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  1. The Islanders and the Oilers do a great job of distinguishing themselves from each other while both clubs wear royal blue and orange.
  2. I'm with you on the Metro-Croatia. I would much prefer "Metros". I believe the Blizzard name can work in MLS. We'll just have to agree to disagree on TFC. Cheers.
  3. The Metro-Croatia won Soccer Bowl '76 and the Blizzard were Soccer Bowl finalists in '83 and '84. The Blizzard also had well known players like Canadian Nationals like Bruce Wilson and Sam Lenarduzzi and South African legend Jomo Sono. Generic Euro brands belong in Europe.
  4. Agreed. Even the horizontal stripe/hoop? looks wrong for Toronto. Stick with the red shorts. Now, if the Whitecaps wore blue shorts with a matching blue stripe on their white shirts, then we really got something to talk about.
  5. The 'T' in Toronto FC's crest appears navy blue to me. I still hate the fact that Toronto is trying to be a carbon-copy of Liverpool. Vancouver has the Whitecaps and Montreal has the Impact. Go with Toronto Blizzard FC or Toronto Metros FC and call it a day.
  6. Check out my Canucks logo concepts in the Concepts section. :-)
  7. I heard about "the rights to Johnny Canuck" from three Canucks Store staff over the years including recently. Back in 2010, a season-ticket holder also told me the Canucks were limited to what they were allowed to do with JC. Now, they own every single historic Vancouver hockey trademark, including their own updated and NHL-licensed skating JC. Look at the current jersey template. The striping is exactly the same as the mid 70's vintage jerseys. Only the green-less collar and Agency font prevent the jersey from being a total vintage rip-off. Otherwise, the Canucks would have come up with a updated/modern template with green/silver added to the block font if they really wanted to keep the orca theme. Their main purpose for the time being, I believe, in spite of logo trademark rights and all, was to bring back the highly regarded original colours and traditional striping. This should pave the way for any any future logo/uniform change while staying with the blue and green look. Somewhat similar to the evolution from the yellow/black Flying V to the late 80's yellow/black Skate to the popular white/black Skate.
  8. During the Edge makeover, the current Canucks ownership didn't own the rights to Johnny Canuck. Now they do. If they really wanted to keep the orca, they would have added green to the logo and not added the "VANCOUVER" or keep the original orca colours.
  9. At first, I couldn't get all the Vachon comparisons. There's always going to be some similarities between logos. My main beef with the JC-V logo is that Johnny's head is tilted back, unlike the skating JC, whose head is level.
  10. SF, you don't get an argument from me. I appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the Stick in Rink. However, Johnny Canuck should have been the Canucks' primary crest from Day 1. I love the Skate and its bold colours, but like Morgo accurately said, the original colours should have never been changed, other than the logo.
  11. Totally agree Morgo. The original/current colours are awesome and they scream "Vancouver" and "BC". However, I would love to see the Canucks wear the black skate 3-4 times per season. I would even go a step further and add recoloured skating Johnny Canuck and/or the Stick in Rink shoulder patches onto the Skate jersey so it will bond both brands together. Kind of like the Seattle Mariners wearing their retro royal blue and yellow with their current logo. I certainly hope not. The classic block-style numbers stand out beautifully. Time for Canucks jerseys to look like this... See how well block font stands out? Adding a green border make it even better.
  12. Apologies accepted. For someone who is as proud and passionate as you are, it takes a big person to accept accountability, especially on a forum board. (**) (**) And your hand-drawn NHL jersey concepts are second to none.
  13. Time for fans on the Minnesota North Stars Facebook page to get on this board. Team names do change. Look at the St. Patricks/Maple Leafs, Colt 45's/Astros, Bullets/Wizards.
