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  1. 100% bring back royal but I feel like the retro reverse would be too much orange to with the home.
  2. Really don't like the virtual ads on the ice
  3. I love this logo but what's worse is I feel like it would perfectly fit the impact name with arrows making up the snowflake. It feels like it represents impact more than their current logo while still being very classy.
  4. Still waiting for navy pinstripes on light blue, would be a perfect blend and unique to mls
  5. Really want to see the cherry blossom DC kit come true.
  6. I'm not sure they should've used white cuffs on the gloves
  7. Don't forget they wore silver and black in their second biggest game too.
  8. For these rumored outdoor games, I'm thinking they're going to wear the retro reverse. Both of those teams clash with each other and I don't think there is enough time to create new uniforms.
  9. If the mls ever allows third kits I wouldn’t mind a flag themed kit. I didn’t even hate the light blue shorts but the yellow gradient wasn't working at all and I would want it worn sparingly and preferably on the road.
  10. As much as I love the throwback stripes I hope osu goes regular. 0/2 against Clemson in the throwbacks and 0/3 against Clemson in alternate jerseys.
  11. A designer from adidas was saying that polo collars are very unpopular comfort wise for players and that was a reason they aren't being used in kits as much.
  12. Very happy to see the sixers only wear the city uniforms 3 times so far. They normally ramp it up near the end of the year but fingers crossed.
  13. I definitely think they crew should be an all yellow team with black checkerboard accents but. I would interested to see if they could pull of a croatia style black and gold checker board kit without it looking too obnoxious.
  14. They wear Y/B/Y for Champions league and US open cup
  15. Crew wearing black for MLS cup, kind of expected but still. very disappointed. Not only do I think the crew should wear their iconic all yellow for mls cup but I also think it would clash against Seattle's green.
  16. I would argue none of those teams are the biggest brand in their respective conference.
  17. See I feel like the flyers are the one team that can get away with it since there's at least some historical precedent, I kinda feel like that's their thing. My problem when other teams try to do it is that they use it with a yolk and makes the back way too crowded but how the flyers shoulder stripe goes to the collar instead of connecting in the back, I think the nameplates create a sense of balance to the back.
  18. I gotta say it has grown on me since they were leaked but I really doesn’t create a push for the 90's jerseys to come back. I would rank their current uniforms a top 5 look in the league.
  19. I mean the name is even older than MLS so I'd say it's pretty traditional for North American Soccer
  20. 2020 just keeps getting worse.
  21. Not a fan of the cavs having 2 black uniforms in the rotation.
  22. dont want to be that guy but the warriors is technically slate.
  23. I always liked how the mens hockey team used the stripe on a scarlet and black background. That being said I think the ideal move would be for osu to take the helmet stripe and then when you put it on a different back ground the color would swap with grey. Like this : They much do this except for the scarlet uniform. I would love for this to be a whole department though.