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  1. How did folks in Cincinnati react when Marge Schott kicked the bucket? When Vince Naimoli died earlier this year, I think the news would have gotten a mixed reaction from fans. Yeah, he got you the team, but he also ran it pretty horribly and maybe prevented the market from ever being a success. His lease agreement does prevent the team from relocating right now, so there's that.
  2. The one helmet rule isn't ridiculous, it's to save teams from themselves. No full-on "stormtrooper" looks, no chrome monstrosities, and no random alternate designs. It keeps the teams from getting too experimental, while also cementing how the helmet is so important to each team's identity. It makes me wish MLB implemented the one-cap rule, with only two exceptions (the Tigers and Cardinals - maybe on the Cardinals, if the navy set had a red bill) and throwback allowances (requiring matching batting helmets). Anything to get rid of pointless road caps: Home caps that aren't as good as their road versions and alt caps worn way too often: Promoting caps that should be primaries: Here's to hoping that the Padres limit themselves to one primary cap. Keep the camo as the only alternate, with maybe a Taco Bell or 1998 throwback.
  3. I'm sure a local buyer will emerge or the lease will be re-upped at some point. ...which is why I doubt Baltimore lets it happen again. That's ultimately the argument for why the Clippers will never leave Greater Los Angeles. When you're in a top 5 media market, it's hard to leave.
  4. I don't think the Orioles will be in any true danger of moving, which also applies to the White Sox. The Trop's lease will prevent a move for some time, sadly.
  5. Yellow pants outside of the vest style, yes. Yellow jerseys, heck no.
  6. Well, here’s what the ‘40s socks looked like: Red/blue/red on a white field or a modified Northwestern design (white/blue/white middle)?
  7. St. Louis isn’t that awful! There’s one place that’s far creepier:
  8. I hate them for memorial patches to drunk drivers and “Christians’ Day.”
  9. So, the Nats have a 3-0 lead now, which means they’ll either win their first pennant or choke super-hard (most likely the former). Maybe ditching Harper (or honoring the Expos) fixed their problems!
  10. I’ve seen how ridiculous the Mariners’ travel schedule is compared to the rest of MLB, which prompted me to make that observation. Besides, building a Seattle-Portland rivalry will ultimately make the Mariners more money in the long run, so their potential objections just come across as short-sighted (a phrase one could use for an organization that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2001).
  11. If I was a Mariners fan, I’d want the A’s to move to Portland. That would really help their awful travel schedule.
  12. No culture should have to be relegated to “subordinate” status, especially the Jews.
  13. Today was also the day that I listened to Crime in Sports' hilarious (and very revealing) episode on Nate "The Kitchen" Newton. What does it reveal about this Cowboys legend (to me, a novice in the realm)? Well: a dogfighting incident a Frehley-ian knack for crashing cars his history of domestic violence (including one time where he nearly shot his kid while assaulting his pregnant wife) how he and the other Cowboys used the term "whores" as a blanket term for women maybe being involved in some White House shenanigans (not the DC one, the one that was the team's sex dungeon) was not very discreet in his dealings has three horrifying sandwiches named after him at the Coppell Deli (ingredients here, look at your own discretion) It was a glorious day of Cowboys embarrassment. It also convinced me to get Boys will be Boys on Audible. On the topic of this season, I'm not expecting the Niners to truly be good. Call it intuition.
  14. I was going to call them the Sea Syphilitics.
  15. Well, there is this American Psychological Association study, which says that Little Red Sambo and the Washington NFL club negatively impact the mental health of marginalized peoples. Here's a basic summary from the article. That's kind of damning, I'd say. Anyway, enough of this topic.
  16. People like you find it easy Naked to see Walking on air Hunting by the rivers, through the streets, every corner Abandoned too soon Set down with due care Don't walk away in silence Don't walk away (the best instrumental part of the song follows, then it ends)
  17. Just talk to @BeerGuyJordan to hear that approval of Native American mascots isn't common in first nations communities. Even if one disapproves, it has to go, IMHO.
  18. I don't think so. Now that Wahoo is gone, the name is next on the agenda. You can't placate the anti-Native American mascot crowd forever. It's not like they have the success of the Braves to justify keeping it. Outside of a run in the '40s and '50s, as well as the '95-'01 teams and the blips of recent success, they haven't been a storied club. Their most recent title was in 1948. Unlike the Cubs, the "lovable loser" branding doesn't apply to Cleveland. They've been irrelevant, postseason chokers, and penny-pinchers for generations. For that alone, maybe dumping the brand is a good idea. Mac the Knife put it best: I don't really agree with his solution, but he made his points very well.
  19. Somehow the caveman stuff is worse than Wahoo. That and it's so '70s that each cap comes with a copy of Elton John's Rush Job Caribou on 8-track. Like I've said before, unless they reach out to a tribe to help them with a design, a better course of action would be to rebrand entirely.
  20. I'm sure it was, but I felt that the "krunk" sentiment as related to the suburbanites matched well with Mike Myers playing an out-of-touch father trying to connect with Seth Green playing a "young cool guy."
  21. Speaking of material from 1997, I'd like to see the Rays keep the '90s throwbacks as a permanent part of their wardrobe. If they keep playing at The Trop, they need to look as bright as possible to combat the dinginess of that building.
  22. The one Jesse Alkire concept series I really liked was his "Why Wahoo (and the Cleveland Indians' entire brand) is so awful" set: Link Being that my attitude towards the Cleveland AL club is "rebrand entirely," I got a kick out of it. I will say that the "Orientals" one could also work if it looked like this: Ultimately, the "inferior other" archetype is a disgusting one, one that needed to go away ages ago. Since the Cleveland AL club tied up so much of their identity (in the "branding age" - where the name will always come with that henious logo) into one, I stand by eliminating the name.
  23. My concept was to do the whole "rising from the ashes" thing with Firebirds (hot take: Sherman burning down the city was the best thing that ever could have happened to it, as the rebuilding helped turn it into one of the biggest metropoles in the former Confederacy). I figured that it'd be nice if all of the Atlanta teams had a bird-themed name, especially one that's so appropriate for the city? Simply swap the navy for black and add some yellow-gold accents. If we wanted to stay local, I guess you could also use a train theme (Terminus being the original name of the city) or something music-related. Then again, the team plays in a suburb sequestered away from "scary" urban Atlanta, so I'm not sure how comfortable the team would be honoring the "hippity-hop playas." You see what I mean when I keep seeing his work pop up as a viable rebrand? It's overdesigned and downright goofy. Like I said up front, I'm not a fan of Phoenix Design Works' efforts on the Rockies, but those are still better than Jesse Alkire's work.