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  1. I really like the new edit for the MLB logo, this looks awesome!
  2. The NHL one is pretty solid to me. it could maybe use an extra color or something to add a little pop to it, but it's a solid logo and represents the game well I think. I love the concept of the MLB one. I think the only thing I could see for improving is that it feels like a bit too much empty space in the player. Could be worth it to try adding a couple stars; one about where home plate would be and the other at the pitchers mound. One could be red and the other blue as another way to represent the AL and NL. That might give it a little more balance in terms of colors and negative space without cluttering the image of the player, and it would connect well with the rest of the design.
  3. This is outstanding! I might even give SketchUp a try myself now. I'm hoping to get to go to Breese Stevens this year for a Radicals game but it's awesome to think it could become something like this. All that said, about the Northwoods league I have to say...go Kingfish! lol.
  4. Normally I'm not a bumper, but since I did the Federals logo due to requests I'm hoping to get some C&C on what I did with the update (always looking to improve at this).
  5. I decided to give this a try. I am pretty happy with what I came up with. I decided to just do an update of the original logo, and changed the colors to fit what the team is likely to use based on interviews of the owner. I tried to make it a little more streamlined in the face and added some lines to it so that it had a little more going on (the original felt a little plain to me). I also made the eye into a pentagon shape to give another nod to the federal government theme.
  6. I could certainly give that a try. The axe I based it off was made in the late 1800's, but I could see going towards a more utilitarian axe design rather than this ceremonial one. Normally I'd agree about Insiders as a team name; I felt it works particularly well here because of the city it's in and the fact that it's for a football team that plays indoors so it would have a unique double meaning, but no arguments that it is not a conventional type of name. I have to be honest (I'm not from anywhere near Washington) I'm not familiar with what the beltway actually is, but I'd be willing to check it out as a logo basis.
  7. Thanks for the comments! I was going for more of an ergonomic type handle design when I did the shape behind Washington in the Maul logo. It fit with how the handle in the axe that inspired it was designed, and having it be more rectangular in shape just wasn't working for me.
  8. Recently it was announced that the Arena Football League will be expanding to Washington DC for the 2017 season and I thought it could be fun to get some ideas flowing on what this team could eventually be called and what potential logos could look like. The team owners are the same group that own the Wizards, Mystics, and Capitals so that might be something to keep in mind about them. The two names I've heard/thought of that I like the best for the team are the Washington Maul, which I read in a Washington newspaper article online, and one I thought of that seems perfect for Arena Football; the Washington Insiders. While I really like both names I had some issues thinking of good logos, but I thought I'd share what I thought of and see if anyone has any ideas for improvements. Feel free to share your ideas on these or post your own names/logos! This was my first thought for the Washington Maul; it's based off a commemorative Centennial Ax that was made in honor of George Washington's election as President (he's known chopping down a cherry tree as a kid). The axe-head shape is based off a pentagon, and the obelisk in the oval is in honor of the Washington Monument in the National Mall at Washington. Here's my first thought for the Insiders. I've found that many 'insider' logos usually have 'In' inside of some sort of box or thought cloud or something so I decided to go along those same lines for this. I chose a pentagon as the outer shape in reference to Washington's Pentagon. It creates a cleaner, more simplistic logo that I think would actually stand out pretty well among other AFL logos.
  9. in_a_rush

    Dragons Logo

    I agree with this, the logo is looking great now imo, but I think the laces are a little too overt and it kind of pulls attention away from the rest of the dragon. I think ideally you should be able to see the football shape/laces, but they should fit into the surrounding aesthetic so that it doesn't distract from the dragon image surrounding them. Designing them to look more like dragon scales in a pattern down his back that resembles laces could potentially work very well. Great work on this, it's come a long way!
  10. in_a_rush

    Dragons Logo

    It's great to see how this logo has evolved! I like where the body shape is going; I think it could use some more red in the wings again but the body is looking good. One thought that would be in the same spirit of the Falcons logo using the legs to make an F shape... if you rotate the dragon's hand on the end of the wing so it's pointing back behind him your logo could start to form a D shape with your logo. Looking forward to seeing this continue to develop!
  11. Here is a map showing all the team logos in their locations. My thoughts on a potential expansion are that I'd want to add 2 teams to the Pacific-North Division (San Jose would move to the Pacific-South), and one team in each division of the Atlantic Conference. For the sake of the storyline, as the league is now successfully established we would be willing to look at more major cities for this round of expansion.
  12. Thank you for the c&c! That is an interesting idea with Hartford, I'll definitely put it down on my list of ideas for the future of this project. Here are the final three teams joining the URL for it's inaugural season! First is the Nashville Owls. The names draws inspiration from Nashville's nickname 'Athens of the South'. The Owl was a significant animal in ancient Athens, so I took the idea of trying to imagine an Owl painted on a shield. The colors come from the Athens flag. The secondary logo is based on the full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Nashville. The next one here is in Phoenix, but representing the whole state. Welcome the Arizona Grandes! I wanted to make an attempt at a roundel style logo, as I've never done one before. The name is in honor of the Spanish speaking heritage of many Arizonans, and the Grand Canyon which is partially in the state. The colors and sunburst pattern come from the state flag. The final stop is up along the coast in Oregon. Here are the Portland Cascades! Named after the region's Cascade mountains. I attempted to use the star and mountains to shape a P in the negative space inside the C for the main logo, and the secondary logo is featuring a Douglas Fir tree (which is a prominent tree in the region) with mountains in the background.
  13. Thank you for the comments, I'm glad I didn't lose everyone's interest with the lack of posting! I'll admit, Hartford especially was a tricky one for me. I felt it was good location for a team but the inspiration just wasn't there in the same way the initial logos that sparked the idea for the league were. I thought about changing the location but I wanted to challenge myself to come up with something that would be good despite lacking that true inspiration. Assuming I do get into simulated seasons, expansion, etc (cities were picked out prior to my life becoming crazy-busy) Hartford could eventually be rebranded or relocated. That will have to wait until my new puppy is trained enough to not require constant supervision though, lol. Utah I was pretty happy with, so I'm glad that one is liked. I had an issue with trying to make the person look good but I was happy overall with how he turned out. Oklahoma I really liked the idea I came up with for their identity but struggled some with turning a fiery tornado into a viable sports logo. I thought it was pretty good but know it could probably be better. Hopefully I can finish up the uniforms and other stuff, but it might be a while before I have time to do it right.
  14. Here is the last one for today, I'll post the remaining three teams in a day or so (really, I swear! lol). Say hi to the Hartford Flagships! Hartford was once home to one of the country's biggest shipyards, where some of the best battleships (often serving as fleet flagships) in the Navy were built in multiple eras of Naval combat. It felt right to give them a patriotic color scheme.
  15. Here is the Utah Pioneers! The team is named for the original Mormon pioneers that largely settled the territory of Utah back in the 1800's. The blue colors are meant to invoke the cool of the mountains, while the tan representing the salt flats in Utah. Hope you all like!