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  1. The Yankees becoming the post-1967 Maple Leafs would be delightful.
  2. Hey, the team turned it around by the end of the '90s. They recovered pretty well from the early-'90s, especially on a uniform front. That tail is very:
  3. Don’t blame me, blame Bob Klapisch. The Worst Team That Money Could Buy, by Bob Klapisch, published 2005.
  4. Nope, 1994. The year the team had the best record in the sport, they finished in front of only the Pirates (post-Bonds slide), the Mets ("worst team that money could buy" era), and the Padres (Gwynn nearly getting .400 wasn't enough).
  5. They were only in the top half of attendance for seven of their 36 seasons. That’s more than the Rays can say, but it’s still pretty terrible. Granted, extenuating circumstances can explain the post-1994 years to some extent. Still, that 1994 team was 11th out of 14. That’s not good. Like @the admiral said, the Montréal baseball market died decades ago. It would likely be nearly as bad as Tampa Bay is now, but it’d still be a lower-tier market with little upside.
  6. Both Shark designs suck. Like with everything related to the team, the San José Sharks need to start over and refine the basic idea of “shark comes out of triangle to bite hockey stick with tape on it.”
  7. Maybe. Heck, I bet Tom O'Grady isn't in his Swamp Dragons "prime" anymore!
  8. Don't forget Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota!
  9. Thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine, I rediscovered this clip! That Dennis McDonnell guy is really on the money when describing The Trop. There's also that emphasis on baseball and the amazing St. Petersburg from the "Florida Suncoast Dome reveal" video, which time has proven an inaccurate assessment of the market.
  10. All this Sean Taylor talk has me glad that there’s no overrating of José Fernández after he died. I guess being on drugs and behind the wheel when you died (killing two others in the process) is enough to kill off any cult of personality.
  11. This was the most exciting moment from that period: Artest was 100% justified in going after the guy who threw a beer on him.
  12. What kind of teleportation are we talking about here? Is it the Portal kind or the transporter kid?
  13. “Who is ‘The Prophet of Regret’ and why do my kids keep wanting me to play him?”
  14. The Expos were doomed the minute Bronfman sold the team.
  15. The brand and history is nice, but they’re still boring. They never do too poorly, usually cough up an all-star or two, then die off quickly in the playoffs. That’s rarely exciting. That’s the basketball Atlanta Braves. The Timbers became the city’s favorite franchise while I was living in PDX.
  16. Agreed, with the correction that it was more like 90+5 games. I had full expectations that the team would bottom out in the second half and implode (like the Padres did). It felt so exciting knowing that every win was important and that the Giants and Dodgers were in pure chase mode. I’d like for seeds beneath five to experience that beyond the first few October days. I kind of wish it went seven, but my sanity is glad it went five. I don’t know if I could’ve taken more stranded runners or fruitless endeavors against the impressive Dodger bullpen.
  17. I should’ve worn a Jason Schmidt shirsey.
  18. Same. It was a really fun season and it showed a lot of strengths to build upon next year or in later years. Farhan and Kapler have done outstanding jobs here. I had no expectations going into this year, so I’m very pleased with the results. It was an exciting and unexpected ride and I’m glad I got to see them play in-person this year with my significant other (for my SO’s first game).
  19. Giants drop it to the Dodgers. I’m way less pissed than I thought I would be, because at least it was a close fight between two 100+ win teams. The Dodgers proved their worth 100%. Heck, the Giants simply couldn’t score without the long ball. That was gonna be messy against the Braves. The Dodgers have better talent against that kind of opponent. I doubt the Giants would’ve beaten them (Braves are now my least favorite team, for mod edit reasons). Ah well, it was a fun season and I’ve seen this team win three World Series in the last decade. I don’t have complaining privileges for at least a few years. Good game Dodgers.
  20. I get the historical significance of both jerseys (i.e., the many years with “Dodgers” on the road uniforms in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles) and both are good looks, but I do slightly prefer the city name shirts. I kinda wish the team would bring back the vintage trim on an alternate. That’d be cool.
  21. The Portland Trail Blazers just kind exist. They make some playoff splashes once in a while, but aren’t ever a big spotlight team. Their status will fall further once Lillard leaves.
  22. Evander Kane is gonna make me break out the Everclear again, isn’t he? “Ten thousand lonely drums, are playing just for you…”
  23. Am I alone in calling the current logo (which I like) “Steve French,” after the Trailer Park Boys character?
  24. I think he was sarcastically accusing you of spamming it.
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