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  1. Yes, it's supposed to be a hidden Mickey.
  2. Old logo on the left, new on the right. Is it an improvement? Focus on the channel is Disney World vlogs and livestreams.
  3. I loved it. Felt like the artist who made it actually put effort in to it unlike the previous package which felt thrown together in paint in 5 minutes. Hope there is a MLB counter part ready to go for the upcoming season on local Fox Sports channels. Seeing as I'm a Rays fan, and our local broadcaster is Fox Sports Sun.
  4. Can someone help me identify the font the high school I volunteer at uses on their helmets?
  5. Okay. So I did some thinking. And while I like the name CRaysball as my online moniker, I don't think it works for a creative media studio name. So I'm gonna wipe the slate clean and start with a new name. Now, I'm a huge Disney fan, and a huge fan of Walt's line of thinking on creativity. One of my favorite quotes from him is his "keep moving forward" quote. I love the idea of wonder, curiosity, and creativity it puts forth. So just running this name by y'all before I start pondering any potential logo. What about Open Wonder Studios?
  6. I know what name I want. The new one. After that. I struggle with the brand. I know being a Christian is a big part of my life. However, I'm not sure I want the logo to reflect it anymore. I do like this though.
  7. I think you may have something in your suggestion here. I'll do another sketch Monday and see how it goes.
  8. I was trying to play off the @ symbol to more represent my computer prowess. I admit it's plain. But I seriously struggle with ideas. I like the guitar pick suggestion. I may play with that. However, let me add that I'm changing from Christianrocker, to "CRaysball Studios". And as a result, I was trying for something a little more professional. So I don't know.
  9. So for a couple years now, I've been working on this design I made that just represents my Christianrocker persona but I've used it for everything. And while I like it, with me sorta relaunching under a new name, I decided it was time to update the logo. Unfortunately, the new logo is only in sketch form right now.
  10. This pretty much sums it up for me... Very obvious. Did they think no one would notice?
  11. I want to go back to the Bucs design because I'm a Bucs fan and I'm just seeing this thread. I'm pretty partial to the red, black and pewter thing we have here in Tampa Bay. I understand people are attached to the creamsicle (sp?), but let's face it, the color is a product of its time and belongs on a throwback, not on a current uni. I could live with everything else, but I don't really care for anything having to do with out current look but the logo and color scheme. EDIT: After googling some images of the creamsicle unis, I retract this comment.
  12. Meh. It has no identity. Clean, and easy to read doesn't have to mean boring. MNF has it best, IMO.
  13. Seems like a lateral move for me. Neither an upgrade or downgrade, and both are downgrades from the Nitro-era logo.