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  1. Don't forget the Buccaneers and Nike's orange swoosh, far too noticeable!!
  2. Kansas City could celebrate BBQ, or their livestock history. Ribs, Barons, Bulls (?)
  3. My wife thinks so? l adopted the Steelers as a little tyke to annoy my Eagle-loving family. I couldn't get into the St. Louis football Cardinals and l dislike anything Kansas City. As for the baseball Cardinals, that was locked in at birth!!
  4. If Seattle were to get an NHL team, l'm curious where they would end up on your list.
  5. Haha, St. Louis has gotta be different. I think Philadelphia is set up the same way?
  6. Huh, l had a dumpster on fire as a proposed Brown's logo two years ago...
  7. We're on the northwest edge of the Metro, despite traffic, this is a great place to live?
  8. As much as l want to hate on Chicago, l actually like the city!!! Granted, l've only "known" the Chicago area for ten years, but to me, the layout works for me. We live in metro Atlanta, and l'd rather deal with Chicago's rush hour. Plus, nice summer weather, and, to me, the predictable winter weather isn't that hard to deal with, Illinois has the best winter road crews in the Midwest!! I feel dirty admitting that?
  9. You just described the city of Milwaukee!
  10. What suburb? I'm a truck driver and l was touring Will County last week!
  11. A lot of self-hate here!!! No hatred for the Ravens???? As a Steeler fan, any time l see purple/black, l feel somewhat sick?
  12. And that inferiority complex does exist in St. Louis, except for baseball?
  13. Haha, granted, l grew up about an hour and a half northwest of St. Louis, but in rural northeast Missouri we were all-in with anything St. Louis. Are you from Chicagoland originally?
  14. I agree, l'm in Wisconsin quite a bit and l love the state!! I'm a Cardinals fan, and Brewers fans don't react to me very well. I feel, though, in the NL Central, don't we all really dislike the Cubs? Growing up in the Midwest, there is a general hatred for anything Illinois.
  15. So, l love your Cowboy concept, but, are those baby blue secondary stripes on the sleeves? Or, does my phone operate on the Flintstone plan? Obviously, silver secondary stripes are better, but...
  16. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! This!!!!! Kelly green is back, baby!!!! Cries of joy from my family in Bucks!!!
  17. For the Cardinals, lose the Flywire also. Solid otherwise!! Reincorporating the Arizona flag is a concept l could get behind, 1988 all over again, and that's a good thing?
  18. I like the way you think!!!! Colorado is PERFECT!!!!!! Simplifying their logo is spot-on. How about the Padres in gold and white in your proposed template, perfect!!!!
  19. I thought Denver, too!! Keep current font, but this overall Bears concept is nice!! Heck, l like all three of these concepts. Probably go black numerals on the Saints road, though, nice contrast!
  20. verno

    Slapshot's NHL

    And how about my Blues minus the navy, a huge problem I have with my beloved NHL team!!!!! Your concepts are spot-on!!!!
  21. We have a winner!!!! This uniform is beautiful!!!!
  22. That road set is perfect for the Buccos!!!
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