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  1. It's precisely that, actually. "Erster Fußballclub" as ze Germanz say it
  2. Oh, those are fake. Templates are from the 2018 World Cup, there's even the jock tag from those kits in the mockups.
  3. San Jose and Seattle wearing their change tops while their homes don't even clash... nothing to see here *eye roll emoji*
  4. Actually not; current season's shorts have the adidas logo on the back of the leg; these ones have it on the front of the leg.
  5. I only have one thing to say (coming from the person that had no clue how TV numbers work - or even that they were called "TV numbers",go figure) to be honest: Please, please, please try to be more proportionate with your front/back numerals! Names and the aforementioned TV numbers are fine,but those on the front and back are somehow elongated too much.
  6. There we go; I think this is much less offensive to the eyes (sorry Seattle fans!)
  7. I think the green from the new Copa 19 boots is a nice reference, if you need one:
  8. I know it wouldn't be the Sounders green this way,but could you try a richer primary green? Their "rave" green is like volt, it just can't look good!
  9. This probably doesn't work as well as I think it does but... what if they actually put kelly green "wings" on the current helmet? Does the uniform have to be a throwback?
  10. I'm just saying Nike like the navy for France more...
  11. I do prefer the royal blue for France... don't think it's sticking around,especially after they've won the World Cup in navy,but royal blue just fits them so much better. Belter of a top.
  12. The stripes on Atleti look like that because it's a youth sizes jersey. Inter's youth shirt looks the same in the kids' size:
  13. Why did LAFC wear white instead of just using white shorts? Light blue v white isn't ideal...
  14. It's a bad fake made off someone's concept. Look at how the Arsenal badge is stitched on like a patch rather than embroidered or screen printed,for example. Or how small it is,same for the adidas logo on the other side. They're also too far apart.
  15. I'd have to agree with everyone about US: The home is pretty nice,although it could have been simpler,while the away seems a little derivative,and the "USA" on the sleeves doesn't work.
  16. Hmm this is a miss... the darker blue doesn't work well,and the two-colour stripe feels a little "forced" and template-y; a little like a generic training top.
  17. Not exactly; it's more "1990s Nike" than "Vapor Unstoppable",if anything.
  18. I really need to start proofreading my posts aside from my tweets apparently, for :censored:'s sake
  19. I know,the English... I hate us too lol!
  20. Should have gone with the blue kit
  21. adidas are really milking that stripe graphic aren't they? Would have looked nicer,if you ask me,in a coral shade of orange/red. Would also evoke the "sunset" theme better.
  22. It should be no3. Very often,designers don't use pure black,as it doesn't convert well to textile.
  23. Makes you wonder why they've only had one(1) royal blue change top...