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  1. Way more detailed than I was expecting but thanks! The Austria (yes, Peru) thing will still annoy the hell out of me as they also do that with full sized versions of the Canadian flag but your sprite explanation for what at first appeared to be lazy cut/pastes somehow makes me feel less annoyed with the TSN.ca web crew. You're right, when I zoom my browser to 175% the problem disappears and the borders are correct. Thanks again
  2. Maybe a bit of an OCD thing but for as long as I can remember when TSN has a Canadian flag in their score section, it's a bastardized Austrian flag with a maple leaf jammed in the middle stripe. Other far more detailed flags (ie. Belarus) manage to be in perfect proportion but they just can't seem to get the home country right. Instead of widening the middle stripe to the proper Canadian pale proportions they just cut and paste a leaf onto another country's flag. Then, I noticed during the Olympics that virtually all of the flags on their scoresheet are clearly cut and pasted over other countries' flags with the original flag still sticking out from behind the edges. In the example below Russia is pasted over Norway, Switzerland is over Sweden, Denmark is over the Netherlands...etc. I know this is a small thing but I'm amazed that not one member the web team at TSN has noticed this or cared enough to fix it.
  3. I think it's just the lighting. Pic from the draft looks like the usual shade.
  4. I think they posted it on Twitter within minutes of you asking the question. Their website was down all day but just came back online. Here's a closer pic...
  5. "To mark National Indigenous Peoples Day, Rugby Canada are proud to announce that the training shirts to be worn by Canada’s Men’s and Women’s Sevens Teams in Tokyo will be enhanced with an original Indigenous art design. The custom Thunderbird design was created by Coast Salish/ Tsadzis Nugwame artist, Bradley Dick (Yuxwelupton Qwal'qaxala). Rugby Canada athletes and staff support an inclusive sport society; we hope this collaboration will inspire youth in diverse and Indigenous communities across Canada and lay the groundwork for future opportunities." INDIGENOUS DESIGN TO ADORN TRAINING SHIRTS FOR OLYMPIC TEAMS — Rugby Canada
  6. I agree with you but can't help but think that the subtle 'E' in the points is why they may have gone the minimalist route.
  7. In the Canadian Premier League section, the York 9 logo still hasn't been replaced with the York United update. Thanks in advance CPL Logos - Canadian Premier League Logos - Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net
  8. Strangely, the EE logo was always way too small for helmet too....especially when directly compared to the Packers logo. Somebody in here did an Elks concept a year or so ago which looked amazing. The antlers had more points and took up more overall space.
  9. Gotcha. That could be interesting. I think I'm a fan of anything that gets away from letter logos on CFL helmets which were extremely overdone until the recent upgrades from Montreal, Toronto and now Edmonton.
  10. They sort of did. Each antler has an E in the points. It's more obvious on the football shaped secondary
  11. I love that the antler football alternate still has a 'hidden' EE.
  12. Agreed. But it does fit with the XFL....unfortunately.
  13. At the risk of missing something obvious what does the 13 signify?
  14. I know people generally don't like the orange pants but this might be one of my favourite Oilers looks of all time. I wish they'd promote it to a 3rd.
  15. Yes, but Gretzky and Lemieux are also some of the most humble superstars in the game. Standard hockey answer.
  16. Love the new logo but was there not one person in the committee room that could have pointed out the English meaning of clubfoot. Embarrassing name.
  17. True, it wasn't a badge in the traditional sense but for some reason I remember the logo from childhood appearing on the seatbelt button of every GM car we ever owned.
  18. I'm just glad the shield's finally gone. And while a re-coloured Jason logo looks amazing on paper I think the boat somehow works better on a helmet.
  19. It looks quite a bit like the latest version of the CBC logo and wordmark.
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