  14. Well, whether the Wild had used their current identity for 15 years, 2 000 years, or never, it wouldn't change the fact that they have no affiliation with the North Stars. That identity remains part of Dallas' history. Whether they choose to bring the whole thing back to the NHL, only parts of it, or none at all (whether now, at their inauguration, or in the future) is entirely up to them and them alone.EDIT: @VancouverFan69: What possible correlation exists between the standings system the NHL employs and the legitimacy of the league re-writing its own history books? The NHL's standings system is as ridiculous as having a North Stars 2.0 co-exist with the Stars is ridiculous, according to Wild logo supporters who agree with the latter. What do you tell fans of the Charlotte Hornets 2.0, then? Their history belongs to New Orleans. And of course, the Browns-Ravens situation.
  15. Why don't you just accept the fact that you like a team name that's completely stupid all because you like their logo? With "Northern Lights", a modern take on the old N-Star can be created. Not every logo has to be computer-created. This is an NHL team we're talking about. Not some team from some fly-by-night Tier II league.
  16. Major League Baseball has both the Red Sox and the White Sox and both clubs play in the American League. It's been that way for over 100 years now and no one has made a fuss about it for all I know. If the NHL can have shootouts and be the only major sports league to hand out loser points, a Dallas Stars/North Stars co-existance CAN work. The league also has the Blues/Blue Jackets and Canadiens/Canucks. Otherwise, go with the only good name that was available in that so-called "Name the team" contest - Northern Lights.
  17. Minnesota - Hopefully, today's Winter Classic news will be a sign of things to come down the road. The "Wild" name has to go - North Stars or no North Stars. Colorado - Keep the A-Mountain & Puck logo and make the burgundy lighter. Keep the shoulders and arms clean and remove all the black. Either the Bigfoot or Colorado C is acceptable as a shoulder patch. Calgary - Go the Edmonton route. Ever since the beginning of the Flames' BFBS, the style of their uniforms has gone down further than the interest rates. Vancouver - Ditch the orca and remove the "VANCOUVER" wordmark. The primary logo should either be the skating Johnny Canuck, Stick in Rink(original or updated), or an updated 'V' logo using a Millionaires concept but with a Canucks flavour. Return to traditional block font with an added green border. Create a green alternate, using the template of the Utica Comets' green alts. Los Angeles - Go back to the Gretzky-era template but use the original crown instead of the 'Chevy' crest. Use the classic purple and gold uniforms as rotating alternates - both purple and gold sets.
  18. Philly, great, great work on the Canucks concepts. Johnny Canuck is the way to go. However, I do prefer the skating Johnny Canuck over the JC-V head. I love the use of using JC in the yellow shirt on an alternate black jersey. Always loved the 80s home yellows. I would also use traditional block-style font with bordering. Blue and green would look great together in block. Never liked the Agency font. Overall, great concepts!
  19. Beautiful Canucks concept. You can never ever go wrong with Johnny Canuck. I also like your Coyotes concept as well. Keep up the great work!
  20. Your Canucks concept is PERFECT! I hope you submitted it to Trevor Linden.
  21. The bottom one looks a lot better. Purple and red are the Raptors' true colours. No need to rip off the Bulls and Trail Blazers.
  22. Too many small details in CFL logos and uniforms have added up in a very amateurish and tacky way: 1. Montreal Alouettes - a. Very cartoony bird with grinning teeth. b. Having 'MONTREAL' on the jerseys. 2. Ottawa RedBlacks - The name has grown on me but what about "Riverjacks"? It has a logging connection. 3. Toronto Argonauts - One of the few nice sets in the league but a matching helmet stripe that's on their away navy pants would look a lot nicer. 4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats - a. Black helmets with no striping looks like a dumbed down version of the Pittsburgh Steelers. b. The new tiger logo looks very animated. 5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - The gold away jerseys are unique but time to bring back a white jersey. 6. Saskatchewan Roughriders - Ditch those away white stripe-less helmets. A dumbed down version of the New York Jets. 7. Edmonton Eskimos - a. Time to return to the 70s/early 80s Double E. b. The away green helmets look great but let's just ditch the away helmets across the league. 8. Calgary Stampeders - a. Too much black. Black home pants and black away helmets. Time to be a red and white team again with maybe a touch of black. 9. BC Lions - Like the Argos, they have a classic look. However, they need striping BADLY. On the sleeves and especially on the helmets.
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