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  1. For having the FlyBoys and Dough Boys, I was really hoping for the Danny Boys. Oh well. At least it's different.
  2. Hannibal (MO) Cavemen were a team. As are the current Normal (IL) Cornbelters.
  3. IUPFW. Don't forget about them. They're the only cooperative satellite schools I know of. The rest just tend to be under their state school's umbrella. Even Ohio State is one of 14 state universities in Ohio. But then each university can have its own satellites. All you get things like Kent State-Trumbull or Ohio State-Lima or Ohio U-Chillicothe. But no dual names because they're all under the same University System of Ohio.
  4. Just looks like practice jerseys. The consistent orange stripe pattern worked best. Too much brown now.
  5. Or, you know, buy them because you like them and want them.
  6. Numbers on the helmets? I like that. Only good thing here. WTF.
  7. The Seattle Karens would have been scarier for a name. Kraken is going to be the Raptors. When the mood changes they'll be stuck with a name they don't want. At least Wild is so vague and encompassing that you can do whatever you want with it.
  8. Last time this happened would be the Saints after Katrina.
  9. I know. But, seriously. They built it anyways. So if they can't play the world series anywhere with fans... Let's play it there.
  10. I know this will never happen. But I can hope. If MLB expects the world series to not have fans in attendance, which is possible.... Play the game at the field of dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. This is literally the only chance of it ever conceivably being possible and it would make this entire cluster of a year into something uniquely memorable about it, in a positive way.
  11. There's quite a few hotels in the vicinity. I'm sure for game days the prices are much higher. As for shuttle I'm not sure but I'm guessing some of the fancier hotels that usually have such things probably would.
  12. Been there several times. The latest remodel made the stadium good but the seats down low are a little cramped compared to be stadiums. Parking is a huge plus. Why the Bills Mafia tailgate so extensively.
  13. Washington Generals are the team the Harlem Globetrotters beat 16,000 times.
  14. There is no way they'll be named the Generals. Never.
  15. Washington Pigskins Football. Check. Hog related. Check. Unique. Check. Tons of logo and mascot options. Check. Still the skins? Yes.
  16. Yeah, they're dynamic tickets. That way if you email them to someone you can't then try to sneak in before they do. I felt bad for one old couple that said they had to get a smart phone just to use their season tickets.
  17. Browns went all electronic last year. Couldn't even print tickets. All were on mobile screens. Good and bad. Lack of good internet at FirstEnergy Stadium is a definite bad.
  18. Browns just sent out an email asking if you want to opt out of season tickets for 2020.
  19. So, several teams have announced limited seating at their games. Baltimore expecting 14,000 at most. Kansas City not setting a limit but expecting very few and only current season ticket holders who are applying their 2020 payments to 2021 are eligible to have the few tickets for this season. Nothing from Cleveland. But with Cuyahoga County now in the red phase, which restricts a lot and requires mandatory mask use I'm expecting news soon on their plans. I've already let them know I'll gladly be one to give up my seats for next year because my wife has asthma and I'm not about to deal with the hoops to jump through aren't going to be worth the risk. The team told me they expected news last week that never happened. Any other news from other teams?
  20. College sports at the d3 level: President's Athletic Conference is going to intraconference games only this fall in all sports.
  21. Pigskins. Still the skins. The fan base latched into the hogs identity and it still has a little mythos left today. Is football related. Original. Exclusively theirs. Could have a gnarly looking hog as the mascot. Or go as more simply and use the aspects of an actual football as the logo. Keep the colors and emphasize the Washington more than the Skins.
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