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  1. I'd be down if my team were called the Mellow Yellows.
  2. If im paying for a stadium, I'm picking a better city than Oakland.
  3. If the Jags wear all black, or black over white, this will be the worst looking game of the year. Jags, please wear teal anything. Even if it's just the pants. Though it seems they have forgotten about the those.
  4. Every color you can pigeonhole to a decade. Who cares?!? Saying a color is "so 90s so it must go" is one of the lamest habits of this board.
  5. I like the wink. I feel like he is coming on to me. I could use the attention.
  6. If they make an identity based off of them, I won't complain. I'd be for it. Let me explain what makes me worried. I didn't want to say anything, but people keep pushing, despite a mods request to drop it. So I would like one quick defense. One identity is definitely biker based. It has a guy riding a Harley. But what's the other part of the teaser? A guy getting a biker tattoo. Look at that tattoo. Now look up Hells Angels logo. You can see, that tat looks like a hell's angels knockoff. That's not good. Is it just a guess on my part? Sure. But it's a fair guess on a possible identity.
  7. A battlehawk is a military helicopter. It's used by three branches. Which city on the list has a base nearby that might house some?
  8. Sorry, I don't like bikers or the biker culture. Call me immature, that's fine. I feel biker gangs are immature. I mean the crime syndicated ones. They suuuuuuuuuuuuck. Terrible people. But I think the non crime ones can be immature, too. Do the bikes have to be that loud? You got to do it in a quiet residential area? So now they want to make a football team out of that? Gross. That's my opinion that I'm allowed to express. It's not racially motivated. It's not bigoted. It's my opinion on a very possible identity. It is a gun I will stick to.
  9. If any of these have a biker theme, they will automatically become my most hated franchise. Bikers suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! With their silly little biker costumes.
  10. I love the colors of the first pic. Can't wait to see that one.
  11. That isn't how you do a cursive N. That's an R. Severty Sixers. One of the worst nba jerseys. Why not let it die?
  12. I say burn it all to the ground. The clippers might be the biggest joke franchise of all the major North American teams. Their history and their old owner. Both the biggest punchline ever in sports. It's time to start fresh. Even if that means we must sacrifice a neat name. It should have been done after the forced selling.
  13. I bet the recruit that has a pro's mentality does not look at uniforms. If im a WR I'm looking at system, coaches, coaches stability, draft record at my position, qb, 2nd and 3rd qb, and future recruiting targets at qb. Then I'm looking at the facilities. The university location and weather, housing, education programs, traffic, transportation, and entertainment. Because all of those things will affect your life the 3 to 5 years you are there and beyond in to your professional career. Your college uniform will not have an affect on your life whatsoever. A very immature decision to base a pick off a "sweet uniform". If im a top coach, that's a red flag to me. I'm guessing that recruit will always need someone on his ass 24/7.
  14. Then how come they aren't San Francisco now?
  15. That's just it. Money talks and Golden State is a money making name. The Angels aren't comparable. They weren't a dynasty. Being a dynasty goes a long way with name recognition.
  16. I think their dynasty cemented Golden State for at least 20 more years. If they were still a crap franchise, they would be San Francisco today.
  17. The Seattle Sockeye novelist just made sure she could continue using the name in her books. The registering has no affect on the NHL franchise. She's all for it. Her words
  18. That's really clever. Edit: The more I think about it, the more I want this to happen. Viral campaign time.
  19. That might have been the plan the whole time with this split announcement. No real split was ever expected. But the leak may do its job. Now no one wants to go to the games. Giving more legal ammo to break lease. Meanwhile, Montreal is salivating over the news. It's like a new attractive girl at the workplace. Everyone is excited and buzz is thick in the air. Everyone wants to talk to her. Not thinking about how the glitter will fade, and one day she'll just be another annoying coworker.
  20. I don't like Steelheads for hockey, but love it for the xfl. Too bad it's a pipe dream. These names are blah.
  21. Yikes. He basically saying that if you are going to make me stay here till 2027, I'm going to make you look as inept as a market as I can.