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  1. The full body tiger needs a head resize/a complete redraw so that the "pasting" is less obvious.
  2. LOUISVILLE ATHLETICS: I demoted the script to the dugout jacket, while also using the new "A's" insignia. NEW ORLEANS ATHLETICS: Aside from the new "A's," I've tweaked the alternates ("New Orleans" on the purple, purple "A's" outlined in gold on the green). The gold alternate now features an insignia. OKLAHOMA CITY TWISTERS: I adjusted the twister to be a less colorful design. SACRAMENTO GIANTS: I replaced the elephant with an updated design. The script remains here, seeing as the team is a "descendant" of the '87-present A's. SAN DIEGO ATHLETICS: I switched the "A's" insignia to the Seattle one, with a Market Deco "'s" bit. The "SD" has also received an update. SEATTLE ATHLETICS: I've updated both sets to feature an "A's" insignia on the home uniforms (I removed the script entirely) and the arched "SEATTLE" on the road. The kelly/yellow set has placket stripes on both uniforms. I also simplified the cap options of both sets. Newer concepts will come soon.
  3. Well, I'm back to working on this series after getting through school stuff and other personal baggage/other projects (i.e. research more crazy internet stories), so I figured I should start things off with a whole series of updates, where I standardized some stuff and overhauled significant elements. ATLANTA ATHLETICS: I replaced the original logo with a simplified heraldry design and a replica of the stripe pattern. I've also cleaned up the Old English "Atlanta" throwback. DALLAS ATHLETICS: I replaced the Forest Green with the Stars' Victory Green, while also switching the home uniform to an insignia. The "Dallas" script is now a redone Old English wordmark, with placket stripes. The logos now use the NOB font and a tweaked cowboy hat. DENVER ATHLETICS: I dumped the cursive script alternate in favor of an insignia design. I demoted the cursive script to a jacket. MILWAUKEE ATHLETICS: I adopted the "A's" design from my later Athletics concepts, while also deleting the insignia on Stomper's cap (too small for rendering). Part II will be up next.
  4. We're gonna forget Kenny Anderson? ` I love a two-bar facemask.
  5. The reports always said they were aiming for a 2022 rollout.
  6. Let's just hope things aren't as sleazy as they have been with the Duggars and other fundie families.
  7. He's a hall of famer of child production as well. Nine kids and counting! What's the over/under that he's a quiverfull (i.e., like the Duggars)?
  8. It’s all but guaranteed that he’s next. Big Ben, Brady, Rodgers, and Alex Smith are all that’s left. I hope that Alex Smith retires next. Given all he went through to even walk again, maybe playing for WFT isn’t a good idea.
  9. I agree. Kluber isn’t “buying a big star,” it’s basically buying post-2015 Tim Lincecum. He’s looking for a revival.
  10. Philip Rivers announces his retirement after 17 years in the NFL. It’s nearing the end of a QB era, isn’t it?
  11. Or he’s getting lucky. Well, getting lucky and learning that he can’t depend on Klay, Draymond, and/or KD. Once you lose your co-stars (at the very least, your co-stars being 100%), you have to adapt. He’s lucky he’s still got enough left in the tank to properly adapt and not flail around helplessly.
  12. I thought they did that through reading the entrails of rodents sacrificed to their unholy deity.
  13. I think the Flames finally look like the Flames again, for the first time since the early ‘90s.
  14. It’s a fun quirk, one that was endemic to the vintage look.
  15. ...when the AFC lost thirteen straight super bowls. When the NFC Championship game was the "real super bowl."
  16. Admittedly, the white helmet comes with the baggage of having an eventual double murderer on the team. The Naked Gun movies are a good pallet cleanser after an OJ documentary. Watching him fall victim to slapstick comedy/fictionalized life-threatening injuries is fun!
  17. Ah yes, the goomba tiger. The head design was a separate piece from the body, pasted onto the larger logo. That head was also not resized to be proportional. The Jags and Panthers’ similar designs had these difficulties. The Jags’ logo is the best, but they’re all sub-optimal.
  18. But he's just coming for the hot wings! How do you think he got so fat?
  19. I like the blue/white look a lot more. It's much cleaner than the Jim Kelly set, which has always looked awful to me. The current set and the OJ set are so much better than the gross red helmet.
  20. Absolutely not. The red streak gets lost on the old red helmet. Heck, the blue-heavy logo makes the whole thing look too busy. It's an awful helmet that gets too much undue praise. The logo really pops and looks amazing on a white helmet. Heck, it was designed for a white helmet!
  21. We know the answer to that: Remember when the Mets brought Jose Reyes back, after he grabbed his wife's throat and shoved her into a balcony door?
  22. So, he pulled a ProJared, but worse. That’s not LOLMETS (god, what a tired meme), that’s just unfortunate.
  23. Yeah, CWC stuff is just depressing these days.