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  1. You obviously haven't seen any of the Shea Stadium Trivia topics in Sports in General.
  2. Actually, at first glance at that video, I also thought that the jersey had pinstripes. However, given that they don't appear to be present on #7's jersey, and that the very low quality of the video, I'd probably suspect that your eyes are just playing tricks.
  3. The Colts are clearly going to make a profit off of the logo. Will the British Mint? (That's not rhetorical - I don't know how that works.)
  4. Maybe put the black 1 on the back in the same position it is on the other bills, so that in a stack, the 1 blends in with the rest. Yeah, it would be perpendicular to the monument, but I think that as long as the numbers are placed in landscape layout, the orientation of the image doesn't matter.
  5. Those are fantastic. I don't get it though - don't they use the Euro?
  6. It bothered the reviewer on, but it doesn't bother me. It's a unique way to streamline and add a little quirkiness to the word. In addition, the old logo had no dot, either. Nobody seems to care when someone omits the crossbar of a capital A or the vertical stroke of a capital E for stylistic reasons, but more than one person has specifically pointed out the omission of the dot on the iand had a negative reaction to it. I find that interesting. Allow me to clarify. All things being equal, I have no problem with the dot being ommitted. However, in this case, look at the first six letters of the word: Discov. Without the context that the dot creates on the "i" (explicitly making it lowercase), the other letters could appear to be upper case, and clash with the "ery" at the end. In fact, when I first glanced at the logo, I thought it was one of those things where they used capital letters but lowercase "e"s, until I noticed the "ry". Hope that made sense.
  7. Does it bother anyone that these are lowercase letters, but the "i" doesn't have the little dot over it?
  8. I really wonder what it would look like if every piece of silver was replaced by vegas gold (or even a Sants-ish bronze.) I like the silver, and maybe if done in "sparkly" material it would look great on an actual jersey, but it makes the whole thing kind of boring to me. I think the gold gives you another "duck" color, and would work well with the purple and teal. Or I could be wrong and it would suck.
  9. Rearranged some of the words to make it more accurate.
  10. I honestly have a hard time taking anyone who thinks that the school is wrong here seriously. It's like trying to argue religion or politics with some people - it just isn't worth it. It's a black and white case of right and wrong, with an objective conclusion. You get it or you don't. Time to move on.
  11. looks like they will be re-painting their basketball court as well. personally, and i know some will disagree, but i think this is a little too much on the part of Iowa...its not that serious. and i know some will say "but a designer but effort into that original logo" or "they are gaining profit and recognition for a logo they stole" and yadda yada...but let's get real: sooooooooooooooo many high schools use college or professional logos all over the US. it would take years for all of them to be spotted and for changes to be made. If you don't defend your trademark in all cases, you lose the right to do so in any case. It's black and white, and I honestly can't understand why people still think this is bullying. There are a ton of schools who are stealing logos, and it will be impossible to stop them all, but theh point is that once you are explicitly made aware of it you are obligated to do something about it, or risk your brand.
  12. It's his mother. He's not using her death to justify anything. Throwing back to the uniforms they wore primarily under her tenure, when she moved the team to its current location and her hometown of St. Louis, and won a Super Bowl would make a very nice honor to her if you ask me. A patch works fine, too. But I don't see the throwback as an inappropriate honor. As for the permanence of the patch, hopefully not because, while the GSH on the Bears uniforms is probably justified, it seems like too much for most. Especially an owner as hands off as Georgia was. That said, she was a good owner, did move the team to St. Louis against the commissioners wishes (something I and other STL Rams fans thank her greatly for), and was loved by players and coaches (she was hands off in that she let others make football decisions--she was around the team plenty when her health permitted it). That's not enough for a permanent uniform patch, but it wouldn't be quite as bad as the AL on the Browns, assuming I understand that man correctly. And by that I mean I've read that he was actually a strong driving force in moving the original Browns to Baltimore and is therefore a bit of a two-faced individual. Anyways, a one year patch with throwbacks would have been wonderful. We'll have to settle for the one year (hopefully) patch. If it was a uniform that she "designed" or was her signature, then maybe it would be a fitting tribute. I don't think anyone is going to watch them in their throwbacks and start reminiscing about Georgia Frontiere. I could bet, though, that there would be tons of throwback jerseys available in the team shop, and I would doubt (obviously remains to be seen) that the proceeds from those would go to some kind of Georgia Frontiere Foundation. I honestly felt the same way about the 49ers "tribute" to Bill Walsh.
  13. I'm not sure how wearing throwbacks really honors someone. A temporary patch is much more appropriate. If you want to wear throwbacks to generate interest or revenue, that's cool, but don't use someone's passing as a way of justifying it.
  14. BBTV


    Test on the sides of a circle just doesn't work (at lease IMO.) The sock is in a bad position (45 degree downward slant.) Agree with comments about shadowing. Maybe either re-do the sock, or rotate the whole logo a little bit clockwise (and flip the White Sox text.)
  15. No pics, but the Phillies have removed the nameplates from their road jerseys and have returned to direct-sewn lettering.
  16. I don't think that any individual team's logo should be featured in an ASG logo.
  17. Wow, I also think it's great. At first glance I thought it was supposed to be a peach, but that wouldn't make sense since the game isn't in GA. The guitar is a little much, mostly because of the gray paint.
  18. Wow, that's hot. I think that the blue would look better in production if it was a little darker, something similar to Seahawks Pacific Blue, or something like that. Either way, that's a fantastic way to make pinstripes look great. For the record, I didn't like the original Magic look, but I did like the Pacers pinstripes. Also, are the stripes on the white jersey gray (silver), or black? If they are gray (or silver) they would look fantastic.
  19. I have an idea... Peanuts and gum! Together at last!!! (Brown's idea may be far fetched, but that doesn't detract from Seattle's viability as a future great market, given the right ownership situation.)
  20. Agreed. IMO, that should be a rule instituted by MLB. Looks bushleague to me. Also, the number font sucks on these. At least with the blue outline. Ryan Howard's 6 looked way too much like an 8.
  21. Could what the Hornets, Rockets, and Raptors had really be considered pinstripes? Not all stripes are pinstripes.
  22. Proves my point. Not exactly. Those teams had solid nameplates over pinstriped uniforms, which I've conceeded looks minor league.
  23. I guess I just disagree. On non-pinstriped uniforms, while I don't think that a nameplate is ever the preferred option, I just don't think it's that bad (unless its for vertically arched letters.) Minor league? See Marlins (at least the early years) and Twins.
  24. Has there been a Canadian WM since VI? Are there any Canadian facilities besides Skydome that are big enough / nice enough to hold the event?