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  1. I was thinking the same thing, leopard. The Baltimore Colts were a structural core of the original NFL!!
  2. Guessing Cubbies and Bulls for you, admiral. Are you also a Patriots fan?!
  3. So, the title explains it, professional or college. Starting with my favorite professional teams: St. Louis Blues, despite some recent playoff beef, l don't really have an issue with Nashville, maybe because they are now rather close to me (we live in the Atlanta area.) St. Louis Cardinals, l would say the Pirates, l HATE every other team in the NL Central!!! Pittsburgh Steelers, l guess the Browns? I despise the Ravens at such deep level and the dirty Bengals aren't much better!! Atlanta Hawks, uffff, l dunno!!! In college sports, l'm a Mizzou fan. In the SEC East, l guess Vandy bothers me the least, both teams stink!!
  4. Hold on a sec!!!! The state bird of Utah is the seagull? No way!!!!!
  5. I am by no means a Spurs fan, but this image is hard to digest!
  6. And Carter is now on my Hawks!!!! God help my local NBA team?
  7. That officially makes Marty the best goalie in Blues history, ufff?
  8. That ruined my restoration plans for my 86 Camry...... But seriously folks, on two points, l'm digging the 49ers with the red facemask and Indy should go royal blue. And my Steelers, no gray/grey facemask, stay with black!
  9. I agree, Cardinal bias not factoring in here.
  10. Do you have eyes, these uniforms are hideous!!
  11. Ahhh, we' re oddly similar?! Wife grew up in New Bedford, MA, Yankee fan (God help us!) I grew up in northeast Missouri, Cards fan of course!! My wife looks at this site maybe twice a year?!!!! Maybe slightly more if she catches a Pats' logo!!!!
  12. In fact, there is probably a Facebook feed of my maternal family doing sort of illegal things a day after the Eags won the SB. The Vet can attest to this, this was an epic happening!!!! Philly is one wound up town, and never mention 1993 in my uncle's house, he will legit take a ratchet to your side your head!!! His intensions will be that you stop moving, no joke!!?
  13. Ahhh, l knew I liked you for a reason, Vet. Listen, l adopted the Steelers at a young age to "piss" off my Mom's Eags loving family, but my cousins, uncles, and aunts in Bucks are now ready to sign over anything. Hell, Mom's sixty one with a couple of tats, now she's talking the eighties Eagle across her shoulders!!!! God Bless Philadelphia?
  14. Ahhh, I'm sitting next to my 2011 Mustang GT right now!! As I drink and type, l fully appreciate this ride. He's got 34k miles after a run to Missouri! Performed flawlessly!! And at many high rates of speed, thank you!!!! This fricking car has been nothing but silk since new? to the shegrin of my Chevy loving wife?
  15. News flash: Cousins signs with the New England Patriots!!!
  16. So, we have lived in the Atlanta area since 2011. My wife is a diehard Celtic fan, apparently she has no worries this fall! But l grew up in rural Missouri with no real NBA team, but l have latched onto the Hawks carefully.? Can anyone explain what this seemingly lost franchise is doing? We kinda want to go to a game this season, but should l just root for the opposing team? Any local help?
  17. Ya know, my first college out of high school, their colors were Cherry and Grey. No black outlines, no brown, simple bright red and flat silver. Just the "flattest", most unimaginative grey/silver you could think of!!!! And on the basketball unis, (no football team,) amazing!!!! AZ Cardinals, any thoughts?
  18. And my Mustang's Performance White? Nose up to your refrigerator, look deeply...........Done!
  19. The Grabber Blue is better in person, brother!!!!!! Maybe two clicks darker........
  20. To be honest, though, the Beaman jersey was at a kiosk in the Columbia Mall and not a thrift store. There were all the versions of GSW jerseys, many different versions of Jordan's Bulls jerseys (including my favorite red pinstripe on black,) a Pippen Bulls, many Nike NFL jerseys at $95 (they "felt" good, but.......?) different NBA All-Star jerseys and countless soccer kits. My accompanying party made sure l left that area?
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