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  1. Bayern Away. Orange does not make any sence to me. Why not just make the stripes red? But otherwise it looks good.
  2. These are awsome. I would like to see a Polish one.
  3. Haha, and the Rangers do the same as Celtic.
  4. And here you can see Celtic's 125th Anniversary Jersey.
  5. lol, seems like the whole Bundesliga is presenting their kits today. Also Hoffenheim and Hamburg.
  6. New Schalke Home kit. Shame, that Raul will not play in it next season!
  7. Borussia Mönchengladbach Home. Not good enough for the Champions League imo.
  8. Borussia Dortmund is german champion again. Second time in a row. Congrats! They deserve it after two dominating seasons in Bundesliga.
  9. Wolfsburg Home with a Wolve on it.
  10. Aaand, finally Bayern won 2 - 1. <- Imagine a Bavarian flag here.
  11. Bayern with a great play against Real. 1 - 0 at the half, Ribéry scored.
  12. Hey I'm sorry, that is definitely the Template I used to make my own one. I saw it on another website and didn't knew it was yours.
  13. Berlin Wall

    Cosmos NY

    The jerseys do not really work for me. But the modernized Logo is nice. And the alternate Logo is very epic. Love it!
  14. Very nice rebrand of the Galaxy. But I would have prefered the 3rd kit as the home.
  15. Because I did not like the last few England kits, I made a set for them. And a home shirt for South Africa.
  16. After a little pause I started my work again with a new template.
  17. Wow, these are the best Cavaliers Concepts I've ever seen. The red, blue and white jerseys are brilliant. Not sure about the black one.
  18. New York Knicks Basketball: Alba Berlin Basketball: Hertha Berlin Soccer:
  19. In Germany nobody believes that Lukas Podolski is good enough for Arsenal. Maybe he has a better standing abroad.