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  1. I disagree, they looked unbelievably generic. A team named "Ragin' Cajuns" should embrace a fun, unique look, not recolored Colts uniforms.
  2. "A unique display of state and national pride"? Hahaha we have seen this same crappy "cram the American flag into the logo" too many times to count. This is one of my college football uniform pet peeves.
  3. I love it, that's exactly what I had in mind. I'd buy one of those hats ASAP
  4. I really dig your thinking behind this concept, and I definitely believe that the MLB needs some more creativity and color, but I don't think this color scheme works for the Sounds. For one, Nashville isn't really known for its rocker scene at all. As somebody who has lived here my entire life, the history of rock in Nashville is hardly ever talked about outside of Jimi Hendrix getting his start here. I hope that you don't scrap the idea of a unique color scheme, but I think that you could maybe adopt a different one. Perhaps you could use the neon signs of Lower Broadway as inspiration: I think that could allow you to still use a cool one-of-a-kind color scheme while also referencing something more Nashvillians could identify with.
  5. These are seriously incredible, the best logo mashups I've ever seen. Bravo
  6. Honestly, I dig a lot of these. Sure they're unbelievably cheesy and 90's, but I think that some of them are legitimately well done and they capture the spirit of Roller Hockey well.
  7. Those Michigan unis are INCREDIBLE, Jordan has really outdone themselves with all of their designs. My only beef is the way the back looks with this template, it really looks like a sports bra. I say both deserve blame, but I'll place more on Kentucky. They should really know better. As I said, it's a good look in a vacuum, but I question the thinking behind it. It's not like Kentucky has no history of their own to draw from, why rely on things like horse racing for your designs?
  8. In a vacuum I think that this is a nice looking set, but it infuriates me that Kentucky is trying to claim the checkerboard pattern all of a sudden when its been a staple of a rival's identity for years.
  9. I strongly disagree, I love the smokey grey uniforms. I think that they're perfectly executed alternate uniforms in that they're not garish or violently different from the classic set while still being refreshing to break out 1-2 times a year to energize the team and fanbase. The smokey grey helmet is one of my favorites in all of football, although I would be interested to see what a different finish might look like. Grey may be the trendy color in sports aesthetics right now, but I think that it may be more than a fad for Tennessee due to its popularity with the fans along with the good reasoning behind using it.
  10. I am a sucker for vintage mascot logos, so naturally I absolutely love this. It matches all the objectives you were going for prefectly, the colors and vintage style are really well executed. Great work!
  11. First, don't listen to this guy. As a Titans fan I personally don't like our logos at all, and I think that many other people feel the same. Moving on, I really like the start you have going here, the typeface you chose for the wordmark looks great, and the plume on the helmet being flames is a really neat idea. As far as ways to improve, I think that it would be a good idea to remove the circle around the head, it has a lot of negative space and just kinda seems unnecessary in my opinion. Also the reason the current Titans logo has stars is due to the tri-star on the Tennessee flag, so this logo having only two stars doesn't make much sense. I would either find another way to incorporate a tri-star into the logo (maybe on the helmet?) or just remove it altogether. Finally, I think that you have way too many colors going on here, I would simplify it to a maximum of three. I think that if you do some of these changes the logo will improve greatly, and as I said before, you're already off to a really nice start.
  12. This is a really great thread, the idea of drawing from old uniforms is especially genius. However, I feel that Memphis could have been done better. Nothing about the "vintage decorations" really makes me think of Memphis, they actually remind me more of New Orleans. I also think that using the vintage color scheme is a mistake, as I think that it is much more synonymous with Vancouver, although I know that you probably chose it due to its uniqueness.
  13. It's cool that you show the progression of your logos, and the improvement is clear, really nice work on both of these.
  14. I hope so, those throwbacks are some of my favorite uniforms in all of football. Along with an orange helmet featuring the V sabre logo, Virginia easily has one of the best looks in college football IMO.
  15. I really dig your take on the Titans, it's a great balance of Oilers and Titans design elements. The sword helmet and pant stripe looks awesome too. The only thing that I might change is the alternate, The home and away barely use navy at all making the navy monochrome not very cohesive with the rest of the set. A red alternate like the poster above me mentioned might be interesting to see.
  16. I think option 1 is a great solution, your designs look so much cleaner without the black lines getting in the way.
  17. He was a great player who was beloved by Titans fans and did a lot to establish Titans fandom. His stats may not be quite HOF worthy, but his number of carries every season shows how tough of a guy he was, and he has left a definite legacy in Nashville. My first jersey was #27, so I really hope that Henry chooses a different number.
  18. The Titans are wearing red, not columbia blue, according to the leak.
  19. Ugh, I really don't understand why Kentucky insists on using the checkerboard pattern when it's been a major part of Tennessee's identity for years.
  20. You're right, this looks surprisingly good. I wouldn't want UT to start mismatching often, but it could be refreshing every once in a while.
  21. Well done Memphis. Not too many schools can choose from stick nike team options and make a decent looking uniform. option 1 for me. please tell me im not the only one that thinks these look like Nope, you are not. I don't think the design itself is bad at all, but that shade of blue looks off, almost teal.
  22. That's a really nice logo actually, not at all what I was expecting. However I do agree with GnG510 in that removing red would be a big upgrade for UCONN. Also, is that a very light powder blue in the husky's eyes? That would be an interesting addition to the color scheme.
  23. Well that's a relief, orange trim will look much better. I hope that the jerseys are not so plain-looking though, a good font would probably solve that.
  24. Why is black even being considered? PLEASE don't let these rumors be true, that would be absolutely terrible.
  25. That's really my main issue with the Cowboy's colors, they could kind of have an excuse if they had been doing it for years, but in those pictures, all of the colors match. It just doesn't make any sense.