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  1. I may be biased but an all burgundy shirt with sky blue shorts and hooped socks is the best look in MLS. There is no need for them to wear anything else, if they want to occasionally make the sleeves sky blue or white I can live with that but it should be only once every few cycles. The yellow kit was also so nice, I'm glad to see the rapids returning to a non-white change kit. We have a better change kit tradition than most MLS clubs (sky blue in early 10's, CO royal blue, Yellow, and now mint green.
  2. I don't think the Rapids can go with the classic green. It's pretty dark and wouldn't allow either kit to provide sufficient contrast against some of the other dark shirts in the league.
  3. It’s a shame Utah has to ruin everything and already have a USL Real Monarchs. Monarchs Sporting Club would be an awesome name for them. It fits into the Chiefs and Royals royalty theme, pays homage to the KC Monarchs of the Negro Leagues, and unifies the soccer teams under the Sporting name (although idk how closely related SKC and this club are, if at all). Obviously they could go by Monarchs FC too but I think Monarchs Sporting Club has an awesome ring to it! I like this crest a lot, especially for being a one year design.
  4. Exactly this, people are way more critical of the Rams uniforms than they are of any other uniforms for a few reasons: - Everyone dreamed of them wearing one of their iconic uniforms from the past (previous throwbacks, fearsome foursome, yellow primary from the painting). - They follow fashion trends, that isn't inherently good or bad IMO. I actually like the idea of the LA Rams taking up a trendy identity but the NFL would have to be way more flexible for them to pull it off. If the Rams could release a new uniform on alternating years like MLS or NBA City uniforms this could be a really great and fashion forward identity for them. But let's face it, fashion forward is BAD for a lot of the posters on these boards, there are probably a lot more people on these boards wearing New Balance and boot cut jeans than wearing an Off White track suit. That's fine too, but following a trend like that was never going to be popular here. - They are NEW and not great. The base BBY/BBoneY/BBoneB combos are miles better than the alarm clock Bucs, piping disaster Cardinals, Falcons, Bills, etc., previous Browns, Bengals, and others. If all of these uniforms came out at the same time the Rams would probably sneak by as meh. All that said, there are a lot of problems but I think it would be an easy fix by eliminating the patch, removing the segments on the horn, and removing all white from the uniform.
  5. Of all of the schools to be a fan of and say that... remember when y’all wore silver and volt in the biggest game in program history?
  6. Oh the joys of being a Rockies fan! If I love the new jerseys I'll have to buy a blank because everyone is either on the trading block or out the door at their first chance. Idk what a new uniform would even look like. I'm working under the assumption that the new uni isn't just a simple alteration of the existing uniforms (i.e. Rockies on purples, sleeves on blacks, or alterations to home and road). If this assumption is right my money is on a new CR vest without pinstripes. It would give the team another vest option (something the players seem to like) and would give the Rox another home option. It would also match up with the introduction of plain white pants last year to be worn with the alternates.
  7. That's what really annoys me about all of this. What does UF have to gain from offering UCF a 1 and 1? We can go out to Texas, Utah, Colorado and play 1 and 1's so why would we go to a tiny stadium in Orlando. That doesn't benefit UF in any way, it actually provides the UCF program with legitimacy that could only serve to hurt UF in the long term. We already have to compete with 2 of the most successful schools in CFB history within the state why would UF do anything that could help UCF without getting an added benefit (i.e. 2 for 1)?
  8. Proper dress to sit in a chair and watch 10 grown man run around and sweat in shorts and tank tops? That's ridiculous and unnecessary. Saying that a tuxedo would be pomp just shows that this is all opinion and expectations based. In my opinion, wearing a suit and tie is completely unnecessary for the position and coaches shouldn't have to wear them. I have no problem with a coach deciding to wear a suit and tie but forcing it with a dress code is unnecessary. That's not even to mention how the NBA dress code rules as they relate to players are racist. They started forcing players to wear a suit and tie to help the image of the league and make them look less "thug" or "ghetto" to the rich white people buying floor seats.
  9. The change of coach attire was one of my favorite changes from the NBA bubble. Coaches wore polos and quarter zips with slacks and I vastly preferred that look. I don't need coaches to look like CEO's showing up to the boardroom, its a ridiculous amount of pomp and circumstance and really unnecessary.
  10. Love this, huge upgrade for both teams. I am a big fan of unifying the branding between the MLS and NWSL teams in this way. Keeping the separate names and unique aspects of the identities such as space blue but connecting them with the crest shape is a huge win in my book. I totally agree though that the Dash logo is far superior and the D really should have been removed from the Dynamo logo. It only serves to muddle the H and monograms shouldn't have the team name represented *weeps in Colorado Rockies fandom*.
