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  1. I don't get the SLASH. It obscures the R for no reason.
  2. What the Pit Viper site is missing are the website visitor count.
  3. The fan jumping off the rails behind the CBS crew didn't even crack Top 5 wildest moment of the night.
  4. Going outside the box a bit. Back in 2004, TNA Wrestling aired on Fox Sports Net. It's the only time I can recall a wrestling show having a scorebug in every match. Using the FSN scorebug made it feel like an actual sporting event. It was only limited to the image you see here. Everything else, like a wrestler's name during their entrance, was a custom TNA graphic. WWE SmackDown currently airs on FOX and FS1. Can use imagine the show featuring the current FOX Sports graphics during the matches?
  5. I assumed they were picking the most culturally significant World Series logo for the team.
  6. The Mets and Yankees had the same exact designs. The Bronx and Queens could not be anymore different from each other. These hats were so lazily put together, how could anyone accept these?
  7. Man, I do not like the new NBC scorebug for NHL. It's way to small. Everything is too close to each other, especially if a team goes on the PP. There's no breathing space. Probably the current worst socrebug on the national networks.
  8. That's a shame they changed it. I like the name Swope Park Rangers.
  9. and aren't they inaccurately using the name SPORTING as well.
  10. Happened to a lot of teams. Back when the Jets announced the new set, @keyser.soze made a small change that inverted the shoulder stripe to fit the modern Nike template. It looked pretty good too and could've fixed one major problem the Jets uniforms had since the Nike takeover. If they did this with the current colors, it would look really good. I said before, all they needed were small tweaks, not an entire overhaul.
  11. There's a new Adidas template coming out?
  12. The new NBC scorebug looks like it was made for MLB but they failed to get the rights and didn't want the graphics to go to waste.
  13. So they CAN throw the swoosh on the sleeve!
  14. are there any more photos of this?
  15. Both the classic and the previous modern version's aren't great logos but it's what pops in my head when someone mentions the Jets.
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