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  1. The bar is super low. Anything they throw out would be better. Doesn’t still mean it will be good.
  2. The 80s racing stripes get a lot of love (helps when you’re ultra competitive and win a World Series) but the 2.0 uniforms, that were button downs, I thought were pretty clean. They were worn during 91-92, some super low moments in Mets history. For obvious reasons, they get easily forgotten compared to the glory days.
  3. and make a mistake like the Jets? No thanks.
  4. If the words “dope” or “fire emoji” are used, then you know it’s terrible.
  5. The horn is terrible. The ram looks like something out of an insurance company. It’s another terrible LA logo. They’ll probably mess up the helmet too. What a swing and a miss.
  6. LMAO! LA football teams can’t make a good logo!
  7. Those 90s era Chargers uniforms won’t work on today’s template.
  8. because it almost always does neither.
  9. Lot of video games coming out in the next 2 months. Got time to play them now.
  10. Why? Why couldn’t you just say “20th Anniversary of winning the NL Pennant” and leave it at that? There were a lot of people advocating for black alternatives when Beltran was still manager but since he had to be let go, it kinda died. I’m still in favor for bringing them back for a special event.
  11. NFL teams suck at making a logo for Los Angeles. Chargers had their logo turned meme that forced them to scrap and now the Rams with this thing.
  12. I thought that was a Chargers logo.
  13. It was Game 6. 2016 NBA Finals automatically comes to mind. The greatest moment Cavs history and they wear a bad t-shirt because "superstition".