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  1. Be better with block numbers, number fonts far too much like the Bears, a tiger is mostly orange, orange jersey, black numbers & shoulder stripes, white pants, black socks for home, then white jersey, black numbers, orange pants, black socks for away, alternate could be similar to the white color rush they have now, helmet stays as is....but this to me still looks too much like the Browns.
  2. Or...make the orange jersey navy, replace the stripe on the shoulders with the one from this helmet
  3. The absolute perfect Broncos uniform.
  4. Your silver pants is a perfect match to the helmet, but go with the royal blue, now get rid of the stupid green pants please Jerry, what is wrong with you man ?
  5. I'd go blue pants/black stripe, black topped socks for both home and away, maybe even black helmet with blue stripes bordered by silver.
  6. Spot on bud, maybe a black stripe, bordered by white on the blue pants ?, except for the black helmet, Panthers already have this uniform, just need to put it all together the right way.
  7. I'd go for blue pants/black socks with white jersey/black numbers to match the black jersey/white numbers, blue pants/black socks, black helmet combo, send it to Tepper.
  8. I'm very much old school, believe every team should have block numbers of some form, liking the Panthers concept with the blue pants/black socks, with black home jersey/white block numbers, and white away jersey with black numbers, ya got a winner with the blue pants/black socks, black helmet could have a blue stripe, lets see a 2.0 version.
  9. Would love to see the Oilers come back, the Texans just never fit, c'mon Titans give Houston back the name.
  10. Really liking the Dolphins, Oilers, Broncos, Chargers, Giants - white numbers, Washington (Washington Football Team) (Warriors), Patriots ok, Bengals ok, Colts ok, Browns - good already
  11. So they don't think fans are gonna revolt over the name change ?, it's already happening, your going to see more Redskins stuff than ever, the majority of fans do not want the name changed period, I'm no Redskins fan but I live in Redskins country, fans are really pissed Snyder gave into the cancel culture, Fed Ex, Pepsi etc. from what I'm hearing from far more people than being reported, businesses too, he might need to re-think this.
  12. And all they had to do was match the helmet to the 73' to 99' jersey with the brighter colors....
  13. This was so easy Rams, you had the best uniforms in the NFL from 73' to 99', even better than the Chargers, but no listening to the fans at all, nope.. gotta go with what they think is trendy, forward, whatever other BS the front office can come up with, all you had to do was brighten the colors of the 73' to 99' unis., make the helmet match the jersey, done.
  14. Great job getting rid of the rounded numbers for the Steelers, put the yellow pants with the away jersey, it's done.
  15. Get back on topic, this is about the Rams new uniforms.
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