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  1. The Cornhole Championships ESPN runs are bought time aka an infomercial, most fringe sports on ESPN, NBCSN and FS1 are bought time.
  2. In Greece no spectators for the Olympic Flame lighting ceremony at Ancient Olympia on Thursday along with no spectators at sporting events for two weeks.
  3. It can be argued that the lineage of the Colts starts with the Dayton Triangles with stops in Brooklyn as the Dodgers and Boston as the Yanks.
  4. Clemente's 3,000th hit was in his last regular season game, the Buccos won the East that season but lost to the Reds in the NLCS so his last hit was in Game 5. The Reds won that series thanks to a Bob Moose wild pitch in the bottom of the 9th.
  5. The Steelers should be in that group too since they started in 1933 along with the Eagles.
  6. Steroids were neither illegal or against NFL rules during the Steelers 70's run and steroids had been in pro football since the early 60's when the Chargers started handing out Dianabol with other teams following suit, Alex Karras mentions in his biography that the Lions trainers told them they were just vitamins. Serious weightlifting in pro football really didn't start until the mid-70's with some teams having their own programs, some teams like the Steelers had players lifting in their own free time and some teams discouraged weightlifting for various reasons. The 70's Steelers who messed with steroids were the O-Line who were all ripped but smaller weight wise than most lineman of the time, they were mainly a trapping team so they weren't looking to overpower the D-Line. The famed Steel Curtain D-Line never really lifting weights and did most of their training doing farm work and whatnot during the offseason. Also the NFL didn't have a steroid testing policy until 1989 after the 49ers had won three of their five Super Bowls.
  7. Does anyone else think the overtime would be better with only 3 rounds?
  8. Stale from a tv viewer side of things, playing in the Cotton Bowl isn't going to get me to watch a Dallas-Nashville game.
  9. The Shoe is way too big for the Blue Jackets to fill up even against the Penguins or the Red Wings, maybe do a doubleheader? Have the Detroit vs. Chicago and then Pittsburgh vs. Columbus? The Winter Classic gimmick is kind of stale so maybe changing things up some will draw more interest. If the Red Wings had a halfway decent team a Wings vs. Pens game at the Browns Stadium would sell out and have a bowl game atmosphere. Same goes for Pens and Flyers in State College but none of the parties seem interested anymore. Also with nothing to do in that god forsaken town but drink before and after the game the fear of fights in the crowd and drunk drivers making the trek home are legit.
  10. The Bengals having a new head coach is what makes this very suspect, sure the Pats don't really need to know the Bengals signals this season but that info can be useful down the line.
  11. Has any coach besides Bum Phillips worn blue jeans during a game? Not just the NFL but the NBA, College Football or Basketball? The past 6 or 7 years most of the high to mid level execs I see all seem to go with the blazer, fancy dress shirt with no tie and fancy jeans look, seems like that could bleed over to at least basketball.
  12. You'd think the NFL would have some sort of licensing deal with a high end designer or retailer for blazers like that.
  13. Dude an inch or so could have made this worse than the Kermit Washington punch. Garett and the NFL are lucky that there wasn’t a tragedy last night, he deserves to be gone 16 games at a minimum.
  14. Those are some mighty fine neck rolls on the Kansas players.