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NFL Jacksonville Jaguars jersey redesign


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I echo Paperthin, and I also don't like that the JAGS logo is only on one shoulder.

It's on both, although it should only be on one with the way the Jags are using it as a military-like badge.

I agree, it's very bland.

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Ok so where should I put the stripes

The sides of the pants...

Because I wanted to make the striping original because you usually don't see stripes in that place

I think there's a reason you don't see stripes there. It doesn't look good.

I do think that stripes on the front of the pants could work for some teams, and would be a nice change of pace.

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You flipped the two on the left sleeve. This look just doesn't look like it'd be the Jaguars. With the new logo and everything, I'd thought there would be some creativity in this. Right now, it's still looking bland with no thought or inspiration put into it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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