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  1. Stockpiled some concepts during my hiatus. I've got two new teams and three updates. Let's start with the updates. San Antonio Marshals: Changed the badge shape to fit better, replaced the 5-point star with a 6-point, and swapped out the black for a dark brown to give off a more western feel. Uniforms are updated accordingly, with a bit of gold trim added to the sleeve cuffs and collar. Ottawa Grey Jays: Streamlined the logo and colors and changed the font. Uniforms updated accordingly. Lumières du Québec: Fixed some stroke inconsistencies and rotated the aurora striping. Uniforms have updated striping. Flag alternate is booted. And the new teams... New York Towers: Honors the captivating New York skyline, emphasizing the art deco style used on several famous buildings. Uniforms are fairly traditional. Dallas Outlaws: References the history of thievery and swindling in the western frontier. Big rivals with San Antonio. That's all I have ready right now. I've names down for all teams except Nashville, if you guys have any ideas. I don't know how long it will be before I'll have more concepts ready, and there are a few teams I want to update (primarily Denver and Philly), but I'm pretty close to the series' end. This series has been a great challenge and joy to me in many ways so far. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
  2. I know a crocodile who would agree with you on that one
  3. Honestly not a terrible look. Lighten the grey and swap out the kelly for midnight and that'd look great. It may be a bit garish for the Eagles, but it's not too out there by Nike's standards. That'd place among Nike's best redesigns.
  4. Only a slight upgrade imo. Gradient jersey is horrendous. Ditch the monochrome and side stripes, shrink the ATL and it's pretty good. I don't mind the helmet, (although it's random for the Falcons) or the side shadows. I wouldn't say it's the worst uniform in the league, but I'm not sure who I'd give that honor to at this point. My Nike redesign rankings: Great 1: Vikings 2: Buccaneers 2.0 3: Lions Good/above average 4: Jets 5: Seahawks 6: Dolphins 2.0 7: Jaguars 2.0 8: Dolphins 1.0 Below average/bad 9: Falcons 10: Jaguars 1.0 11: Titans 12: Browns 13: Buccaneers 1.0
  5. Austin and South Beach look great! I think I prefer the double blue wishbone set for South Beach. Great series so far.
  6. Pats look great! I think I slightly prefer the white versions. I love the jersey striping and stars on the sleeve cap, although that may not leave room for TV numbers. I'd also like to see the pants stripe in more detail, as I can't tell what exactly it looks like. Overall, this is amazing and would be a great direction for the Pats to go. Great job!
  7. Looks great, but there's a few small issues. The cogs of the Chicago logo aren't evenly spaced, and the stroke on the gears isn't consistent. Plus the uniforms seem a bit too conservative for a name like 'Machine'. Still a solid concept and a great series, as always.
  8. Here's the Seahawks. I got rid of the intrusive chest stripe, keeping the striping inside the shoulder cap. The white jersey and pants are completely replaced by the wolf grey set. I also standardized the pants and collar stripe, so it's always navy with volt/action feather stripes. Helmet logo outline is now volt, as there wasn't enough volt there. I find the Seahawks current set to be busy but good, only needing a few tweaks to be a top 10 set. Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.
  9. I'd love to see the Cardinals either go red and white full time or shift towards adding an extra color that's not black or yellow. There's too many red and black/red and yellow teams in the league, and I have yet to see any concepts with black or yellow that have impressed me. I also wouldn't be against them shifting towards a darker red with khaki/sand, similar to the Coyotes' look.
  10. They did have a gradient free version that they didn't use as often, but yeah it's a massive downgrade. The old logo's typography needed some tweaking, but it's still a good logo.
  11. That's pretty much what I expected. As I pats fan, I'm looking forward to a change, despite only having ever seen the current set being used.
  12. You'd definitely be the exception. While that's not a bad color scheme in a vacuum, it doesn't fit the Chargers at all. Powder blue and gold is 100% what they should be doing, and i'm very glad to see it back full time.
  13. I posted that about a dozen pages back. That was for the logo unveiling. I'd expect the uniforms in mid to late April, as other teams have confirmed to unveil their uniforms around then.