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  1. I'm concerned that the Cavs, Kings, and Suns made the playoffs...
  2. Paul Brown is rolling in his grave seeing what the Browns have become.
  3. That sounds like something Nike would do. I hope they don't. The Rams don't need to fix their helmet design. Just go back to navy and gold and they'll be good.
  4. I think if I remember correctly, they have to submit uniform changes for 2020 season back in early 2019, so @Sec19Row53 is right. If the Browns are smart, they would use the Color Rush template for their uniforms, but they're the Browns. I can easily seeing them ing up the uniforms again.
  5. Favorites: Modernized logos (been mentioned a few times) Some MiLB rebrands (Rubberducks, Wood Ducks, Tortugas) Matte Helmets Least favorites: BFBS (looking at you Cavs) Nike takeover in 3 of 4 professional leagues (I'm counting MLB since deal and some jerseys were unveiled at the end of 2019) STUPID NBA SLEEVED JERSEYS
  6. People here still call them the Lake Erie Monsters. Fun story: I worked at the team shop when the name change happened, and people came up to me ALL THE TIME blaming me (or my coworkers) for the name change. And mind you, this was after the Monsters won the Calder Cup in 2016, and the organization mentioned that the change was submitted way before they won the cup. It was annoying...
  7. Anyone else getting more spam stuff? I just got like 5 in a row. I just clicked out and deleted my browser history.
  8. I feel like they just have a dart board and throw darts to see what two names to put together.
  9. No surprise. I called it two years ago when the Cleveland Gladiators "suspended operations" for renovations for the Q. After the Q was done (this summer), there was NO brand recognition for the Gladiators. I knew they weren't coming back.
  10. I think this is good for both leagues. I'm looking forward to seeing new teams in the Frontier League! Here's the story and they will play under the Frontier League brand: http://frontierleague.com/2019/10/16/frontier-league-can-am-league-to-join-forces/
  11. I don't even care anymore. But totally agree, if the Indians are forced, the Braves have to. If the Indians don't rebrand, they need a logo better than the block C.
  12. NEWS OUT OF THE FRONTIER LEAGUE: They are having a major announcement on Wednesday. I'm guessing, as few people are, they and the Cam-Am League are going to merge and form a new independent league. Also, the Florence Freedom are changing their name. With new ownership, they are taking the opportunity to create their own brand.
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