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  1. I think that for the '92 (or '93) All-Star game John Kruk and Darren Daulton practiced / interviewed in Braves gear because their stuff got lost.
  2. From the Philadelphia Inquirer /
  3. Does this have a retractable roof? Retractable roof?! Retractable roof?! Why does a football team need a retractable roof? The game is meant to be played in the elements for crying out loud! No sissies allowed! Dude, calm down. A retractable roof would make it suitable for conventions and other indoor (olympic?) events. It doesn't mean they'll be playing football inside. And, as a stadium employee who had to shovel tons of snow this year, I can definately appreciate a stadium with a roof that can be closed prior to blizzards.
  4. BBTV

    Uni Watch

    I never saw this one before. It's great!
  5. Very close... Re-examine the collar (just white?) and logo and you've got yourself a very solid concept. Where's the white set?
  6. I think more teams should try the name under number thing. There's a lot more space to work with and it don't look too bad.
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    I think they should come up with a custom design that is closer to the block, but not exactly. Maybe block but with rounded corners, or something a bit more traditional than what they use now (which IMO is nice) but not retro.
  8. I like the colors, especially the helmet, but they need to work on the side piping / leg striping. I'm not a fan of the template either. Like someone said, too Pats-esque.
  9. The wolf (or whatever it is) only has one eye! And one ear! This logo is simply disturbing.
  10. Not a big fan of the white jersey having different color sleeve numbers then main numbers. Other than that, I like that use of the font, though I think a font just a bit closer to the real one (if you could obtain it) would look better.
  11. If two mirror image stickers of just the train part were used on a helmet, with the rear of the trains meeting in the back (like the old Seahawks, but on an angle) it would look pretty sweet.
  12. "Everybody's got a price... Everybody's gonna' pay... Because the Million Dollar Man... ALWAYS gets his way!" [insert super-villion style laugh here]
  13. This bear looks like he's raising his hand to answer a question in class, not to tear someone up. Could have been a little more dynamic / ferocious.
  14. I loved your concept (and voted for it.)
  15. This was addressed a couple weeks ago. CC and VicFurth are on it.
  16. I'm with you on this one, Tempest. Hell, if they win this weekend, I'd let them bring back the tri-corner hat. With a trophy on each corner! Wow, that helmet looks a lot better than I was imagining. Hopefully this weekend's result will render your tri-corner hat proposal moot.
  17. I think that on-field (or on the other template) you wouldn't notice the bare sleeves so much. It's tough to do much more than a tiny logo on the sleeves and have it look good with the way they wear them thesedays. I think switching up colors is great.
  18. That size and style of number is better suited for a football uni.
  19. I like these, AAO. I don't think the logo is that bad, although maybe better fit for a college / hs team. I'd like to see what you had in mind for the pants side striping. Also, I think adding the white break in the socks would clean up (or pro-up) the concept a little bit. I'd also like to see more gold (or copper) in the red jersey, perhaps switching where you have thick black bordered by thin gold, make it thick gold bordered by thin black?
  20. NFL - L.A. NHL - Seattle NBA - Don't really care MLB - Philadelphia - A new team might be the only way to get the Phillies to wise up or lose what's left of their fans. Actually, I think Philadelphia could support two pro teams in basketball or baseball. Slap a team in a stadium in the Northeast and you'd have a great fanbase and instant rivalries.
  21. Thanks, GMac. I was just brushing up on the FAQ, and read the line about how you can export vectors from PS into AI, but they don't maintain their colors or effects. I guess that defeats the purpose for us. Thanks also, Tez. I'll look into it. I also tried inkscape, but didn't find it to be very stable or user friendly.
  22. Thanks, Nitro. I just found out my roomate has Photoshop 6.0 on his PC. I may play around with that as well as the trial of Xara. I know some of you guys have made some pretty slick logos with Photoshop, but from what I've read you don't have as much flexibility as far as drawing or tracing, or manipulating wordmarks and such. I could be very wrong, though.