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US Soccer Crest & Kits


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I have three uniform concepts and a crest for the USSF. I'm using my women's soccer template, but they can be used for the entire federation.

Primary Set


Union Army Blue & Buff


Revolutionary War Era Massachusetts "Pine Tree" Flag


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gotta change that logo, it looks like it is bedazzled with all the little stars, and the ball should just be a solid ball not with all the cuts through it or the snake wrapped around it, whatever it is.

agree. It is WAY too much in a small area. It isnt a Circular BAdge where you can do stars and whatnot you need it to be simplistic

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Changes that I think need to be made

for the crest, you don't need all the little stars so that its 50 stars or even 13 that's to many stars, just make it one star a little smaller than what the star is now, make the stripes vertical it just works better because it makes it look more like the flag, you could honestly ditch the soccer ball so that its a clean logo, if you keep it ditch the snake, and finally for the crest maybe look at using a different font, that one seems to thin

for the kits I agree with some of the other comments, pick one (I suggest the first one) and go with that, expand upon the first home and away set. Definitley change the font,use the font that the team currently uses its called Rex and you can get it from fonts by conrad

for the individual designs themselves,

first design (go with these two)

home & away just need to have more, they are just plain and boring, look at soccer jersey designs even ones that look simple and boring really aren't they actually have cool details and become classic and clean

For both the other designs the colors aren't gonna fly, blue and cream and red and green come on. I get what you are trying to do, but its not working.

both of these designs fail because of the same reason THEY ONLY REPRESENT A PART OF THE COUNTRY. you can't have a union kit and a massachussets kit that only celebrate a part of an entire nation

the design should reflect something not necessarily the colors, a revolution kit should not be a massachussets kit, leave that for the mls team in new england

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