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Montreal Canadiens Vintage Concept


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Have the Habs ever worn that style, with those stripes and all?

If not, that's some very good work, there, habsfan9. Logo's a little small, but that's probably because of the thick stripes. Same goes for the letters and numbers, except they're too big. Is it possible to shrink them, maybe 80-90% of their current size?

Great stuff, though! :grin:

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Probably Chris Cramer or Sterling, somebody who's already done a design before or has connections can tell you how to get "it" there. You want to make sure you go through the right people so you get credit and your proposal is legit!

Ask around the board, that's what I would do (or was going to do).

This is great, submitting would at least get your foot in the door and other clubs would take you serious. Sterling, has had some experience in this area with logos. Pantone & Chris do too - just ask around.


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maybe i i get a vectorized logo and jersey i could send it in

would be best to vectorize it - great Jersey, you'll only know if you send it in. Besides, they make like part of it/ if not the whole. Or they may ask for you to tweak it, you have lots of help on the boards who could help in that area.

I believe it's good enough to submit. You only get one chance in life, got to take your chances. Besides, if you don't some other guy will. Good Luck!!!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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