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  1. I totally agree. Titans is a fantastic nickname, with a lot of great potential imagery to draw from. The Titans seem very opposed to using any of that though. The color scheme is also great, but as this leak may prove, a hierarchy of color is really important. Two tone blue should be the emphasis with pops of red and maybe some subtle silver accents. As of now, it's unclear whether columbia blue or silver will serve as the secondary color. The quality of the leaks definitely had me questioning their legitimacy too, the crooked placement of everything is puzzling, and the tv numbers don't feature the same serif as the main number. However it would just be so unlikely that somebody began producing fakes for a random jersey design. All that said, I'll obviously try and reserve final judgements for when we see the full set on a player. As of now, it looks like it improves some things and downgrades others. I dig the sword-shaped yoke, but side panels rarely work for me. Unlike many here, I actually liked the old number font, and prefer it a lot to what I've seen so far of this new one. It's definitely the weakest part of the jersey to me. The old white Titans helmet never worked unless it was worn with white pants, which was not often enough unfortunately. That is why I am cautiously excited to see a navy helmet.
  2. I briefly saw that picture yesterday before it was taken down, and felt pretty conflicted about it. It looks a lot like an alixpress knock off with the off-center text and wrinkling, but that wouldn't make much sense. If these are indeed them, then the number font looks like a big disappointment and the color balance is going to be tough. The pants and helmet will make or break it.
  3. Here's a mock up made by a random Titans twitter account that I think may actually do a pretty good job of predicting what we'll see on Wednesday- It shows a sword-inspired yoke similarly to what @eRay made in his mock up in the last thread, which I feel is definitely likely based on the teaser videos. One of the Nike designer's mentioned something about it being "an evolution" while also "balancing the key design principles of the Titans", which to me would definitely indicate keeping a shoulder yoke of some kind. We haven't seen or heard very much at all still (they've really done a crazy good job of keeping this under wraps) but so far I think that everything sounds pretty good. My prediction of what could go wrong for this set will be color balance. I like the colors that are being worked with, but it's unclear how they will be used still. With what looks like a promoted use of silver, it will be interesting to see how much columbia blue and red will be used.
  4. To answer your question, we don't have a huge presence on the boards. I can think of maybe 3-4 people that I know are Titans fans on here. The Titans were king for a long time in Nashville during the early years, but the team has been through a lot of bad/mediocre years lately so its not so unsurprising I guess. Pair that with an ownership that has been really apathetic in the past and you create a boring franchise that loses a lot of fans. Much of the reason that I'm so excited for this new set is that it finally shows that our restructured ownership is willing to give a damn to make the Titans exciting again. We have good fans and I truly believe that our franchise is definitely on the upswing. It does suck because threads about the Titans always seem to be derailed more quickly than other threads, and even the "on-topic" discussions usually end up being "lol Oilers>Titans amiright?". I feel like theoretically people would love the chance to discuss a team that doesn't get talked about often, but threads for the 5th new Jaguars uniforms or the Browns always end up with 3x the content. I wish it were different and some of the "irrelevant" jokes could be avoided (Remember the Titans hur hur) but it's not a huge deal. I can't make people talk about what I want so i just try to represent the best that I can.
  5. Umm... so I'm not sure what happened to the Titans' thread, but where should we post about it now?
  6. To play a bit of devil's advocate here, I don't think that it's a necessarily bad thing to follow current trends. While some trends fade quickly, other times the risk taken allows for a team to enhance their brand and create something exciting and unique that ends up lasting for years. I think that sports aesthetics would be extremely boring if all teams stuck to the same 4 or 5 tried and true design elements.
  7. This is super awesome, I seriously love it.
  8. The Oilers identity is so much better than the Texans it's not even a competition. That said, I agree that Texans has been relevant long enough that a name switch wouldn't be necessary. It will never happen anyway, the Adams family are very stubborn about keeping that history.
  9. Hopefully that's the case. From what insiders have been saying, it sounds like the only thing different may be the number font unfortunately.
  10. Based on the leaks, he may have had more input on the designs than he realized.
  11. This is solid, but the number colors need to be reversed. I posted another one of their teasers a couple of pages back that pretty much confirms white numbers with a powder blue outline. TRI STARS CONFIRMED (but for real, can't think of any other state symbol that would function this way)
  12. Personally, I think that navy helmets COULD be really sharp. With the way the Titans liked to wear their uniforms, the white helmets made things unbalanced. The background images definitely look like that a similar yoke is still present as well.
  13. henburg

    NHL 2017-18

    It really feels like they're rolling those out as new logos as gradually as possible for some reason. The current usage doesn't make any sense, they don't function as 'alternate logos' when they look entirely different in style than the primary logos.
  14. That monarcas cap is really awesome, I'd love to see a team take up that mascot full time.
  15. The Titans' trolling continues... They're really on to us guys.
  16. ^ Pretty much what he said. You have some really great elements, they just don't come together well currently. There's not really a hierarchy at all right now, so my eye doesn't really know what to read first. I'd say play with scale first if you don't want to remove any elements and if you can't find a balance you like after doing that, then looking at simplifying and possibly removing things like Bruins said. Overall, great start, I really dig the colors and symbolism.
  17. That's a really neat logo, and nice colors too. Their site is very professional-looking as well. In all, I am very impressed. Weirdly enough, the website doesn't seem to indicate where in Wyoming they will be playing.
  18. I'd just like to say that I really love the way that you approach all of your concept threads. It's so nice to see people who try new things and take a lot of risks, and as a result I always love checking on your threads to see what you're doing. There are some really great and unique concepts in here. Your Wild concepts are my favorite.
  19. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say that there is no chance that is true. The "Remember the Titans" BS is the funniest part, since that's most often used when people are making fun of the team.
  20. I was thinking of the past few years as a wider window, pre-McElwain included. Florida's base look has always been amazing, but they have been wearing weird alternates for a long time. Even under McElwain they would switch up the regular set with alternate helmets and pants that didn't really function as well with the regular set. I actually really liked the white helmets worn with the pro combats, but the one that they've tried using recently with the tapered stripe and shiny decals is the kind of stuff that Florida really doesn't need.
  21. So, the norm for Florida over the past few years then?
  22. I wouldn't put a ton of stock into that quote. She's also said things like the old jerseys won't look out of place next to the new set. A lot of the buzz now has become that the changes are more subtle than many might have thought. Still noticeably different, but nothing like gradients or a complete color scheme change. I obviously can't confirm any of that, but the video and "tradition evolved" tagline seem to point to that as well. I am thinking that the biggest change will be seen with the helmets, which is what most people disliked about the current set anyways.
  23. The Titans just posed another teaser image giving us the best look yet at the chest area and number font. It looks like angular serifs in the style of Joe Bosack's font.
  24. The video confirms exactly what most have thought, that all of these rumors have been complete and total BS, and that really nobody knows much about how these will look. It makes me feel a bit better that these don't appear to be too insane. *knocks on wood* First observations, navy will still definitely be the primary and the numerals will still be white with a columbia outline. Red and silver also appear to be featured as accents in some capacity. Other than that, not much can be conclusively drawn. One of the shots appears to show a columbia yoke in the style of the current set, and yet another looks like it shows a silver yoke. No helmet tease is also interesting, but they're likely just saving that for a later tease closer to the 4th. Perhaps the hint of red seen in the top left of the collar shot is the fabric reflecting red facemasks? Probably a stretch to say the least, but I could see it looking really good as a subtle Oilers callback that helps balance some of the red accents that appear to be present.