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  1. LSU going Gold/Purple/Gold against Utah State today, Successfully getting both G/P/G and W/P/W in during the same season.
  2. FWIW they did wear Gold/Purple/Gold last season against LA Tech. This Saturday will be the first time they’ve done White/Purple/White since 2017. I really like both looks; if it were up to me I’d wear purple jerseys twice a year, once with white helmets/pants and once with gold helmets/pants. They do have an additional home non-conference game with Utah State in a few weeks so it’s still possible that’s what they do this season.
  3. White/Maroon/White for Mississippi State tomorrow against Southern Miss. Powder blue helmets for Ole Miss tomorrow against Arkansas’s all white.
  4. I haven't done a concept on here in a while, but with Vanderbilt unveiling new uniforms this summer, it got me thinking about how just a few small changes could make a really solid set. As is, I would probably have the Commodores' uniforms (both the 2018 and 2019 set) as the worst in the SEC. That's not to say they're terrible- there are plenty of conferences in which they would be average, or in smaller ones, maybe even above average- but in the traditional-filled SEC, Vanderbilt occupies the lowest tier along with Kentucky and Missouri. Vanderbilt's new 2019 set- Vanderibilt's new "Battle Ready" alternate uniform- On to the concept- the biggest problem with Vanderbilt's uniforms, which they did not fix at all with their 2019 updates, is the mismatching gold. The deep gold of the gold helmets and SEC patch is noticeably different than the pale gold used everywhere else throughout the uniform (including the black helmets and black/white/gold jerseys and pants). In this concept, I standardized the gold, using an in-between color that's closer to the lighter gold of the jerseys and pants. I tried to improve color balance throughout the set- gold returns to the white helmets and pants, while white returns to the gold helmets and pants. It could probably be argued that the lack of white on any of the black elements results in some color in-balance remaining, and that's fair, but I just think that going straight black and gold with a black base looks much better than trying to incorporate white. As far as design, I kept the anchor theme, adding the "link" stripe from the helmet to the pants, which they *kinda* did on the new 2019 uniforms, albeit in a sublimated way. The helmet designs are essentially the same, just with the aforementioned color changes. The jersey designs are fairly traditional, with a thick block number font, "Vanderbilt" on the chest, and a sublimated anchor on the sleeves (rather than the contrasting sleeve caps that occupy that area on both the 2018 and 2019 sets). Primary Uniforms: Black/Black/Black Gold/White/Gold White/Gold/White Alternate Home Combinations: Gold/Black/Gold Black/Black/Gold White/Black/White Alternate Home Combinations: Gold/White/Black Black/White/Black White/White/White Gold/White/White Black/White/Gold White/White/Gold Alternate Home Combinations: Black/Gold/White Black/Gold/Black Gold/Gold/White If you're a Vanderbilt baseball fan (or a fan of any SEC baseball team), you might also be interested in my 2019 SEC Baseball concepts, which I haven't previously posted on the CCSLC.
  5. Good catch. Looking back at high-level Adidas teams who have shown off their 2019 jerseys with the 150 patch, it looks like Miami will have the new collar while Louisville will not.
  6. Mississippi State debuted their 1950s-style white "State" uniforms on Saturday, as well as their updated maroon primary jerseys on Friday: You can add Vanderbilt to the list of Nike schools moving to the diamond swoosh; they wore updated versions of their gold, black pinstripe, and black jerseys this weekend, and also unveiled white and cream uniforms for 2019:
  7. More info on this series. The press release says that every Adidas P5 school’s men’s and women’s teams will be included.
  8. Five different uniforms have been shown/revealed that appear to be in Mississippi State’s lineup in 2019. However, I’ve been told that at least one of these will *not* be worn this season; fingers crossed for that being all-black. Three (maroon, white, black) are updated versions of the “85” uniforms, with thinner sleeve stripes (which prevents State and A&M from looking nearly identical) and the addition of the M over S logo to the sleeve. Two (white, gray) are based on a 1950’s era design and feature “State” on the front. Aside from the all-black, which gained popularity last year after being worn to an 8-3 record, including the Omaha berth clinching win at Vanderbilt, I think this has the makings of a very solid set. Along with what we’ve seen from A&M, Miami, and TCU, it should be a very good uniform season in college baseball.
  9. Listen, after all the years of one (or both) of the teams going out of their way to wear as little maroon as possible against each other, it’s nice to see them actually wearing school colors against one another for once.
  10. I obviously wasn’t a fan of how the game turned out, but I agree that Mississippi State vs Kentucky was an excellent uniform matchup. State looked incredible in Maroon/White/Gray, and I think Kentucky is one of the few teams that can pull off mononchrome with their shade of blue.
  11. Mississippi State is going with matte helmets, white jerseys, and gray pants at Kentucky tomorrow. Really excited about finally seeing this combo on the field. When they revealed the new matte helmet (with silver/gray stripe, decal, and facemask) last weekend my immediate reaction was it’d be perfect for this combo. The last time State went Maroon/White/Gray was at Arkansas in 2015, and it looked great then. With each uniform element having been updated since then, it should look even better now.
  12. Yes they are- that’s a Joe Moorhead thing. He did pride stickers as HC at Fordham and has now started doing them at State.
  13. Mississippi State has new matte maroon helmets, featuring silver facemasks, decals, and stripes. They also will be wearing stickers in memory of Alex Wilcox, a softball player who passed away from ovarian cancer earlier this year.
  14. New helmet decals for Mississippi State this season. The “M” on the maroon helmet is now maroon instead of white.
  15. Finally got a look at Mississippi State on the new Adidas template today. Same basic design, but a buttload of minor changes.