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  1. They should be the "OCA" (Orange County Angels) Actually, they should be anything but "California" Angels. I hate it when they're running down the scores and they say "Tampa Bay is at Florida today, Houston is on the road visiting Texas" etc etc.
  2. Any kind of announcement / press release from the Sixers on these? I haven't found anything on them, and while they do look legit, it is ebay after all. Pantone / others can you confirm these? Thanks.
  3. It may emphasize the "5th" more if "anniversary" was not italicized and maybe done in the same font as the "silverback." Also, the 1000-2005 is a little hard to read. Edit: What about switching the "2000-2005" to the bottom left (and possibly stretching them out), and doing the "anniversary" where the dates currently are (and maybe a bit smaller?) Maybe you could make the "5" in "5th" a little longer and reduce the length of the "t" to match the "h" and that would give more room for "anniversary"? Just a thought.
  4. Possibly. I didn't realize that the Red Sox were there.
  5. Exactly what I had in mind. Great job.
  6. At AI's request, the Sixers switched to red socks this year. Wasn't sure if to add this to the thread about the Knicks black socks, but thought that red socks were different enough for their own thread. Sorry if this was mentioned before. Thoughts?
  7. I think the jet in the primary and secondary could be a bit bigger, and more centered in the primary. The tertiary is right on! Good work.
  8. I like it a little bit. It's better than having only the shorts be shiny...
  9. This is absurd and has nothing to do with logos.
  10. I agree with the "dodgers" patch. Ruins an otherwise classy uni for me. Also, Pittsburgh went nameless on the homes for the 96 or 97 season. I'm not sure if it even lasted the whole season or not. To compensate for lack of name, the numbers were enlarged and shifted up a bit.
  11. Needs a thumb behind the stick on the right hand.
  12. Uniforms, people. This is about uniforms. I don't care to hear everyone sticking their chest out and letting us know where they are from and how their team is great and that somehow makes them great...etc. Now, as I step off my soap box... I do like NFL alt's, but I think that maybe they should be used a bit less than they are, maybe only once per year. I also agree with someone's point about the black jsersey clashing with the green helmet. What about haveing an alt. helmet to go along with the alt. jersey? A black helmet with silver wings would look pretty good (even if it is already used by Rice Univ.) I personally would prefer the eagles to adopt a silver helmet with green wings and silver pants.
  13. I'm not sure that this is the appropriate forum for comments like that.
  14. I love incorporating the spear, getting back to the old days when the "warriors" was more of an Indian reference. Getting it to look like a person throwing the spear is fantastic. I'm not sure if I like this as a "sports" team logo (on shorts, court, etc.) as it may be a bit to abstract, but as far as being a creative thought translated into a piece of art I think this is terrific. Just MHO. Great job.
  15. 1 - eddie010 - padres 2 - flamesfan89 - giants 3 - jpslapshot - indians Al entries were very well done. Good job even if I didn't vote for your's.
  16. It also looks like the inside of the "6" on the replica jersey is squared off, while in the authentic, it would be diagonal at the corners (did I explain that good?) Also, the authentic looks screened, while the fake looks stitched. The Reebok throwback "replithentic" jerseys are the same way. They are selling 1990 Cunningham jerseys with stitched numbers and names, and modern-day "dazzle" shoulders. Total crap.
  17. I'm not sure you are accurate about that. I'm pretty sure only 14 or 15 teams actually have the city name on road uni's, and that includes the Pacers and knicks, who have the city name on home and road uni's. That being said I voted for your concept, and I like how the "Baltimore" turned out.
  18. Question: Are NCAA teams required to have sleeve / shoulder numbers? If not, I think this would look sweet with just the buffalo on the sleeves and green trim around the sleeve cuff (to match the neck trim.) The sleeves just seem too busy to me with the number and buffalo, and I think that the buffalo is too cool to be left off. Nice effort!
  19. I'd prefer teams to do more than just make their home jerseys grey. Gotta go with CC on this one. Not that they have much choice..."Philadelphia" is a little big for a jersey. A plain block style arching "PHILA" would be pretty sweet, though.
  20. I don't care for the team, but IMHO the Pittsburgh Pirates road uni is tops in the NL.
  21. Great job AAO. Like the number font and the trim on the waistband of the shorts and the "b" at the neckline.
  22. I can't believe they left Downingtown out! The team with the greatest nick-name in high-school sports! Go Whippets!
  23. IMO alt. jerseys that don't have piping down the front look like warmups and are unprofessional. Come on, astros. That was game 7, not casual friday.