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  1. I'm telling you right now, it's gonna be white/black with solid black socks.
  2. Nothing says Atlanta quite like an Indiana Pacers inspired uniform.
  3. Why do I get the feeling they're gonna go for some bland monochrome look when it's all said and done?
  4. It's a simple look. I dunno, feels like it's missing a few tweaks. I'll have to see them on a player.
  5. The only thing the Islanders got right in the RR are the collars actually being filled in all the way. Why can't they do that with the regular jerseys?
  6. Everything is chrome in the future! If anything, it makes me hate the NFL more. I don't think I would mind the standard logo system if it wasn't so boring and uninspiring. The same goes for the current NBA Finals logo. Stanley Cup has had a standard logo for a decade but it's always been visually interesting.
  7. I believe in the comics, they reference Homer selling the team just before they won their 2 SB titles.
  8. It's easy to call the Fisherman Jersey the worst based on being radically different but at least it had a consistent theme. The black Islanders jersey had no theme. Someone got a little too chaotic in Create-a-Uniform mode. The timing of the jersey also made no sense. It was right around the time the Mets and Knicks removed black from their colors. That era of BFBS seemed over. Islanders were those people who jump into a trend as it ended.
  9. There was something unique about every team having their own manufacture. I just missing seeing different brands other than Nike and Adidas in US sports. If the NFL never went with 1 sole manufacture, I wonder if more teams would have different uniform templates? Kinda like what goes on in College Football.
  10. but don't they already release replica jerseys with NOB?
  11. Didn't someone mess up the font logo on the jersey making the script more BOLD rather than thin? The script logo has looked off for a few years now.
  12. The Padres during the 2010s were so lifeless. They had 1 good set and that was the ASG uniform and even then, it only lasted 1 season before going back to Navy and White.
  13. Pullovers don't really work in todays fashion where jersey's are still a little more loose.
  14. Surly can't be a coincidence the Jets have 2 of their worst seasons in black.