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  1. Been there a couple times, however the only notable sporting event I ever watched from there was the Eagles Dolphins MNF game a few years ago (saw it at The Joint at Hard Rock - my favorite spot in Vegas.) A March Madness trip would own though.
  2. BBTV

    Biron Mask

    Biron won't be wearing his new pads / helmet this season. He says he's an equipment freak, and wants the summer to work them out (so since he's not wearing them this season, he probably wouldn't have gotten new custom ones if he wasn't intent on re-signing.)
  3. BBTV

    Biron Mask

    Why is the coach wearing hockey gloves?
  4. Can NHL teams even accept unsolicited proposals? I thought the Ravens fiasco pretty much shut the doors on any of this kind of thing. I thought there was too much risk involved with them using a design they didn't ask for and negotiate for.
  5. BBTV

    Biron Mask

    Biron warming up with same old white mask. Maybe he wasn't happy with the new one after all.
  6. Thank god Nike doesn't do NBA uniforms. Otherwise, my money would be either on tire tread or Oregon-style diamondplate. By the way, why has subliminal patterning suddenly become "cool"? The Magic had it a few years ago, and nobody liked it. Not to mention that Mexico had it during the 1994 World Cup and it was a complete disaster. Actually, Nike used to do NBA uniforms, and IIRC came up with the wishbone template as used by the Lakers, Pistons, and Heat, none of which many will argue have gaudy uniforms. IMO that template is the best in the sport.
  7. I know it sounds lame, but I agree. A team should have to earn pinstripes, like the franchise had existed for at least 50 years or something. It always seemed inappropriate to me to see the Rockies and other new franchises in pinstripes. So what about a <50 year old man in a pinstripe suit? Pinstripes are just a classic style, not a badge of honor. Some teams (like some men) look stupid because of how they wear them, but when done right they look timeless and great and fantastic and awesome.
  8. BBTV

    Biron Mask

    Ugh. The only thing missing from that helmet is some steak and wiz, and a caricature of Milton Street.
  9. Sorry, I didn't realize Bob Hope was a memeber of this forum. I'll make sure and check with you next time I make a joke to make sure it hasn't bveen used too much already. ... No problem. Just PM me with your joke proposals and I'll give you the OK or have you rework them.
  10. BBTV

    Biron Mask
  11. Wow. That joke isn't made in every U of Miami and Bengals thread, and most FSU threads. Brilliant. The only joke that gets made less is the "of city" joke.
  12. That's just stupid in the Mets' case. The Red Sox I can understand, because their road was just plain as can be, but the Mets was just a gray version of the home so the inconsistency is inexcusable.
  13. I agree with Neon, which is why I'm such a fan of Brodeur's mask, Hextall's first mask and arrow mask (but NOT a fan of his more recent ones), Chico Resch and Beezer's masks, but NOT Robert Esche's. I don't have time to stare at a mask, and the cameras don't focus on it too long, so if I can't get the point of it at a glance, then it isn't working. Something like Beezer's that was simple to recognize at a glance, but also had added detail that could only be noticed at a stare provides the best of both worlds.
  14. The sleeve numbers are crap. Historical tie-in be damned, a patch would work much better. Then again the whole uniform pretty much sucks hemorrhoid-laden ass.
  15. BBTV

    D'backs Logo

    I actually see where Tom (if that is indeed him) is coming from with is remark about the alligator finishing off the fish, (though I'd contend that it would be a crocodile, not a gator, but that doesn't matter.) I do think that it looks like a snake and not a gator / croc, but the "tongue" certainly looks like the tail-end of a fish being sucked down, not something shooting out. I'm honestly not sure what advice to give to fix this, but whenever I look at this otherwise great logo, I just see a fish getting swallowed. Sorry.
  16. Well they removed the DC from the bp caps, so maybe it is really gone for good. Someone with inside info *logohound* *pantone* could confirm. Don't start bitching until you are certain you are correct (then do what bucfan said.)
  17. BBTV

    Biron Mask

    Well I certainly hope the designer had the foresight to include the Comcast Center in the skyline.
  18. Likely. They'd be foolish to kill merchandise sales by announcing new colors / logos early. The last time I think a team did that was the Cavs (but then again they had nothing to lose!)
  19. It looks like FireFox logo creep.
  20. The Dodgers without red numbers are the Royals. The red numbers are fantastic, though I couldn't see a team introducing a uniform like that in this era. Front numbers are OK if your script / wordmark is not arched, otherwise IMO it looks silly.
  21. Maybe the people making the concepts are aware of the difference, but think that it would be better to be consistent and use one winged-p for logo and uniform? We've seen several concepts where people try to standardize the Tigers' Ds and the Yankees NYs. This would be no different. The concepts forum is for creative exploration, and nobody should be limited by the confines of current-day usage. I'll agree that the actual production jersey issue with the Starters and Pro Players etc. is inexcusable.
  22. I refuse to believe any of this until we see it. White helmets? Yeah... right.