cam's #1.
  3. Anyone else seeing a silver facemask? I cranked up the saturation and am not seeing much red come out outside of the tinted visor.
  4. Agree that I’d like to see a bulldog as their primary mark over the helmet. It fits the Dawg Pound so well. I’ve owned bulldogs for nearly 20 years. One thing to consider is their underbite — they have a massive underbite that I’m not quite seeing here. The teeth feel a touch too close together, and bulldog teeth tend to point outwards at an angle. If you want to get a bit campy, you could add a spiked collar to use as the line around the neck. Overall, nice work!
  5. I'd mocked these up a while back.
  6. I think it's okay to cut the logo from the sleeves. Personally, I'm not a fan of logos on the sleeve caps that are also on the helmet. It gets redundant having 4 of the same large logos in such a tight, prominent space.
  7. Man, I hope so! A few random thoughts here. First of all, your creativity is off the charts. That Destiny Ravens uniform in particular is wild. What is the inspiration on those numbers? It reminds me of stained glass in a cathedral, which gives me medieval vibes to go along with the overall futuristic aesthetic. Assuming that is what you were going for? Pretty impressive to nail both! Are those added colors part of the The Destiny series, or are they Ravens-specific in this case? And just wanted to add I respect the work you've done to develop your photorealistic template. I like to build my own as well and can relate to how much time and commitment it must've taken you to get it looking the way you want it. Speaking of -- do you plan to try to add different finishes for the helmets of other teams? Just curious. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  8. This feels too 'on the nose' for me. There was so much wrong with their last set that we stopped debating the issues surrounding their "logos." Now that they are fixed (only need orange pants), we can get back to it! The helmet remaining logo-less is great but they still need a logo. The helmet doesn't count for me. If they are going to go this flag(?) route, I think it should be rotated to read like the helmet stripe. If they are going to go horizontal, they could utilize the negative space between 'Cleveland' and 'Browns' to show the striping pattern. I would've rather them done something like this than whatever that secondary icon is.
  9. There was so much wrong with the last set that it was easy to forget how big of a mistake it was to brighten the red. I almost wish they'd kept the brighter orange for the new set though as I think I'd like the added contrast between the red and orange.
  10. Thanks! TV numbers have been added. Good call on the TV numbers. I had to shrink the stripe to get everything to fit, so there is a lot going on up there now. I may need to come up with an alternate angle or something for the pant stripe since there's not a good way to see it with the way I'm presenting it. This is what I had in mind though -- Good thought, and I had something that would have looked closer to that initially. I may revisit this later to see if I can improve on the shoulder design. For now, here's the update I have. Alternate white look -- Likely will be moving on to the next team from here -- either the Bucs, Chargers, or Rams.
  11. For those still wondering what in the hell ‘drip’ is supposed to mean from the Atlanta thread — look no further.
  12. Nice! Quick and beautiful work from the Atlanta reveal. Your template and design here both look great. Kelly and white can be such a lethal combination -- it's an absolute shame it's not used more often in football. Well done, sir. UNT's logo is fine but I've never really liked the way it is placed on the helmet. It can look a bit awkward with the way it is shaped, as the head and talons can easily get lost behind the chinstrap buckles. To combat this, they would often end up sliding it way too far towards the back of the helmet. While it is rightfully considered an Oregon knock-off, I actually liked when they adopted the wing pattern because it simply fits and fills the space on the helmet.
  13. I never really understood the carbon fiber pattern for a team like Cleveland, but it seems to have been a nod to the area having a hand in its creation. I don't recall if we were ever given the full-court press of Nike marketing-speak on this point. More than anything, this was probably an excuse to shoehorn a design element in there, but regardless, I thought it was interesting, Carbon fiber dates back to 1879 when Thomas Edison baked cotton threads or bamboo silvers at high temperatures, which carbonized them into an all-carbon fiber filament. By 1958, high-performance carbon fibers were invented just outside of Cleveland, OH. Although they were inefficient, these fibers contained around 20% carbon and had low strength and stiffness properties. In 1963 a new manufacturing process was developed at a British research center, which is where carbon fiber’s strength potential was realized.
  14. Wow. So I guess this info was actually real. Who would've thought?
  15. In more ways than one. Beat the Dolphins 62-7 that day. This Bucs update gives me home that this look will return someday.
  16. It is supposed to be. I used the RGB value they currently have for pewter to color over the original edit. I also pulled a shade of pewter from another image of their uniforms and ended up with this, which actually looks more accurate.
  17. Thanks! And I agree with your take here. I almost went with a blue/red stripe to match what I have on the shoulders instead, but ended up settling on what they've been using. Here's an alternate idea I've been playing with on if they were to ditch the silver. I am afraid these colors with stars and stripes might be putting off too much Evel Knievel vibes though.
  18. Moving on to the Patriots. I liked the symbolism from this 'unofficial' flag of New England featuring 6 stars for the 6 New England states. Patriots also have 6 Super Bowl trophies now, so it seemed like an interesting time to put more emphasis on the 6 states of New England. I used the star pattern on the sleeves. I started with the color rush striping pattern, but ultimately moved away from it as it made the shoulders feel too busy next to the star pattern. I prefer the silver pants for New England as I feel the navy pants makes this too bottom heavy. However, they look more like the Patriots here. Thoughts?
  19. Yes please! This is so good. What was your thought process on the left-facing orientation? The Eagles and Bengals (secondary) are the only two I can think of with logos that face left. I like how match-ups would look with the ram ready to butt heads with any of these other logos.
  20. I think their helmet stripes are supposed to give that effect but your idea looks better.
  21. I prefer the gloss black to these. Maybe instead of teal flake, we could get some sublimated jaguar print? Or is it too 'Joe Exotic'? Going foing for this effect.
  22. It took me way longer than I care to admit to realize what you changed here.