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Arazona coyotes


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Hey, if this is ALL old news, I apologize, but I was reading an interview with Todd McFarlane, and it had some interesting info I thought I'd share.

It confirmed that the Coyotes were changing jerseys and eliminating the third all together.  He said he'd been putting in his ideas to the team which included a fiercer coyote, and a less South Western theme.  The article also confirmed that the team would be called the Arazona Coyotes as opposed to Phoenix.  The article did not say if he'd be designing the jerseys for sure, but as a big time hockey fan he seemed really into the idea of re-designing jerseys.

Other interesting things in the article were that McFarlane, creator of the Oilers 3rds, also had submitted ideas to the Islanders about their thirds, but didn't mention if they used his or what.

A funny note, he offered to freshen up the AZ Cardinals logo, and the owner turned him down.  He even kinda made it seem like Mr. Bidwell's answer was less of a "no," and more of a "I'm not paying for that," yet was still a no.

Sorry if this was old news; I hope someone learned something new though.


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"Phoenix Coyotes" sounds better than "Arizona Coyotes." However, "Arizona Cardinals" sounds better than "Phoenix Cardinals."  Hm.

Speaking of the Deadbirds, It's any wonder that Bidwell is a tightwad? (Ok, so I'm a St. Louis native and a little biased.)

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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I can't believe I spelled it ArAzona.  I don't know why I would have done that.

Well Chris, I have the story printed out at home.  My girlfriend found it and printed it for me, but I believe it was printed last season.

From what I understood, the changes to the Coyotes will corispond with their move to the new arena.  I'm not a huge Coyotes fan, so I don't know if this happened yet, but I hadn't thought so.  I'd thought it was planned for next year or so.

Again, this was an interview with the creator of the Oilers 3rd, so I figure that, plus his success with the Spawn Commics, makes Mr. McFarlane a reasonably believable source on such matters.

I'll try to find the link or at least source when I'm home tonight.

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Yeah, I heard the team was toying about it when the Los Arcos Arena was approved.  The team will become the Arizona Coyotes.  The rink is in Glendale (4th largest city in AZ.)  This is why I assume the geographical change in the name.

Quick note: if the vote was rejected, the word was that the team would've moved to Sacramento to play in the anti-hockey configured Arco Arena.

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When I was trying to see which log the 'Yotes were using as their primary this year (the full-body one or the coyote-head one), I was told that the Coyotes will be using the coyote-head logo as the crest on their new jerseys for next year but they are considering it their primary logo for this year as well.

Arizona Coyotes sounds strange.  I like Winnipeg Jets better :)

Actually, when they first announced the move so long ago, I was going for Arizona Sandstorm.  Can't say I like it all that much anymore but it sounds better than Arizona Coyotes.

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Arizona Sidewinders

Arizona Navajos

Arizona Conqestadors

Arizona Jets

Arizona Eagles

just a few ideas......but Coyotes is cool

i just don't like the idea of the disembodied head being their logo..........give the dog his body back!

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Glendale Coyotes wouldn't seem to be a wise move, much like Sunrise Panthers would make no sense in place of Florida.

Might alienate some fans... although the Phoenix to Arizona switch is getting old. I always thought the Cardinals made the change so they'd be in 'first place' for at least one week every year.

No offense, Pantone and other Cards fans. I can't talk much since I'm a Cowboys fan... I remember our last playoff appearance. :)

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I'm sure "Glendale Coyotes" was registered so that the team could exert some territorial rights over the name Coyotes and prevent other organizations from using the name without the team's permission.  It wouldn't surprise me if that's the reason why they also registered Arizona Coyotes.  They also may want to reserve the name for a junior hockey program.
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