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  1. Those are some mighty fine neck rolls on the Kansas players.
  2. You don't think that they could pull it off with two teams? Either two in the UK or a London team and a team in Paris or Dublin? Put one in each conference, set the schedule up so when one team is on a four game home stand the other is in the US on a four week road trip, have a practice facility stateside the teams would share when they're over here and do the same over there for visiting teams.
  3. I never understood why they wanted FSU and Miami in separate divisions but still playing against each other yearly during the regular season. It was still the BCS era when the ACC expanded to 12 and it seems like those two playing twice would hurt their chances at the BCS Championship Game or BCS at-large bid. Once the ACC expanded to 14 & replaced Maryland with Louisville they should have moved teams around to get the four North Carolina schools in the same division, that North Carolina and Wake Forest played each other non-conference this year is crazy.
  4. The AFC North is perfect in my book, the cities are all reasonably close, all are blue collar towns, all of the teams play outside, three of the teams have a connection to Paul Brown and the fourth team is the main rival for the Paul Brown franchises.
  5. For all the pro leagues - Every team has home and away throwback uniforms and a throwback must be worn by the visiting team if the home team chooses to wear theirs. Newer teams can have fauxbacks.
  6. As someone who lives on the other side of the Detroit River, I'd love to see Windsor get a CFL team but I can't see anyone either public or private building a stadium.
  7. Does The Naked Gun count as a baseball movie? If so it's #2 behind The Bad News Bears.
  8. Everyone involved wanted to keep the Bengals, Steelers, New Browns and Old Browns together due to their longstanding rivalries.
  9. The Boston National Leaguers stunk for most of their existence and it's hard for a rivalry to form when one team is consistently in the second division.
  10. Tons of stuff to see and do in Pittsburgh! Are you staying near PNC Park?
  11. Pitt and Syracuse were invited into the ACC in the fall of 2011, Maryland didn't announce the move to the B1G until November 2012 and their replacement Louisville was invited to the ACC like a day or two after Maryland's announcement. West Virginia was never really on the ACC's radar.
  12. If it was my decision not much would change from the current setup. The only way North and South divisions wouldn’t be a killer time zone wise(Denver is two time zones from half their division) is if the NL and AL were radically altered or done away with.
  13. Why have Pittsburgh and Philly in separate divisions? Back in the day it was one of the fiercest rivalries in baseball and if they ever were in a race for the division crown it would instantly heat up again.
  14. Why are the Pirates and Montreal in the Central and the Reds in the East? As much as I hate that the Pirates are currently in the Central and Atlanta is in the East, in the scenario above the new Montreal team should definitely be in the East.