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  1. Remember Team Ecko in Madden 2002?
  2. Like Mike replaced the Clippers with the Los Angeles Knights.
  3. It seems the opinion on whether the Flames should use or not use black is split 50/50. Personally I think black works great with the Flames. Their away uniforms has the right amount of black used. I wish they can do the same with their home uniforms because it's there that they overdo it.
  4. While it's the better uniform, I'm not a fan of when teams wear 2 completely different styled uniforms for the playoffs. The Penguins and Capitals wore throwbacks during the playoffs and that bothered the hell out of me each time.
  5. I have super low expectations so that 97 season I consider good since they only won 1 game the previous year. I also completely forgot about the 1991 season.
  6. I should say, the mid-90s set for the Jets weren't bad. The helmets were still lame but for the most part, it wasn't bad. It reminds me of the Knicks set from the 2000s that used black in a similar way and those I thought were done really well. The downside is that those (like the 2000s Knicks) were used during some really REALLY bad embarrassing times for the Jets. I think they only had 1 good season in those sets.
  7. The worst part about that set were the helmets. Black facemask and a green shell doesn't work.
  8. I don’t mind the Solid Top-Pinstripe Bottom combo but I prefer the top photo over the bottom. Are they at least gonna have a stripe on the side? Because if it’s just plain white pants, then it’s gonna look really boring especially with the pipeless purples.
  9. Reminds me of the story of when NBC paid a million dollars to design a new logo only to find out a Nebraska TV station already had the same exact logo.
  10. Those are logos that have lasted for more than half a century. The Jets NY was something put together in the 2000s and rarely seen anywhere.
  11. Ah but as we Jet fans all know, “logic” isn’t in their dictionary.
  12. Similar fonts was a thing in the 90's too and they had the same main color.
  13. You know, I like NYC’s new jersey but I don’t like that the shorts are the same color.
  14. Why can't the Jets be this good at playing football as they are hiding uniform leaks?