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  1. I still wish they’d fix the angle. Why does it look fine on the away uniforms but messed up on the home uniforms?
  2. Just downloaded MLB 19 because it was free on PS+ and noticed they got the Mets 1985 uniforms wrong. The same applies for the 85 away uniform. This could’ve passed for their 1991 uniforms since those where button downs but they kept the blue collar. Now it’s just a mixup of a set that didn’t exist.
  3. Maybe they do have plans but Nike keeps putting out concepts that look even worse.
  4. The New Orleans Hornets probably had the most underrated set of all time. Keeping the Hornets brand fresh by adding the New Orleans flavor and it worked. The old Charlotte Hornets logo is still my favorite NBA logo of all time. I would love it if they brought that back. That concept art would be great in action.
  5. It’s ok for teams to admit their mistake. Instead of forcing an obviously unpopular one down everyone’s face, go back to the one people liked. Teams do this all the time.
  6. That’s really a rule? That’s worse than the 5-year rule the NFL has.
  7. And once again, I think it says “MIKE”.
  8. They put as much effort in the alternatives as they do putting together a decent team.
  9. This is how you start an identity crisis.
  10. You want lazy. Try MLB The Show who haven’t updated Matt Vasgersian recordings since 2005.
  11. Yeah, I really don't like how they've been slowly phasing out the Conference logos on the field.
  12. Man, the Bucs used to look so good before Nike. They could’ve kept the that set, even if they lost the black collar.
  13. It boggles my mind that the Jets really went back to the black facemask. It was ugly in the 90s and it's still ugly today. Was black REALLY that popular that it warranted a comeback? It was used during the worst years in Jets history. Name me one good Jets event during that era. I feel like that's an automatic reasoning NOT to bring back a color. Even when Reebok had those black fashion jerseys, I didn't see a single person wearing them. Who asked for this?