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  1. Are the Sharks really beating the Kings, or has the elixir of numb (Everclear) finally caused irreparable damage to my cerebral cortex?
  2. A kelly green and yellow (and maybe black) alternate (with a white shoulder yoke) for the Wild should be as far as it gets.
  3. If @Lights Out doesn't mind me posting this: Double purple would certainly be unique, and would prevent them from looking like the '96-'04 Jazz.
  4. Well, when you consider that the Sharks are leading 3 games to 1, you'll be wondering the same thing about the Kings. The elixir of numb is at the ready...
  5. Here we go again... Did the colors/nickname stay the same? The team should be compelled to honor the history fully! Did the colors, nickname, or both change entirely? It's entirely up to the team in that case! - The record books should not be altered however. That's not only dishonest, it's also confusing. Also, @hawk36, keeping the records in St. Louis for the Rams is simply silly. Their won't be another "St. Louis Rams," so who will claim the records?
  6. I'm happy that the Sharks have a 2-0 lead, but I'm keeping the Everclear on standby. Just kidding, I don't have any Everclear, but I know the Shark's playoff routine and it's going to take a lot to convince me they can get past the Kings.
  7. Case laws, with stricter enforcement than Philly. In all seriousness though, the Pirates have spent the past three seasons in true contention. I'm willing to cut them as much slack as possible. Maybe they'll even avoid the dreaded wild card game this year.
  8. In another shameless self-plug, I redid a mockup I posted earlier on this thread to demonstrate an excellent way to freshen up the M's current look: By brightening the teal to an almost-seafoam green (which is still teal, but leaps out more against the navy) and distributing it like the Orioles distribute orange (primary color of scripts, numbers, NOB, cap bill, and striping), you have something that both freshens up the look and keeps it tied to their current identity.
  9. Shameless self-plug alert: I made this concept a while ago, but I think it works well as an update of the maroon-era Phillies. It uses the current uniform template, along with the Padres 2004-2011 number font (which I felt fit with the script's aesthetic style): I also tried to create a middle ground between the red and maroon shades on an updated Whiz Kids set that disposed of some of the lesser elements of the current set (i.e. that number font and cap logo): I'd love for the Phillies to entertain the maroon-era a lot more, albeit only as an alternate/with an incorporation into a Whiz Kids-esque set.
  10. These pictures remind me, what the over/under on the Dodgers ever wearing their "Los Angeles" road uniforms consistently again (outside of the Freeway Series)?
  11. I like the red-dominant Indians look, and I wish the roads reflected that more (red script with a navy outline). Heck, I'd like it if they found a way to improve the red cap and made it their primary cap. Going all-out on the red cap, socks (with stripes on all of them), undershirts, and shoes on both the home and road set would inject a bit of flare into the navy-dominant AL Central.
  12. I didn't even know that the Oriole-Highlander-Yankee lineage was in question until a few months ago. I get where Thorn is coming from, but I don't agree. Since the team did not officially fold, and no expansion team was officially granted to New York in 1903, it stands to reason that the 1902 Orioles and the 1903-present Highlanders/Yankees are the same team. The only similar case to this would be the St. Louis Browns trading away 17 players when moving to Baltimore, but that didn't warrant claims of a "new franchise."
  13. The Giants so dodged a bullet when he didn't want to re-sign with them.
  14. Hockey Week, I think you demonstrated a good method for handling the barber pole (and the Senators' crest): Outside of switching to a block font, adding a white stripe underneath the red hem stripe on the road, and maybe removing the top barberpole sleeve stripe (to allow for uncluttered sleeve numbers), this would be a good look that reflects the history of hockey in Ottawa and the team's name.
  15. Yeah, no. If anything, it puts salt in the wound, reminding most of the Expos' fanbase (who mostly live outside of Quebec, thank you Bill 101) of what they lost. This is why the Rangers only threw back to the Senators twice before the Nationals arrived, and did so against a team that had no significant connection to the old Senators (the A's).1 If the Rangers had worn Senators throwbacks against the Orioles (when they were the only Beltway/DC Metro Area team), then it would be the same difficult situation of the Nationals dressing up as the Expos in Toronto for Canada Day. 1 William F Henderson, “Texas Rangers,” in Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys: (1970-­‐2015) Seventh Edition, 7th ed. (Philadelphia, PA: Aardvark Publishing, 2015), 2070-71.
  16. Can we just let the Nationals live up being the latest Washington D.C. baseball team, with only cursory trips into their franchise's past? A "ring of honor" for the former retired numbers (but still having them in circulation, like the Blue Jays' "ring of honor" players), an occasional throwback, and so on (and certainly not a series in Montreal) are more than enough to honor their past as the Expos. The Nationals should treat the Expos like the Orioles treat the Browns, by making minuscule references to them. My rule of thumb with relocations centers on the team name/colors. Did the name and/or colors stay the same? They should actively acknowledge the franchises' past. If the name and/or colors changed? They are free to do what they want with their past. Honor it, downplay it, ignore it, etc. As long as the record books don't change, things should be good.
  17. I thought the St. Louis Witch Doctor would cover the loss of the Rams by allowing the Blues to get beyond the first round of the playoffs.
  18. I'm a Sharks fan, and I agree with this sentiment. While I do like the Sharks to win, I frequently hope they lose enough to convince the front office to rebuild both the team and jettison the current uniform set for something akin to the beautiful inaugural set or the underrated pre-Edge set.
  19. Well, the Giants/Brandon Belt are discussing a multi-year deal. I like the guy, but I'm not sure he's worth all the money the team will probably pay him. Besides, his contract talks will bring the "Posey to 1B" talk that always gets me antsy.
  20. The Sharks can clinch soon. Which reminds me, Sobriety and Sharks hockey don't mix.
  21. The Browns are like the Lord of Swamp Castle: Unlike the Lord of Swamp Castle, they've never built a castle that could stay up.
  22. Dr. J on the Hawks (for two exhibition games in 1973): Also, Pete Maravich in the "Candy Striper" Hawks uniform set (given how he's usually associated with the royal/lime set):