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  1. With the Braves, the firemen rebranding would be easy. Add a fireman sleeve logo, replace the tomahawk with a fire ax, and renovate the heck out of Cobb County Park to remove the tomahawk imagery. Also, ditch the chop in favor of a cartoony fire siren. The Blackhawks can just slap on new logos akin to this: Sure, it’s close to the head logo, but it’s more akin to a literal black hawk. The Chiefs could replace the arrow with a Florian Cross or a a fireman helmet with the “KC” logo. It would also be a good opportunity to dump the black outlines. Uniforms would be unaltered. All very simple, all could’ve been done Warriors-style and ages ago. But they didn’t and now they could be next in line.
  2. Those teams all have it easy. Firemen Braves, firemen Chiefs, and a literal black hawk. Maybe the backlash will keep them around, I’m not sure. Dumping the chop and strictly enforcing the headdress and redface bans would help. Spokane has the FSU excuse of allegiances with local tribes (Salish language jerseys and all that), while Indianapolis doesn’t.
  3. Hmm, that’s funny. I don’t remember the goalposts being there.
  4. Indeed. The Coyotes are a vampiric franchise that offers very little benefit to anybody.
  5. If only that movie used the Brewers, Angels, or White Sox. I blame Major League for helping to keep Wahoo around. It might have made it more socially acceptable to keep around.
  6. Wanna buy some Shane Doan bathwater? We put a Kachina stripe sticker on it! Apparently Kachina justifies this mistake of a franchise.
  7. Brandiose would’ve come up with a cartoon guardian statue or rock star, swinging a baseball bat with a Dreamworks smirk. The font would be even more of an illegible gimmick filled with too much detail. A name like Rocking Stars, Traffic Guardians, or Guitar Pickers would certainly follow. I’m glad Cleveland resisted Brandiose cancer.
  8. MLB/the Dodgers placed Trevor Bauer on administrative leave. Does the NFL not have an equivalent?
  9. It’s why I wouldn’t have minded Dobys as a team name, provided Larry Doby’s estate was cool with it.
  10. At least the Guardians don’t use drop shadow or a bland Times New Roman-like font. The Guardians have character while the Rays look bland and forgettable.
  11. Sure the block C has “history” and so does the color scheme, but is that history worth much of anything? This club was one of the most historically-irrelevant franchises in Big Four sports, next to the Arizona Cardinals, Florida Panthers, and Sacramento Kings.
  12. Only stop them if they’ve got a Mel Hall jersey, for obvious reasons. TL;DR: Mel Hall was basically the most vile person to play in MLB for a consistent period of time.
  13. I’d make the landfill in Phoenix, on and near Albert Belle’s property. That way he can be disappointed by Cleveland again!
  14. Ah, thanks. My dad is from a Louisville suburb that’s in Indiana, so out-of-state suburbs are a fun little topic for me.
  15. WFT and the Guardians got you suspicious? My guess is that the Braves are where the pressure is going next. They have it easy: ditch the chop chant they stole from FSU, make the tomahawk a fire ax, and now they’re firemen!
  16. Arrows is right there and it might have been good to adopt it after the expansion bid tanked. Not with those logos, of course. They were horrendous.
  17. I’m curious, what’s the Kentuck/Ohio breakdown for Cincinnati suburbs? I know the airport is in Kentucky.
  18. Having spent the past 12 minutes wiping out cobwebs, I'm kind of glad it's not Spiders.
  19. University of Richmond was the bigger threat. Disney posed more of a threat with Guardians.
  20. Thanks to the Twitter video, I found some numbers beyond "216" ...which has given me an idea about the number font (I totally support the idea of a custom number font as differentiation): It's not exact and I'll know more once more images/fonts come out. Similarly, I've also fixed the "C" to look more like the wordmark version. I like it a bit more.
  21. The “right-thinkers” like to make fun of silly butthurt lawsuits like these. Are you familiar with Maddox’s lawsuit, Addison Cain, or Homestuck? All parts of the political spectrum love a good “lolsuit.”
  22. Grays was still the best choice. “bUt PiTTsBuGh!!!” - they have the Crawfords.
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