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  1. If it was my decision not much would change from the current setup. The only way North and South divisions wouldn’t be a killer time zone wise(Denver is two time zones from half their division) is if the NL and AL were radically altered or done away with.
  2. Why have Pittsburgh and Philly in separate divisions? Back in the day it was one of the fiercest rivalries in baseball and if they ever were in a race for the division crown it would instantly heat up again.
  3. Why are the Pirates and Montreal in the Central and the Reds in the East? As much as I hate that the Pirates are currently in the Central and Atlanta is in the East, in the scenario above the new Montreal team should definitely be in the East.
  4. The grand opening of an on-campus Nike Store was part of yesterday's activities, they had new apparel on sale at the store and online. As a Pitt fan I really love what they've done with all of the uniforms and the apparel I've seen so far. Looking back it's so amazing how badly former AD's Steve Pederson, Jeff Long and Scott Barnes screwed things up when it came to uniforms, uniform roll outs, merchandise and tons of other things, newish AD Heather Lyke really nailed this and should get major props.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers - Three Rivers Stadium II (I can't see the Rooney's naming it after themselves or even doing something like Art Rooney Sr. Memorial Field) Pittsburgh Pirates - Roberto Clemente Park (A no brainer and would have been the name of a stadium proposed in the early 1990's) Pittsburgh Penguins - Fifth Avenue Arena (Like the Steelers can't see Mario Lemieux naming it after himself, went with Fifth Avenue Arena since it sounded cool) Pitt Basketball - "Doc" Carlson Center (Named after Pitt's most successful basketball coach, he lead the Panthers from 1922 to 1953)
  6. 1st & 10 is on Amazon Prime, I added it to my watchlist a few months ago but haven't dove in yet. HBO didn't produce 1st & Ten they just aired it, so whatever rights they had to show it most likely expired years ago.
  7. Do the stars on the Meadowlands logo represent the horse racing tracks in New Jersey?
  8. In the link below you can see a wider view of what they proposed. Looks like the plan was to remove some of the lower bowl between the 30 yard lines on the press box side and then a large part of the lower section on the other side, I guess that's how they would have given it somewhat standard dimensions for baseball with temporary seating put in for football. Pitt Stadium was designed to have the upper deck added on the press box side if they ever wanted to expand.
  9. Here's one I never knew about, the 1959 proposal to convert football only Pitt Stadium to a multi-purpose football/baseball stadium. Parking and traffic was a nightmare at a 50,000 seat Pitt Stadium, I can't image what it would be once they kicked it up to 74,000 for baseball and 80,000 for football.
  10. McMahon tried that in XFL1.0 and none of the football people wanted any part of it. Go watch Jesse Ventura try to lure the New York coach into an altercation, it’s just as embarrassing as Bubba the Cameraman in the cheerleader locker room.
  11. Gloria Estefan was the headliner for the "Winter Magic" halftime show at SBXXVI in Minneapolis! This one also had Dorothy Hamill and Brian Boitano skating around on platforms and the 1980 Miracle on Ice team running down some stairs and waving to the crowd. The SBXXIX Indiana Jones themed show with Pattie Labelle and Tony Bennett is goofy but entertaining, Disney produced it and used parts of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show from Disney World. Maybe if the NFL can't land a top act for the halftime show they should just start cheesing it up again, next year it's in Miami get Disney to produce and tie it in with the new Star Wars Land coming to both Disneyland and Disney World, have BB8 and R2-D2 scooting around and Mark Hamill singing songs from Guys and Dolls. Or since it's the game is on FOX do a big song and dance tribute to the Simpsons, they have enough of a song catalog to fill the 15 minutes.
  12. Don’t forget John Kasay kicking it out of bounds to give New England the ball at the 40 yard line in SB38.
  13. It’s the most boring one in my book, at least the big blow out games in the 80’s and 90’s had some exciting plays and scoring. I watched Super Bowl IX recently and the first half was similar to tonight’s game but the second half was way better, two Steeler TD’s and a Vikings blocked punt for a TD, plus you had Fran Tarkington running for his life. Super Bowl V had 11 total turnovers and is always considered the worse Super Bowl so it might be between tonight’s game and that one.
  14. Ford Field feels like a poorly designed mall.
  15. Teaser for Pitt's throwback uniforms.