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  1. Pretty much - a guy you build your team around.
  2. I want to move the tv numbers to the shoulders and turn the cuffs into fuller stripes, like the Chiefs did. Aside from that, keep it intact.
  3. As a guy who has lived in Portland and Denver - both arenas are very interchangeable.
  4. The search function is pretty broken right now. Search results now only go back a day or two. Will they be re-indexed?
  5. Michael Jaundice has never had a clue about running a team.
  6. Idk, the double outlines aren’t my taste. Given that orange is the center stripe, maybe doing a U of Florida/Oilers-style consistent stripe would be cool.
  7. Winston has been cursed ever since the Tallahassee cops swept a certain little something under the rug.
  8. Zaza was a sack of sentient feces who nearly delegitimized that Warriors title and I’m frustrated that he prevented a competitive Warriors-Spurs matchup.
  9. Let’s just say that it’s probably happening. From Terry Pluto: https://www.cleveland.com/tribe/2020/11/fans-love-to-watch-in-indians-on-tv-whats-up-with-team-name-terry-talkin-tribe.html Once Wahoo went away, it was only a matter of time before the name had to go as well. Yes, they did have the name before Wahoo, but Wahoo had become so thoroughly attached to the name. You couldn’t realistically separate them for the public. The name has to go to have even a decent, non-generic identity. The colors must stay, of course. Maybe some light blue accents would be nice, but they don’t really need them.
  10. It’s a Catholic University, with a significant Irish-American Catholic heritage. It’s permissible and arguably more property of ND. If it was just “Irish” and if the Irish hadn’t been elevated to the level of “white” in the decades since their initial arrival into the US, then there might be more of an issue. Both hockey teams were founded by white Canadians and use terms that refer to white Canadians, so it's permissible. White Canadians are not a historically oppressed minority that fell victim to a long-term genocide.
  11. Welcome to MLB: The Defunct Series! After spending last year producing Project 32’s myriad of redesigns and tweaks, I figured that I should apply the same philosophy to the defunct teams of the majors. Much like its predecessor, each team will have two to three parts. The first part will be the main concept, the one that I’m happiest with presenting/matches the historical trajectory of the team’s aesthetics. The other will be an alternate take, in which I can explore different identities and shirk brand equity to have a little fun. I’ve also got plans to include several attempted relocations, with a focus on deals that fell through at the last minute/pose the most visual interest. These will not have alternate takes since they are essentially alternate takes in their own right. The releases will go by chronology, starting with the Boston Braves. The only one out of order is the last one since the short lifespan of the said team leaves their visual history up for more speculation. TEAMS The Defunct Set Boston Braves (Boston Beacons) St. Louis Browns (Updated) (Oriole-ized) (Updated) (Update II) (Baltimore Orioles tweaking) Philadelphia Athletics (The Charlie O Touch) (Mini-Update) (Full Update) New York Giants (Updated) (New York Gothams) (Update and Mets Variants) Brooklyn Dodgers (Updated "Brooklyn" script) (Brooklyn Canaries w/ Los Angeles Canaries modification) Washington Senators/Washington Nationals (Nationals Update - new primary) (Twins-style Senators/Nationals) Milwaukee Braves (Update Explanation - Second Update Explanation) (Milwaukee Brewers I and Milwaukee Brewers II) Kansas City Athletics (Update Explanation) (Kansas City Blues - Update) (Kansas City Monarchs) Washington Senators II (1990s redesign) Montréal Expos (an explanation of why they left) (Explaining destinations) (Primary Design - French Canadian-centric) (Abstract Design - "eM") (Abstract design - "M-Fleur-de-Lis") ("elMb"/"eMb" updated/tweaked) Montréal Voyageurs Montréal Royaux Attempted Relocations and Failed Expansion - Organized by City Atlanta Atlanta Athletics The Carolinas Carolina Twins Charlotte Knights (ex-Florida Marlins) Connecticut Connecticut Colonials Dallas Dallas Athletics (Update) Denver Denver Athletics Denver Pirates Indianapolis Indianapolis Arrows Las Vegas Las Vegas Lizards (former Montréal Expos/Florida Marlins/potential relocation-expansion team) Los Angeles Los Angeles Angels - former Washington Sens/Nats or expansion team (Updated) Los Angeles Athletics (Update) (Kelly Green/Scarlet Red/Yellow-Gold Update) Louisville Louisville Athletics (Elephant Jersey) Miami Milwaukee Houston/Milwaukee Cardinals Milwaukee Brewers - former St. Louis Browns (Updated) (Project 32 Style) Milwaukee Athletics (Milwaukee update explanation) Milwaukee White Sox (Update Comparison & New Home Uniform Explanation) Milwaukee Brewers Prototypes Minnesota Minneapolis Giants, Twin Cities Giants, and Minnesota Giants Monterrey, México Monterrey Sultanes New Jersey New Jersey Stallions New Orleans New Orleans Athletics New Orleans Pirates Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Twisters (former Florida Marlins) Oklahoma City 89ers (former Florida Marlins) Phoenix Phoenix Athletics Portland Portland Stags (former Montréal Expos/Florida Marlins/potential relocation-expansion team) (Update) (Red/Black/Sky Blue) Sacramento - Introduction Sacramento Giants Sacramento Athletics San Antonio San Antonio Missions - former Florida Marlins San Antonio Rebeldes - former Florida Marlins San Diego San Diego Athletics San Diego Reds (Updates) San Francisco San Francisco Seals - former Washington Sens/Nats or expansion team/s San José San José Giants San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan Expos Seattle Seattle Athletics (green/yellow and green/white) Chicago Athletics and Seattle White Sox Seattle Rainiers (former Cleveland Indians) Tampa Bay - The Sweepstakes! - Introduction, Outline, and Dramatis Personæ Tampa Bay Pirates Tampa Bay Tarpons (ex-Minnesota Twins & Washington Sens/Nats)(Tampa Bay Twins/Tarpons variants) Tampa Bay Athletics Florida White Sox Tampa Bay Cannons (ex-Texas Rangers/Washington Senators) Florida Panthers (Forest Green/Creamsicle Recolor) Florida/Tampa Bay Whitecaps (Seren Script with a triple blue palette) Tampa Bay Mariners Tampa Bay Giants - The Recreations Traditional font updated Floridian cursive Update explanation Tampa Bay Sting Rays and wrap-up Compilations Toronto Toronto Giants Washington, D.C. (and Virginia) Washington Nationals (Ex-San Diego Padres) Washington Nationals (Ex-Pittsburgh Pirates) Washington Nationals (Ex-Baltimore Orioles) Virginia Fury (expansion or former Houston Astros) Virginia Fury (former Montréal Expos) Norfolk Destoryers (former Montréal Expos) Washington Grays (former Montréal Expos with a different name)