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  1. Cream city SC is really good, I like that look. Here's a question. Where's my NHL team?
  2. In that case there's a case to be made for Columbus as mentioned. Madison and Des Moines (metro, since the Cyclones play in Ames), and Louisville have a case too for a spot if you're using the college stadiums that are in place (which are admittedly huge, generally bigger than the existing CFL venues).
  3. I also don't live there anymore, I was born and raised, haven't lived there for about 10 years.
  4. All of these concepts are great, really loving this series. I see Quad Cities reppin!
  5. Leafs: Dig the striping on the home jersey The alt is a bit weird. I don't think that's a final iteration but I'm not abandoning ship Sabres set is good for home and road but I feel like I'm not in love with parts of the yellow alt. Maybe it's the Buffalo written in the stripe. I understand the red and black inspiration and I think the design is good in general, it just seems out of place. Sharks fan: Pro-lined gradient on the home jersey. Anti the SJ behind the shark on the black alt. Maybe just that alt Shark without the SJ I like more (like the one on the road white). Love the water gradient I'm kind of into ditching orange all the way. Canucks green is a must have in some form. That's a popular look. Checkerboard on Canucks was surprising but not bad.
  6. The cannon logo makes me weak. I haven't decided if I like this cannon or the cream-light blue cannon more.. I would fight someone for that blue Blue Jackets jersey (and lose probably)
  7. This seems like the right place to think about this. With the heartbreaking lack of real sports I've been messing around with rebuilding the five leagues (MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS). Basically my project is wanting to revamp the current team and finish the expansion of every league to 32 and completely rebooting the minor league system. So here's the catch: I have negative design chops. It seems like the place to see if anyone wants to work on a semi-big pet project with me. This is mainly for fun. I have a lot of logistics worked out because I'm a nerdboy with time to kill because of COVID-19. If anyone's interested in what I have going on, HMU!
  8. That penguins logo and jersey concept might be your best one. Super unique design. I would love to see what you would do for a powder blue alt on that. I have a weakness for the powder blue.
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