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  1. The only slight discrepancy I can even make out is that the pant stripe for the guy on the far right turns backward a little bit but that's almost certainly just warping from the pads under the pants. This leak is 100% real and I'll be totally and completely shocked if it isn't.
  2. What the hell is he talking about with the collars and inconsistent striping? Those collars are 100% accurate with the vapor untouchable and the striping is all simple and consistent. The NFL shield thing could be true but even then these were made for a photoshoot, not to be game worn. He's being overly pedantic here.
  3. That looks pretty great actually. I'm digging the finish on that helmet and the green works with the black.
  4. In an ideal world, the Oilers would still exist and the Titans would have been the expansion team, but that just isn't how it worked out. I would also be fine with a hypothetical deal where the Titans sell that history back to Houston, but at the same time it doesn't feel like it matters too much anymore. It's not as if the Texans are going to rebrand back to the Oilers so I don't think we'd see the colors and identity any more than we do now as long as the stupid one helmet rule is still being enforced.
  5. Hopefully this means that the Titans are looking to wear these sooner than later, maybe even in Houston lol
  6. A few of these are decent ideas, but they're all way too literal and most barely attempt to fit in with the existing identity. Still, I can enjoy them as experiments.
  7. Is it just me, or would that 'New York' Script look awesome for the Knicks? It really reminds me of a better-done version of their current logo wordmark.
  8. Honestly, if OKC gets anything right, it's their uniforms. They have what is probably my favorite color scheme in the league and the template does a nice job of showcasing it. The alternates are better and suit the name much better, but I still enjoy the main set.
  9. Can the stupid circlejerk about emojis and everything end? It's so tired at this point and not really indicative of anything, that's just how a lot of younger people talk. Seriously, I've seen everything from the Giant's super simple throwbacks to the Seahawks all neon green color rush being described with the exact same terminology. What else do you expect them to say? Besides, uniforms should be allowed to have some attitude and make players excited. Of course, there's a delicate balance there to avoid going overboard, but still.
  10. Nashville SC's official crest has been unveiled- I'll admit, my first reaction to the leaks was relief simply because the name wasn't changed to something terrible. Since then, I've grown disappointed with the crest. It's bizarre to me that none of these official releases justify any of the new design changes minus "the lines mimic sound waves". Why the choice of the octagon? It all feels very arbitrary.
  11. Please keep posting these, I really love all of your experiments and unique takes. I think that an old-bronze type color could actually suit this concept even better than silver.
  12. I've been pulling for Music City SC for this reason, it fits the mold but is still different enough to be distinctive in the overall context of the league. I don't even have that much of a problem with and MLS team using a more traditional American nickname, it's just that all of those potentially trademarked nicknames in particular are terrible. I guess Notes is the best of the worst, but definitely far from ideal. I'll be so mad if they screw this up.
  13. I think posters have already mentioned February 20th as the suspected reveal date for MLS Nashville's identity, but it's all but confimed now- https://www.nashvillesc.com/news_article/show/990523 The color looks almost more like the Crew's yellow instead of the gold that Nashville SC has used, but that may just be for the promotional stuff. I am definitely suspecting that Nashville SC will not be the name for this team due to the heavy use of just "Nashville MLS" in every team release. I'm open to that, as long it's not any of those terrible names from the trademark registry.
  14. This is really really fascinating- it looks like a modern branding firm approached a sports team as if they were a just another corporate job, completely avoiding a lot of the traditional approaches we are accustomed to seeing in sports design. I have to say that I really dig it, and think it works really well for a city like Montreal.
  15. If they all dropped the infatuation with side panels these uniforms would be instantly improved, but that's me being nit-picky more than anything. It's exciting to watch a new football league that seems to be making all of the right decisions.
  16. I really, really hope so. That balance of purple, black, and red is so gorgeous and not used by any other teams really. The reasoning behind its inclusion is also really cool.
  17. I like the Silverbacks name much better, but what's with the hype for that logo? Neither logo is good so it's hard for me to call it a downgrade.
  18. It's obnoxious how fiserv has branded the new Bucks' courts. Their logos for the main court are the biggest of any sponsor logos I've ever seen.
  19. The loss of the 51's name is sad, that was always one of my favorite names in sports. That said, the visual identity was never anything that matched the potential of that name. Still, abandoning that for this is a big disappointment.
  20. I love the idea behind the Oakland jerseys- the oak tree as a local play on the Golden Gate Bridge is really awesome. It's just that it is a total mix and match of random design elements that don't mesh very well at all. The skinny block typeface is almost as generic as Copperplate and is just a poor choice in general, the side panels don't work as well as they do on the main set, and the removal of blue sucks a lot of the life out of it. Not to mention the cruel irony of the team quickly abandoning Oakland due to the recently meteoric success of the team, even after the city suffered through decades of terrible play.
  21. Completely agreed. I normally hate cartoony-style sports uniforms, but this set is iconic to me and perfectly fitting for Orlando. Their attempt to modernize it just made it feel sterile and forgettable, ironically fitting for their roster over the past few years. It's one of the more rare cases where I would be alright with seeing a full-fledged return to a throwback.
  22. I definitely feel like the navy jerseys are the ugliest in the Titans' rotation, I think because the darker color contrasts more with the shoulders and the side panels. Also, today's combo felt odd. The jerseys feel like they're trying to be very tough with the emphasis of darker colors whereas the softer blue of the pants kinda contradicts that image so it feels less cohesive. It wasn't their worst (monochrome navy), but it's definitely not my favorite.
  23. That Cincinnati logo looks really solid minus one little detail- The 'FC' is incorporated very awkwardly in the corner and the position and scale is just odd. It feels tacked on because it probably was. I wish that the lion got to take more attention over the 'Cincinnati' wordmark because it's such a nice logo. Still, these are minor gripes and the MLS is on a hot streak for good crests. I can only hope that Nashville can keep the streak alive.
  24. You pretty much say it, if not at least strongly imply it a few times. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make if that isn't what you mean. If Russell were the official supplier of the NBA, the Celtics would still have made black and grey sets. To be clear, I'm not saying that Nike or any other manufacturer is devoid of blame for a bad design, but I don't like the notion of Nike bullying teams into wearing designs that has seemingly grown popular around here lately. Teams are driving the creative directions of these sets a vast majority of the time based on what's trendy or popular. We don't have to always like it, but it's true.