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  1. Teams better be wearing throwbacks multiple times in 2019 to go along with the 100th anniversary. Just like the 75th anniversary. I would like each team to have a home and away throwback like they did for the AFL 50th anniversary. It would be cool if they wore each at least twice.
  2. That is the Rams fault. They can change their uniforms if they want but they want to wait for their new stadium to open.
  3. Yeah that would be cool to do a Portsmouth throwback once, but I absolutely love the throwbacks they brought back last season. One of my all time favorite uniforms.
  4. The Lions don't really ever celebrate any of their time in Portsmouth, just the beginning of their time in Detroit in 1934. But who knows maybe they will in the future.
  5. Yep that was all part of every original AFL team celebrating their and the AFL's 50th anniversary.
  6. No the grays are not, they are the only bad part of the redesign. They look like crappy sweats.
  7. Don't forget the Cardinals and Falcons. The Mid 00s looks in both sports are bad.
  8. The Cowboys did have a wordmark on their White jersey from 1996 to 1998 I believe.
  9. Exactly what I was thinking. Adding an area of teal between the gold and black on the pants will mirror how there is a small area of white between the gold and black stripes on the jersey.
  10. The lions aren't going to rebrand anything. The uniforms have been a big hit with the fans and players. The only possible thing I could see happening anytime soon is them finding a way to help the numbers contrast a little bit more on the home jersey.
  11. No it isn't, the Pistons have been a red, white, and blue team dating back to their days in Fort Wayne all the way back in 1941. The teal was an embarrassment for a historical franchise.
  12. That's too bad the, teal is despised here in Detroit. There is a small minority of people who like it but for the most part it is hated here. A bad boys throwback or the lightning bolt throwback would be way better. Or at least bringing back a red uniform.
  13. Anything that happened while they were in New Orleans still belongs the the Pelicans. The Pelicans franchise is now established in 2002 so the new orleans hornets stats and records belong to the pelicans. Anything that happened before in Charlotte reverted to the new Hornets/Bobcats.
  14. I don't know if anyone noticed this but the lions broke out some silver clips for the players who wore visors last night. First time they have done this all year. I really liked how they looked.
  15. They actually had a banner for him at the Palace that was above the players. They just updated it with the move.
  16. Well since there only Thursday game is Thanksgiving against the Lions, and the Lions are wearing throwbacks I'm going to guess no. Really wish they broke out a throwback for that too. Thanksgiving was really awesome in the first half of the 00's when the games had every team wearing throwbacks.
  17. I'd prefer they wore the gray pants on the road too. However, I've gotten use to the blue. I'd probably really like them if they had white socks with the blue triple stripe on them.
  18. I think this modern classic has to be in consideration. Despite a few flaws these are two classic looks for two classic teams that Nike knocked out of the park.
  19. That TCU uniform was one of the best in college football.
  20. The teal jerseys are an abomination. The Pistons have been using Red White and Blue since they were in Fort Wayne. Just because other teams that have come after the pistons have red white and blue doesn't mean the Pistons need to change.
  21. Sadly, I have a feeling they are going to add the logo to the court and when they do I also hope it is all black like it was at the Palace. However, I feel like they'll make it orange and black like center ice.
  22. I'm assuming it would be the same as with Brett Favre on Madden 09. Released the copies of him in Packers Jersey and let people download and print a new one of him in a Jets jersey. Then they started to sell Jets versions once the initial stock was sold. With the way things are connected online now too, I'll bet they update all the start screens to if he is traded.