  11. I don’t think what you’re saying is wrong. But, when it comes to athletic suppliers “brands” are slightly different IMO. Northwestern is a great example because it is a huge globally recognized university but does that translate to sales of Under Armour gear with the purple N? I highly doubt that Northwestern is outselling Ohio State and Michigan, and I would also imagine that the maize M is globally far more recognized than the purple N. Cal is another interesting one because I think they’re branding is really disjointed compared to a UCLA or USC. The academic Berkeley brand is huge, probably one of the largest in the world but is that pushing people to buy Cal gear? Idk, maybe. I'm certainly not an expert in this and a lot of what I’m saying is based off of my own perceptions and biases. However, I am considering what Jordan, Nike, UA are doing and what brands they seem to value most in forming these opinions.
  12. I’m not trying to make the definitive list of the top brands in CFB, I’m just trying to understand what seems to be driving this Jordan school selection. I definitely disagree with your assessment, especially in the case of Michigan (still a bigger brand than OSU across academics and sports, with nobody else particularly close) but the fact of the matter is that each of those schools is arguably the biggest brand. To my original point UA doesn’t come close to being the biggest Pac 12 brand.
  13. It seems pretty clear to me that Jordan has acquired the biggest ‘brand’ in each conference (with Texas being the notable exception). Say what you will about any individual program at the Jordan schools but the brand of each school is huge, with massive fan bases and alumni bases, globally recognized logos, top 2-3 academic universities within their conference, and championship pedigree in either football or basketball. A school like Arizona just really does not match up with the likes of UM, UNC, UF, OU, and UCLA in those categories.
  14. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but here is what Gators Equipment had to say about it on Twitter... https://twitter.com/gatorsequipment/status/1335632667073626112?s=21
  15. You're totally right, I guess my point was that they've fixed nearly all of that this year (hopefully we'll get an orange pants and jersey update ). Because of that I don't see this blue helmet as a sign that they're going down a bad path. To me it really seems opportunistic, they had them from the throwback, the players like them and the team thought why not wear them for a second time. It will be interesting to see if the blue helmets stick around and if so how they are used. I'm incredibly biased, I think the orange helmet may be the best in the sport not named ND, OSU, UMich, but I give them a pass on the blue. It looks nice and is still pretty darn faithful to the brand.
  16. There is an old saying down here in Gainesville about this set. “Look like Illinois, play like Illinois” I feel like I should like it but I absolutely hate it.
  17. I don’t understand where you’re coming from here. The stripes and helmet decals have been unified this year, all three helmets have color appropriate versions of the same decal set. Personally I think the Gators should only wear the orange helmet and once a year throwbacks (blue or orange). But if you’re going to wear three shell colors UF is doing so in the most brand consistent manner.
  18. That Grizzlies City jersey is exactly why I can't fully blame Nike or the NBA for this whole program. That is such a good set that we would not have seen without all of this other madness. The great few (Nuggets skyline, Spurs Fiesta, Heat Vice, and this Grizz jersey) are so good that I couldn't care less about all of the terrible ones.
  19. Check out the actual Nuggets release and not the leaks. It’s the exact color the team uses normally. You can even match it up with the red mountain on the skyline logo they have.
  20. I understand why people are saying they copied the Jazz, they obviously are similar. But, the idea that a team using its secondary and third colors in their palette on one of 5 uniforms they will have next year is 'copying' a team that was wearing colors that weren't part of their palette is pretty crazy. It just goes to show how much things have been turned upside down.
  21. You’re absolutely right but I’ve always really enjoyed having the Nike program. It’s been TERRIBLE for team’s brands, consistency, and the classic NBA aesthetic but I enjoy these uniform dumps way more than all of those things (except for when it comes to my teams). I’ve always found it funny how hostile so many posters are to all of these new uniforms because they literally provide us something to talk about. If everyone had their perfect classic looks and never changed it would be better for the aesthetic of the league but way worse for us design nerds.
  22. Successful is very different than what the Lakers have accomplished. Do you honestly think LeBron and Davis would be suiting up for the Minneapolis Lakers? It is long overdue to embrace LA branding more. The Dodgers cap is globally famous in large part because of the city it represents, you’d think the Lakers would want a piece of that and not just from being the Lakers.
  23. Thank you for finally proving that opinions can in fact be objectively wrong. I have no problem with teams wearing an occasional alternate even in the finals. But, it shouldn't be a clinching game for either team, it should still go along with the classic home-white, road-color paradigm (in most cases), and it should be in team colors. Overall I agree with @Digby though, wear your best uniform and if your best uniform happens to be a black rainbow alternate wear it and then immediately make it the primary... *cough* *cough* Nuggets.
  24. As a fan, I'm a fan. This is the best Rockies concept I've ever seen that I think the team could realistically adopt. Usually the changes are just far too drastic and the team has shown it won't do that. My only gripe would be that I really like the silver in the Rockies scheme but you have simplified the overall look in a way that makes sense by removing it. Good job!
  25. Something good could still be improved. In life perfect can be the enemy of good, but in uniform design we shouldn't settle for good when perfect is attainable. I think the above mockup is just an objectively better and more cohesive uniform than what Ole Miss took the field in yesterday.